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Updated: Feb 22, 2018
2.25 · 9 REVIEWS
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2.25 · 9 REVIEWS
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Jean-Marie Delobelle ,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Apr 18, 2016,

Bill Poulos has never been able to show any true result from his various services systems on a real account.
The cost of his Gold & Silver Trend Trader (2 years access) introduced today is $2,500!!!
If you're not satisfied for any reason, you'll not receive a full refund when you return your welcome kit at his expense!.
Sep 28, 2011,

I got a number of emails from Bill and I was planning to sign up when I remembered to check ForexPeaceArmy and I am glad.

I also had a final email from someone advising it was the last day to signup. The email said it was Sent by: Profits From Forex Limited.
26 York Street, London, W1U 6PZ.
WHen I googled the company the info said the company was dissolved in 2010.

Looks great on the marketing but there is no email or contact to ask questions, so I would stay away.
Sep 27, 2011,

This system has lost money for me wen following the 'recommendations'. Bill Poulos is a great marketer. He hooks you with promises that aren't met, then when you try to get you money back - forget it. You pay the $2k to get the system, then a short time later he repackages it with even more promises of becoming an independent trader and asks for yet more money. In the software industry upgrades to the next version are usually free - not with Bill Poulos. If he was such a great trader, his demo's would be while the market is live, however, his demos are nothing more than the equivalent of back-testing. All in all, I was disgusted at the responses I had while trying to get my money back (which I didn't), and dismayed at the further losses using the FPA software. Save you money and realize that Bill is a marketer and does a great job of reeling you in.
Sep 6, 2011,

The Forex Income Engine ("FIE"-his latest software product) is impressive in the video but quite impractical once installed. Apart from being clunky, stalling your Win7 machine and failing the post-selling server load-test for the next few days, none of the many ensuing updates ever made it more than what it was - junkware. Just about every time a pair changed direction it spat out more "trades", none of which were valid, despite all the weird symbology and nomenclature. But que sera, it also came with a "course".
It didn't take me long to decide that its CD's and colouring-book manuals weren't worth the $2.3K so I elected to ask for a refund. You can only do that by lodging a ticket - but they never answer or respond to these "tickets" - so you end up lodging as many tickets as you like but you're only ever conducting a one-way conversation with yourself. So much for the "hassle-free" money-back guarantee. He's a scam-artist, no doubt about that. The Bill Poulos seminars consist of every few weeks getting someone external, who knows nothing about his FIE (initials T.G.), to yet again run through his very basic misunderstanding of how it's supposed to work.... but avoiding any live demonstration of it (FIE) working productively.
Right now I assess that I have quite dismal prospects of ever getting my money back under his B.S. guarantee, but I would welcome any ideas on the subject.???????

I assume that such guarantees that form part of the sales contract are simply unenforceable in the United States (Scam Central).

Stay away from Poulos and his nonsense hyper-marketed stuff. It will be the smartest decision anybody ever made for you.

Apr 8, 2010,

Reviewing some of the comments, I am surprised that the focus is on the cost. To put it in a nutshell, after studying thus far only half the program, I changed my positions from about 3.5 K in the red to 3.5 K in the black. If one wants something that is really good, expect to pay for it. I am glad I did.
Jan 8, 2009,

This is a follow up to my initial impression of this system.

I've been testing it in demo for several months and it has fallen way short of my expectations. The first few weeks brought some good trades, but since then it has lost miserably. I'm very meticulous about following the rules for the systems I test and this one was no exception. It just does not produce the kind of consistent profits that its creator claims.

I think I'll stick with trading price action only and forget about all these indicator based systems. They do nothing but cause headaches and unwanted stress.

Dec 26, 2008,

I bought a copy of this system on ebay auction for $225.00. It has some decent information and I believe you can make money with it but certainly not worth the two grand that this system ordinarily costs.
Steve Fontaine,
Denver, CO,
Sep 30, 2008,

WAYY overpriced -- it's $2,000 for just some cds with screencaptures on it! They hire expensive graphic designers to "put a dress on a pig" to make their website look slick, but there's no substance and it's a total ripoff.

And sheesh this guy has been in business what just 3 years?? A nobody who has hired people to make his sites look slick -- he's a SALESMAN not a trader.

It's a marketing ripoff ... the information could be found in a $30 book on amazon, and he uses bars not candles. Total ripoff. AVOID. $2000 for 6 CDs. Gimme a freaking break.

- Steve
Sep 7, 2008,

First off, I have to admit that in the past I've viewed Bill Poulos as a slick marketer and not really a Forex mentor. I'm rapidly changing my opinion of this man on a weekly basis...

I've been using this system in demo for only several weeks now so I'm not going to give it a rating just yet. I've been trading Forex for several yrs now and have definately had my share of ups and downs. Bill's FPA appeals to me because he uses daily candles only which fits my lifestyle as I still have another full-time job and mouths to feed and a mortgage to pay.

My initial impression of this system, which actually consists of 4 systems to catch trades in just about any type of market, is that it is VERY well thought and actually has money management that makes sense for trading dailies.

I've been focusing on just one part of the four part system since I started and the results are more than satisfactory. Keep in mind that I am a frigal trader and stick to rules and money managwement religeously. This is not, and I repeat NOT, a get quick rich scheme, but a slowly-but-surely make money in forex over time trading plan.

I think the other reviews here may not be fair as it sounds like they reviewers either didn't stick to the rules and give it a chance or they had too high of expectations (as do many newer traders) and weren't willing to put in the time & effort to really test the FPA out.

I may change my mind after another month or two of demoing this system, but for now I'm happy with the results and I really haven't begun to trade the meat & potatoes of this system yet.

I'll report back later to add to my review.

New Jersey, USA,
Aug 7, 2008,

I had the chance to watch and review these materials because a friend of mine was dumb enough to blow his money on the first 'system' he tripped over.

It is not bad, I do not believe Poulos is a scam or means any harm...but honestly, his whole thing is nothing but a sales pressure cooker system. Stuff is always free then advanced material costs more. SELL SELL SELL and get MONEY is all this group is about. The system is basic, I did not feel it taught me anything. he does offer some decent info and advice but a lot of it can be used improperly if you always follow his methods.

I cannot say I was impressed.