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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.8 · 8 REVIEWS
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1.8 · 8 REVIEWS
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Dec 11, 2008,

It's too late, friend. I already buy this forex raptor, And at demo account I found it loss, I want to ask refund now. It doesn't tutorial and explain about this software, it just simple write down manual text.
Victor Leppky,
Alberta, Canada,
Nov 23, 2008,

The software was a pain to install and then did not have the features shown in the tutorial, so I could not get it operating properly. Two emails resulted in no help from customer service.
Have requested a refund.
Southern California,
Jun 13, 2008,

Bought software, tried to install several times and on three different computers. The API would not install properly and even posted 2 times to the blog. Have requested refund through CLICKANK and received notice that a refund is coming. On the blog site a purchaser posted good success but was one of many that were not able to get software to work and/or get help. Still waiting for reply to email and have not seen my posts to blog added to blog. Really terrible for customer relations on what might have been something worthwhile. Black Box trading systems are a scam...
Andreas Foerster,
Jun 11, 2008,

The software didn't meet my expectations in any way. But when I asked for a refund they payed me within some days - so I give them 2 stars as they obviously don't try to steal your money.

2008-05-15 2 Stars Up to now I am more than disappointed with this program. It is very hard to install and to run it, and when it finally does, it shows you ALWAYS 30% probability to buy or sell a currency (and a win/loss-ratio about 0,20 !!!)

they try to help you very fast, and they plan to edit a comprehensive manual, so I give them 2 Stars.

But when the performance doesn't improve significantly within the next 2 weeks, I will change this to 1 star and claim back my money.
Jun 11, 2008,

Actually I wanted to classify him as a SCAM. I cant prove that he did not write to me, but I can prove that I have written E-mail to him and he still did not reply. and that there are other unhappy purchassers even on his own Support website. See this site. I have posted two replies thee none was published. http://groups.google.com/group/forex-raptor-support

Anywhy, I got my money back so the nightmare for me is ended.
Jun 7, 2008,

DO NOT TOUCH this software!! It is pure SCAM! I tried for two days to install it but no success. The Support is non existend, There is no one tu give toy help. Shortly it is the WORST Ea and support I have ever experienced. Thanks to God I`ve got my money back.
Dont say I did not warn you!
Anneco ,
May 29, 2008,

The same opinion, it is a true disaster.
I have never managed to put on it no more than some seconds, after which it leaves with an error message.
The technical support is almost non-existent. I am going to wait a while and if nothing changes, I shall ask for the refund. As a lot of people, I think...
May 23, 2008,

THANK YOU Andreas Foerster, Germany -- for posting the url of the Google Raptor group. I've been trying to locate this for a week now.

My trade results in three time out this week, do not come close to the trade results that promoted this EA. I hope it is a matter of settings. I suspect the developers of Raptor were not quite ready for the response they have received and have not been staying up late enough into the night catching up. I feel lots better now that I've found the Google Group, so if they let me in, I will be able to download the latest updated software. I hope they let me in. I trust these people have good intensions.jb

May 23, 2008,

I bought this software after reading the advert. It was not what I would consider expensive for software of this kind. However it is not what it appears on the sales blurb. I thought that there would be some kind of indicators that you could utilise similar to on the charts in the sales pitch in addition to the software mainly to enable one to stay in the trade. Well there isnt, so unless you feel you can trust something that you cannot even see how or why it is doing something - STAY AWAY!The software due to its setting (which can be altered) puts a take profit automatically of 10 pips. If you read the sales blurb it insinuates that the software will enable you to make trades of 300+ pips. I suppose it could but it would mean you have to sit over the machine all day again not what it suggests. If you worked out the 300+ pip trades the chances are you would have had to make at least 30+ trades with no losers and in the process give the broker 90+ pips due to the spreads. In addition the reward to risk is horrendous. I had 8 winning trades of 10 pips only to lose it all and more with 2 losses.Up to date my experience with it has been very poor. I have sent numerous emails and submitted queries via the site with no response and have submitted a comment via the site discussion which suprise suprise has not been printed as it wasnt 100% complimentary. To be fair the team there seem to be trying to sort out the problems but in my opinion this software was not ready to be released as a trial let alone to be sold. Several names I trusted with stuff I have bought from them endorsed it which swung me.All I can say is thank god it wasnt lots of money. I will give it a little while longer but I am almost sure that I shall be asking for a refund though i doubt if that will happen.