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Updated: Sep 14, 2017
4.265 · 5 REVIEWS
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SuperForexSystem.com (John Williams)

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4.265 · 5 REVIEWS
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Berlin, Germany,
Mar 19, 2010,

An update on my last weeks review:
After you mentioned that on his website the vendor states that one would receive MT4 templates of his "system" I wrote emails twice which were not answered until now - one week later. "John Williams" also states on his website: "absolutely risk-free for 8 weeks. If I don't make at least 10 times my investment back or if I'm unsatisfied in any way, I'll simply email you and I'll get my $97 back." I came back to that via email, too - no answer until now!
I also sent an email to clickbank.com which was the platform for paying the 97 US Dollars and wanted to reclaim my money -- which clickbank says, they would do if one is not happy with his purchase - no answer!
This should be a warning to everyone who thinks of purchasing this "forexsupersystem". The only thing which would hinder me rating this as SCAM is the fact, that at least you will receive a 189 pages e-book (pdf file) with some strategies. But anyone could find similar systems for free in the internet, believe me!
I am able to compare it to the LMT system, Marc Waltons "Forexmentorpro" and "Topdog Trading" by Barry Burns - which are all worth their money - which is not the case with this product here!
(To the moderator: I would suggest to shift this "system" to "Trading Systems" since it is definitively no software nor does it provide any templates for MT4)

2010-03-09 12:00AM 1 Star A couple of days before I purchased this system. The first thing I'd like to mention: why is this product listed under "Software Reviews"?? This is no software; it's just several pdf files (e-books) explaining lots of different trading approaches/strategies.
May be interesting for beginners, but to my mind it's not "superb" as the name says.

Review Moderation Team Note: According to the website, it is supposed to include some MT4 templates. That moves it from Trading Systems to Software.
Dec 16, 2009,

Website states that if you are not 100% satisfied he will within 8 weeks of purchasing it immediately refund your money.
This is not the case, John Williams has failed to reply to any of my emails requesting a refund.
South Africa,
Mar 18, 2009,

I have bought this system because the first nice thing is that it offers a money back guarantee via Clickbank. Then I got it and what a surprize. Many many and more trading tools and books and ideas than anyone could wish for. And that was even before I opened the actual manual. This was even better. One of the most comprehnesive training courses I have ever seen with many different trading systems. You can pick and choose what you like and there is something for everyone and just about any situation. And its very simple. The extras give you a good background. The manual is straight to the point and very interesting. Highly recommended if you want some new ideas or if you are a beginner. Well if you are a beginner, good luck because you have lots of reading to do. But this systems contains everything I think you can go straight to the core of the manual and start with play money and try some of the ideas. I give it 5 stars any day. Thanks a lot John. If thats your real name.
Milan Petrovic,
Mar 8, 2009,

This is a great trading course. I read 3 times and each time I read the manual I learn something new. What I like about Super Forex System is that it offers much more than any other course or book I bought. It comes with so many different strategies that there
Dec 11, 2008,

This is the best Forex product I used. Offers more systems than any other and the support staff is friendly and helpful.
I'm only using 3 strategies from this course and I'm averaging 200 pips a week.
I believe that I would make more when I get more experience.
Oct 22, 2008,

I've purchased Super Forex System in the past and I consider it a useful trading course. The manual comes with so many different strategies that it seems everytime I read it I learn something new.
The templates could be better, but since the manual is so complete I consider this one a great course.