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Updated: Jun 19, 2019
2.801 · 220 REVIEWS
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GOMarkets.com.au (Was GOMarketsAus.com)

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2.801 · 220 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Melb, Australia,
Jul 24, 2015,

During NFP platforms mainly freeze after trying repeatedly have given up- do not bother to news trade you waste yr time and FPA FNG does not work. Some Curr.prs have huge spreads. Go Mart discontinue a Curr pr when it suits them no matter you have 2 long term trades on, you bear he brunt and with the CHF fiasco they ripped me off a lot of money You decide if you like this. Good Luck!

2012-04-09 Been with this broker for awhile and there is slippage but yesterday in a quiet morning trading period they charged 10p spread for an A/Y trade- shame on you Go Mart-

I like to add i did withdraw some funds from this broker a few months back and I had no problems - 2 and half stars
Jun 29, 2015,

reliable company. i had a small loss anyway than i ordered a withdraw the same day money was in my account. Unbeliavable. a little slippage. but fast withdrawal.
robert rawson,
newcastle, Australia,
Jun 23, 2015,

I can't believe some of the bad reviews I have seen about go markets.
I have been with them for about 5 years. With 2 problems I've had in MT4 platform, I rang them once, and they used software to remotely view my screen and fixed it. The other time using online chat at their website.
The spreads are low. You can get high leverage if you want.
The people don't have funny accents like most companies when you ring and get someone who speaks English as their 5th language.
I have used a lot of brokers, and go is by far the best. Some were dreadful, and clearly stop loss hunter, or gave requotes.
I don't trade the news, but if you do, beware whatever broker you use. During Non Farm Payroll, go markets spread only increased 2 pips.
, New Zealand,
Mar 25, 2015,

For the last two weeks i have been watching a three way hedge with a positive net swap. Last week i monitored the live and demo, saw they were the same, and took a position on the demo server for proof of concept.
Yesterday I took the position live.
Overnight the swaps were altered.
This morning I noticed this and immediately contacted the live support. After checking the trading desk, support told me that the swaps were wrong and had been fixed.
I then emailed the trading desk explaining that I now had three open positions that were made based on their incorrect data over a significant period and I expected my positions to be reversed.

23 minutes later the positions were reversed, at no cost to me.
, Colombia,
Mar 9, 2015,

Core Liquidity Markets Company is a company of "GO Markets Pty Ltd" Core Liquidity MANIPULATES PRICES and do claim they cancel the account....be careful
Miao WANG,
BRISBANE, Australia,
Dec 6, 2014,

I have to let you guys know my bad experience about "GO Markets".

I am a customer of "GO Markets Pty Ltd." and I am using its platform to do the Forex trading and stock index CFD trading.

I have lots of existing CFD positions which is worth more than AU$10,000 and those existing positions should be kept rolling over and over based on the contract month by month until I close it. This rollover rules are based on the terms and conditions when I opened those positions.

However I got an email from "GO Markets Pty Ltd." on 18/Nov/2014. It was telling me my existing "positions will not be rolled over to the next contract month.", "Any positions that remain open
on client accounts will be closed on the last trading date and profits/losses crystallised" which is 17/Dec/2014. And my positions "will be switched to 'Close Only' on Monday, November 24, 2014.
This means that it will not be possible to open new positions in these symbols but instead only possible to close positions that are already open."

This big change from the broker side and in such a short notice would bring big loss (at least $10,000) to my portfolio. So I emailed them to ask them about it and they emailed me back to
suggest me to change my current positions into their another new finance product called CFD2 which is very different from my current CFD positions and would charge daily swap fees on my positions which would bring big uncertainty and possible losses to my portfolio.

In my opinion, broker has no right to change the customer's existing positions in any way against the original terms and conditions when those positions were opened, especially cancelling the rollover functions which is a basic function for CFD trading and close client's existing positions as broker's will and for broker's best interest.

Please look into this issue and help me stop "go markets" do that ASAP. At the same time, please be aware of what "Go Markets" is doing if you are an existing customer or planning to open an account with them.

Oct 26, 2014,

Stay away from them, especially during the news releases. They may open your order on a faked price and you may lose ALL YOUR deposit!!! I lose 800 pips, because they opened my order on the FAKED price.

They told me blah-blah-blah, our liquid provider confirmed the price, but i'm not an idiot! I have 3y+ experience in news trading, and always trade on 4-5 different brokers at the same time. So on the 4 brokers price was the ok and only in their system price was in 800 pips different! This broker is scam don't trust them your money, better to spent your money in Vegas!=))
Melbourne, Australia,
Dec 12, 2013,

I would not recommend them at all. They execute Stoploss on wrong prices. Like now. They say gold spot low was 2418.60 10.22/13.12.2013. The low in my other broker was 2424.85. If you stoploss would placed at 2420.-- you would executed at 2418 even the real price was never there. The news feed stoped working weeks ago. So, we would not recommend them at all.
Melbourne, Australia,
Nov 23, 2013,

I was accused of using a robot and I certainly wasn't. I had all my trades stacked to come into the market at different prices. All of my trades were placed into the market at the same time blowing up my account. Apparently the price ran through all my trades too quickly making it impossible to "honour" the trades at the prices I asked for. So then the trades were placed into the market at the next available price. They are nothing but scammers. My new broker is incredible, when the price runs through the trade or the price gaps the trade is still honoured. Stay well away from Go Markets, if they were on fire I would pour petrol on them.
Peter Henderson,
Queensland, Australia,
Nov 16, 2013,

I have been trading with Go Markets for a number of years with no reason for complaints. This year was a totally different matter...No connections, stop loss taken out when price was nowhere near, 8 minute delays from news feeds, and a whole pack of lies from support....Don't bother with this broker.