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Updated: Feb 4, 2020
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Jan 27, 2010,

I purchased one of their EA's off ebay, and I am amazed how well it has performed in less than a month. I have not run the EA on my live acct yet because I am still testing it with my demo acct.
Bud Weston,
Jan 2, 2009,

I have attempted to do some basic review of their products, but have been unable to do so. Their website links for live test results do not work. I have contacted them many times asking for them to fix the links or provide live test reports by email or provide login information to view their live results on MT4. Each email response I get does not address the issue. First they told me I needed to refresh my browser window to see the live test reports. of course that did not work because the links themselves are not valid. Later they told me that they had replied to my email and to check my spam box. I check my spam box several times a day and did not receive any of their emails there. It appears they are simply avoiding a direct request to see their live test results. It is obvious that English is not their native language, but after 4 emails, I think they would understand. I suppose their unsubstantiated claim that they divert their profits to support orphanges should make their customers feel good about their lack of live test results.
Bud Weston,
Jan 5, 2009,

Further to my comment of January 2, 2009, I received yet another email response asking me to refresh my browser or to check my browser security settings. The fact that the links to their live test results are invalid continues to escape them. I can only conclude they are avoiding the obvious. Even if they honestly misunderstand my repeated request, as a customer of theirs, obtaining support from them would be near impossible given their lack of understanding of simple, straightforward questions posed in English.

Review Moderation Team Note: We checked Bud's complaint. Most of the links on the products page work, but the live test report links return a 404 error. Examples include these links.

Bud, please point the ExpertFx people to this page if they still seem to have difficulty understanding the issue. Let us know when they get these links fixed.
Bud Weston,
Jan 13, 2009,

Since my last posting, I sent the "bad" link addresses in an email on January 6, 2009 to (as suggested by the moderator on Forex Peace Army) so they would have an opportunity to respond to at least acknowledge the bad links and when they might repair them and, if they were running a responsible business, I would have expected them to provide the forward test results I have been asking for for many weeks now. I have received no response from them. The good news is that they did not come back to tell me the problem is my browser or email. The bad news is it appears they are not especially interested in providing forward test results, even though they appear to have links for forward tests on their site. You should draw your own conclusions. I have drawn mine.
Mr Jones,
Jan 14, 2009,

I do not know these new EAs.. but there were other EAS 6 months before... they are optimized for testing .. the account was only real prejudice in 3 eas that rented ... they pose no real account, and the last is backtest was created when the new eas that are proving very optimized for a specific period ... escaping this scam.. sorry my english.. it is google.translator :)
Far East Man,
Jun 8, 2011,

I've bought a couple of EAs from them. On their backtest, it doesn't take a loss, but in a real environment, it takes a couple of losses. Because the SL level is more than 300 pips compared to 10 or 15 pips, such couple of losses really hurt, actually. If you want to achieve such a high speed growth as advertised on their web site, you must raise your lot size like crazy, and it WILL burn your account for sure. If you lower the lot size, then the EA will not achieve attractive results. I think those EAs are way over priced. There are other bots that are much safer and profitable.