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3.528 · 18 REVIEWS

Ken Wood

Formerly was WoodiesCCIClub.com

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3.528 · 18 REVIEWS
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philadelphia, pa,
Sep 28, 2010,

CCI as a standalone system is extremely risky, but very insightful if used with other technology.

CCI club motto is "traders helping traders" but its really not, the real motto is "woodie telling traders what he wants you to do".

If you try to help traders with something you found successful or mention any other trading technology not CCI and accepted by the cult leader, you are banished from the cult.
Czech Republic,
May 18, 2007,

Very good site. It might take a while to figure out how to find things there but once you do, you won't regret. Woodie is a great mentor and his CCI trading system is something you can trade just about everywhere. I'm probably going to trade it on 60min Forex charts.
Jan 1, 2011,

Woodies patterns = price patterns.
If u get to learn whats the price pattern behuind woodies setup, u u will very well be able to trade naked. but if u feel price confuses u or u find it hard to find patterns in price action.. start with cci. after u took the trade.. tally it with the price patterns.. u will improve.
My suggestion is for better trading. I have no inflated ego, either for or against Wodie.
but yeah, as there is a livchat room, the moderators can help with ur practise.
although i wont recommend buyin xpensive dvd's and stuff as most of it u will find fre on internet.. just do a bit of hard work.
Dan CO,
United States,
Jun 28, 2006,

I hung out in woodies room fall of 2005. I think he is a real genuine guys that gives a ton of help for free. Does the CCI work? I believe it does although I couldn't make it work for me. I don't believe I gave it enough time to learn. Now I believe you can hang out in the room and don't even have to have hotcomm. Worth a look definitely.
Pip Harvester,
Jun 10, 2006,

For Aggressive short term traders that would like to scalp the FX market between 10-25 pips in as little as 5-15 mins, this site is good. Specifically, learn how to use Woodies CCI method on CCI 6 & 14; learn its Trend line break on indicator (not price bars) Free education. Discretionary method.
Marlin, Tx,
Apr 20, 2007,

Excellent documentation on his site and made a true believer out of me on the CCI, am still learning, but will be there one day !
Boston, MA,
Mar 22, 2007,

Someone once told me on a trading forum that *any* technical analysis indicator could make you a successful trader... *if* you knew all of its nuances, strengths and weaknesses. Woody's CCI club is evidence of this concept, as him and his long time members really are successful traders, using mostly this one indicator. That being said, don't expect to get success overnight by hanging out on their forums and chat rooms. You will have to sort through the pages of documents they have, watch them trade live in the chat room, and spend several months studying the CCI diligently. Only then, you will have the same success as they do. These guys are really genuine, as they freely give out their information... they do not need to take your money in order to support themselves. However, expect to do a lot of studying.
Near chicago,
Dec 17, 2007,

For a newbie highly recommended by a former newbie. i have avoided all the software scams and trading room scams and the expensive indicator scams. Go to the site and read everything sit in on the rooms and listen. It will take a newbie about 6 months to learn that you need to learn alot more. It will take another six months to learn that %85 of trading is psychological and not about entrys much.NO SOFTWARE PACKAGE AND 2 WEEK SEMINAR CAN MAKE ANYONE A TRADER.DO NOT TRADE UNTIL YOU CAN PAPER TRADE AN ACCOUNT WITH A CONSISTANT METHODOLOGY WITH SET STOPS AND TARGETS.Highest rating.
Portland OR,
Nov 20, 2007,

I'm kinda glad some cant get the CCI to work for them, after all there has to be someone on the other side of the trade.
Queensland, Australia,
Apr 13, 2007,

Lots of archive and useful information to help you to be a real profitable trader. In Woodies club you don't hear BS and garbage like from Wayne McDonell, and it's all free to learn!! I really enjoy the helpful resources provided there. So far this is the best site about trading I've ever been to.