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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.479 · 12 REVIEWS
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3.479 · 12 REVIEWS
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Danielle ,
Florida , USA,
May 23, 2012,

The top 3 reviews is Scott changing his name as a decoy to try to bring a bad reputation to the site. He is unbelievable. Forexpeacearmy please screen the reviewers so that they are not able to do this

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: We carefully screen reviews for cheating based on a number of factors, including whether the location matches or not. It is possible for someone to leave fake reviews under a different name, but it is no as easy as people think.
May 19, 2011,

Danielle/Pipstarz is a scam and a fraud. Do not trade her signals and do not let her manage your account. She managed my account for 8 months and lost 35% of my investment. She does not use trailing stops and will allow trades to go 700 pips into draw down to try and make 30 pips. Her trades consistently go 200-700 pips against her. She will stay in losing trades for weeks even months at a time saying it is still a good trade. She even accumulated over $1,000 in rollover fees on a trade that would have only made about $400 if it had hit tp. She will put multiple positions into the same trade at the same entry price. During the time she managed my account she had losing trades of $5,300 gbp/usd, $3,800 aud/jpy, $7,500 eur/jpy, $1,700 usd/jpy, $5,700 chf/jpy and $3,900 usd/chf. She does not have 90% accuracy and she does not generate monthly profits of 25%-50%. Use Danielle/Pipstarz if you want to lose money because that is what will happen. Her real name is not Danielle it is Yanick Maria Miller or Maria Yanick Miller. Since pipstarz.com has been infected she will probably try to resurface under a different name. Thepositive reviews here or on any site are not legitimate she is a scam and a fraud not a profitable trader.
Jan 28, 2011,

Danielle, the person who runs this room, is a sweet and very nice person. And that is what makes this scam all the more convincing.

When a new batch of members first join this service, the room is filled with 'long time' members who pop in and assure the new members that Danielle is the best evar, then you never see them again. I saw this on 3 inductions.

How the scam works is this, Danielle just looks for momentum and then claims she got in at a price that noone else could have. She aims for 30-100 pip profits, but if a trade goes against her will hang on for sometimes days, even if it goes 500 pips against her.

And when a losing trade does come she just pretends she told the members to get out overnight if such and such a thing occurred (but she is lying plain and simple)

A few times he claimed that she reversed her position, and thus that 300 pip loser was actually a 300 pip winner. Now you know how she gets her 98% winning trade record !!

Throughout all this is talk about her living in a wonderful house on the lake, how big investment banks are trying to headhunt her to come trade for them e.t.c e.t.c All bull**t

I am not a newbie to Forex, I have traded many systems, mechanical and subjective. I have also been in half a dozen trading signal rooms. Believe me when I say Pipstarz is a scam.
Aug 4, 2010,

I did the 2 week trial and was not impressed by what I saw. Danielle sounds like a lovely person, however I cannot endorse her style of trading.
SL's are given with entries, however they are meaningless as they are widened in a heartbeat if price looks like threatening them. The majority of trades start out with a 50 or 65 pip SL. These are routinely widened to 100 - 130 pips and if that's not enough they will be completely removed.
In the 2 weeks I was there the worst examples were an EY and a GY trade that had 65 & 100 pip initial SL's respectively. Both of these trades had the SL's removed completely and were allowed to run 235 & 315 pips against. This is x3.6 and x3.1 the original SL and she was quite prepared to let it get worse than that! 3 days later the market retraced just enough for her to close out with 30 & 10 pips respectively.
I doubt that there would be many traders with serious money in their trading account that would be comfortable subjecting their money to this type of risk. Any of the Yen crosses can easily do 1000 pips in 3 days. On this occasion she was lucky and got the retrace - next time she could very well be closing out with a -50% loss.
TP's ranged from 15 - 50 pips with the average being around 25 pips. It's not hard to see that reward to risk ratio is pretty terrible. Perhaps this is offset by the purported 98% win rate, I was not there long enough to say for sure. Risking 10% to make 0.3% is not my style.
Pipstarz Moderator,
Jan 10, 2010,

Scott is quite a LIAR I am not surprised by his stupidity. As all clients are aware we trade NY, Asia and London Session but during the holidays I take time off to spend with my family! I guess Scott has no family. Also in regards to Stop loss clients decide whether they want to use stops or not. If a client asks for a stop I then give one. Scott is upset because my fes were raised my signals are very credible so the cost is nothing for the value of signals received! We have all happy clients but of coarse one has to come around and expect something for nothing. Honesty is Valued Scott you should be aware of that at your age! Please excuse his Stupidity
Dec 15, 2009,

very unreliable! never in room when says she is going to be. arbitrarily increases price on service and asks for fees before they are due. has no game plan for huge drawdowns and trades with no stops! be warned she is far from what she claims. Too busy with other things to run a trade room properly. Cuts winners short and lets losses run

2009-01-24 5 Stars
Danielle is not a scam, she is the real deal
She started trading my account Jan5/09 and has increased it by 13% so far.
Aug 22, 2009,

I have been notified as promised. Pipstarz will be resuming their trade room on August 24th.
Jun 14, 2009,

A comment to Scott's (from Canada) post.

She is still in business. I have had some correspondence with pipstarz.com before they went on vacation for the summer months. The service will start again in mid August (2009). I will be notified with the exact date. Very satisfied with the response I have received. Helpful and polite.

Besides of the trading room they are using Yahoo Messenger so you can receive signals to your mobile phone.

Contact info: support@pipstarz.com (remember mid August)
Feb 21, 2009,

she is not running the signal service anymore
Feb 4, 2009,

I can access the homepage, but that is about it. You can not click anywhere and the only thing shown is some stuff about eurusd, which is over 6 month old.
So the traders that posted the 5 star reviews might want to tell the rest how and where to access the real homepage/trading room.

Review Moderation Team Note: We have gotten a lot of questions about this. If someone could post updated contact info for this service, we would appreciate it.