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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.137 · 12 REVIEWS
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3.137 · 12 REVIEWS
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Jul 17, 2011,

LFR make the important point that the trade trend appears about 1hour after London open, and also that London [and US] open is the time to pay attention to the market. Al also makes the point that conservative trading is made in the direction of the existing daily/4Hr trends and that momentum provides confirmation. There are other way of showing these facts [eg. Heiken Ashi] however he should be given considerable credit for showing new traders these facts.
Aug 20, 2009,

Hi Guys,

the logic behind this trading system is that what most professional traders know. london session opening gives good signals to trade with huge moves also. not every day but you have big moves.

but i have the problem that the indicators dont work propper with this strategy and very often show entry points that are to tight or have the wrong direction.

so i find the system with the given signals is to risky to trade this with good results.
New York,
May 14, 2009,

Needed clarification on items in the instructional ebook. Never got a response to my emails for assistance.

Already requested a refund. I'll report back as to my progress.
Kelvin Lee,
Feb 5, 2009,

I've been using this system for about a month now and it is really a good, conservative and rewarding system. Only downside is that since it is not every trading day that there is strong momentum on the Pound crosses, there are days where you just have to pass the trading opportunity.

Keep up the good work, Al!
Pippy Le Pip,
Jan 16, 2009,

The LFR System definately works...helped me to turn a $100 live account into $463 in less than a week...had i not closed the trades at breakeven i would have made $600 to $800! so it is not a scam...plus you can use it on other pairs with high volatility as well during the London open ...just monitor your trade with a Trade monitor EA( Multi-Trade monitor EA or SwissArmy EA) so that if there is a reversal it will close all your trades for you at a set dollar amount !
Dave ,
Nov 17, 2008,

I ordered this system but my computer could not download indicators. I know the problem was on my end not his. Al answered my emails right away and was very helpful. I sent three or four emails. Al helped best he could but my computer is just messed up. Then Al gave me a refund with no problems. All I can say is Al did ok by me.
vancouver canada,
Oct 25, 2008,

Al Russell is nothing but a scammer. I purchased his system and was incorrectly billed a higher amount. Al refused to refund the difference. The MT4 ind. work so so . The trend indicator is useless.
All that this system does is draw some high and low lines.

Nothing that you cant find for free. SAVE YOUR MONEY FOLKS
Sep 20, 2008,

I tried to email Russell about 7 times. I tried to purchase his system for the new $57.00 price tag and just about when I went to purchase i read an email from PROFIT PIPS. This is a new EA out by Ryan Hughes. Who is Ryan Hughes? Non other than Al Russell the bigest s***weasel scammer on the Internet. After I wrote acknowledging the fact i found him out the next email I got from profit pips was announced that profit pips was owned by MR X. What a piece of c*** this guy is.
Stay away folks or you will get burned from this s***weasel for sure. I gave him 1 star because i have never been scammed by this bastard but beware.
Sep 7, 2008,

Based on the 'Big Ben' system which signals a trade if an existing trend before the Asian session is constricted during Tokyo trading hours. The idea is that it may then breakout on the London open. It only works with GBP pairs and, in my experience, only two of them.

This is basically a good system but the trend indicator is flawed. For example, it may be obvious visually that a trend is in existance but the indicator won't show it for another five hours - so you miss a trade.

I would recommend it but you need to use your own common sense rather than follow the signals blindly. Particularly with pairs like the GBP/AUD that have a large spread. Just trade the GBP/USD and the GBP/JYP.

Gives an average of two trades a week like this - it's not a scam, just imperfect. I've only known one week with no trades at all. The success rate is high so the profits are there.
Sep 3, 2008,

For most people in the USA this system is not workable. It is based on trading London time which starts at 3AM EST with a 2 hour window till 5AM. Once a trade is initiated, you can let it ride with a take profit and stop loss in place, but the author recommends taking profit manually just before NY open. You might or might not make some money with this - but one thing is for sure - it's not worth losing sleep over it. Find a system that's better suited for the USA folks...