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Updated: Nov 21, 2016
3.714 · 3 REVIEWS
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3.714 · 3 REVIEWS
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Richmond , USA,
Nov 19, 2016,

great course if utilized properly

I want to speak on behalf of my experience with MTI. Many say that the course materials are expensive but while I somewhat agree I will follow that by saying you get a lot of bang for your buck. The course is excellent for a new trader. If you are already a pro you do not need such a course so those wouldn't buy it anyway . Most do not talk about the extras that the course comes with just the course itself. In my opinion it is better than anything else on the market. I went from a loosing trader like the other 95% of traders to a winning trader. Not an easy feat. Part of the program is access to trade experts showing upcoming setups and trade direction and proof that following the system works. There is a huge emphasis on preservation of capital which is more important than anything else. If you take this course and review it regularly along with following their professional's and then follow a trade plan along with proper equity management you will succeed. It is the 90%+ that give it a half hearted effort and do not follow that fail. If you think you will get rich quick by over trading you will blow up your account and fail. Then those people complain and blame everyone else for their failures. There are also continued education courses within the program. Most that go on to learn more do better. However most people just complain about paying for these courses wanting more for free. Hey we all want stuff for free but remember that which comes to easily is usually not worth it in the long term. When looking up reviews take the negative with a grain of salt. People who fail complain about it. They never look in a mirror and say what did I do wrong or what could I do better. The tools are all there if you use them properly.
Michael Vessey,
Pasadena, USA,
Oct 23, 2013,

Jared Martinez is a stand-up guy. I have subscribed to his services and I have found him more knowledable than his competition, highly ethical, and his written material is designed to truly teach want-to-be FOREX traders HOW to trade. His material and course work is the best I have seen because he incorporates the aspect of emotional maturity as a major element to being a successful FOREX trader, which most instructors fail to do. I am making a lot of money because of his direct mentorship to me! I recommend him as a mentor to all serious FOREX traders. ALL!
New Jersey,
Mar 18, 2010,

I can give an honest review based on 2 of his products. I have personally used both.

First...his book
His book "The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading: The Rules for Turning Trading Patterns Into Profit" $26 on Amazon.

This is a beginner's book. It covers the typical gamut of what Forex is, types of orders, how the market works.
I will quote the description
"In reading the dynamic Forex book "The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading", you will learn about:

* The 10 Key practices for trading in the Forex
* Developing a personal Constitution
* Developing your trader's Constitution
* Developing the skills you need for successful trading
* Understanding Trading Patterns
* Understanding Fibonacci Numerical Sequence
* Discovering what drives the market
* The crucial aspect of Equity Management
* Understanding the Financial game between the Bulls and the Bears
* And much more..."

Yes, all the bare bones basics. I think this is a good book but it is truly a FIRST STEP kind of book. You will need to move on to better resources immediately once done the book. Again, this is a case where what this book teaches can be found for FREE on all the major, reliable Forex websites like here at FPA.

Second - His training package of courses - $5000
I cannot list a description here...too lengthy. Basically, it covers the same material in his book then offers some 'advanced' materials. There are extra benefits such as quizzes, study workbooks, online interactive sections and online mentoring, virtual trading room and some charting software.

I cannot speak of the online goodies and extras because I was given a copy of his courses by a friend.

I can say that the course material itself is very expensive and is still bare bones and basic. Not much in depth or meaty. There is no way you would pay $5000 and be happy so I think they created the online goodies to make the package sell and give it some substance. My friend said the online extras were nice but not worth the $5000. Now, my friend is an independent thinker and does not need to be hand held like a brain dead zombie. Some people might need to be walked through every little nuance. Those are the people that I doubt should be trading at all really. That is $5000 that you could have saved or put toward trading.

My opinion is this -
Save the $5000. For $200 you could get some amazingly popular, well written in depth books from Amazon that would teach you as much, if not more.

ALSO, a huge red flag for me....this guy gives himself credit for being a big shot by establishing his own training company to lend credibility and it is based in Florida. You know why a lot of people set up in Florida? because when things go bad, you can file for bankruptcy and you do not lose your house and a lot of your ill-gotten gains.

I am not saying Mr. Martinez is a scammer. I am saying some things make me raise my eye brow too high! lol