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--Don't Waste Time and Money with Lagging Charts and Indicators 

--Monitor True Market with Bid and Offer Flow 

--Gain the Edge by Trading Real-Time Cyribbon (Rainbow) 

--Access Market Info Anywhere Anytime on Multiple Devices 

--Learn to Scalp Spot Forex Market in a very Short Period of Time 

--Increase your Trading Success with Cyribbon Scalping Model


Cyrinus innovated a simple, fast and effective spot forex scalping method and model. Cybott allows us to take advantage of spot forex market opportunities with speed and confidence. Simple and Smart Cybott based on Information Security with a solid risk management - Cyribbon Scalping in auto mode.You can attend one of our hands-on workshops in Mississauga and learn to become a very successful spot forex Algorithmic trader...


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3.747 · 13 REVIEWS
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Mar 11, 2015,

I have been on and off with LinuxTroll (LT) from last 4 years main reason being I was not able to commit enough time and due to other issues was not able to give proper attention to what was being taught. From last couple of months I have started giving enough time to practice what has been taught and it does makes sense. I also took hands on workshop with LT and he is really helpful guy who genuinely cares about his members. There is also public google plus community where there is enough information to get started. There is clear mention of the models and styles one can use. As with any system it takes time and practice to master and be profitable. Also scalping in general is not for everybody one needs to have a different mindset and a iron discipline but LT does provide all the things that one can be successful with if one follows all the rules and gives enough time.
Hannover, Germany,
Jan 3, 2015,

In contrast to you it's been a long time since i left demo mode, every kid can post polished demo trading results, and the same would go into defense mode when someone speaks out the truth. man, you re a total failure. it's actually sad to read your statements. All you can do is fool people who are in the market for less than 6 month, more experienced traders will sneer at you. honestly, if i show this to some of my colleagues, they will think you have lost your touch with reality. sorry to take your time, i guess you are busy trading big demo funds for a demo hedge funds. :)

2014-11-24 1Star thanks, and you keep on going with fooling people and erasing their comments, you arrogant schmuck. i just want to bring this to everybody s attention:
this guy will fool you, he is no successful trader, that s why he is selling you a c*** software.

2014-11-10 1Star just check this link and see how linuxtroll is trading real time moving averages on a 5-second "real time bid ask order flow".
Be aware people, this guy is dodg

from linuxtroll
"Works very well... Yes, base is Multiple Moving Average - Daryl Guppy or Alan Hull..."

2014-10-24 2Star cyrinus is what i would call a smart scammer. by giving people the image/feel of being part of a superior community (linux operating system, some moving averages disguised as institutional order flow strategy) and not leaving out a chance to tell people how good he is at golfing ( ye, subscribers do pay for his golf tickets), he in reality is just selling a crappy overpriced charting system, because he is the very last one on this planet who will become a profitable trader. stop paying this troll and save your money and effort for something better

Comment: Added by Linuxtroll on 2014-10-29
I do not scam... people come to me by word of mouth... whether you like it or not - cyrox traders are superior community - very successful high net worth spot forex traders who are using institutional platforms... if you can not tell the difference from moving average and bid/ask order flow - too bad... correction - very first on the planet who became a profitable spot forex retail trader... and cyrox retail traders used institutional trading platform first on this planet too... well known fact... stop trolling forums and try to make money trading... good luck with moving averages... people who listen to your advise ended up like you... (spinning wheels and trolling forums)... while cyrox traders making money and trading hedge funds... cyrox traders call your kind - leechers or tire kickers... waste of time... -- Linuxtroll

Comment: Added by Linuxtroll on 2014-12-21
Review: Michael... people are not stupid like you... They are smart and they know what they will get even before they signup, because they have enough free info through google plus forum... They do not need your advise, especially from a loser like you... and those who know me already know that I am a very successful trader and many who followed me are very successful traders too... Those who come to hands-on knows that too... proof is in the pudding... even we made kids to trade and produce results... I am running private hands-on one-on-one for many many years... If you dare come and trade against me... I am not fooling anyone... You are a leecher and you are upset that you could not get more FREE stuff... I know who you are... A coward hiding under fake name... You are expecting that people will listen to an idiot like you... If you dare make similar annual return like me... I will beat your annual return in few days/weeks trading the same market... enough said...

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Reply by Linuxtroll submitted Jan 19, 2015:
Moderation team deleted my answer... Review Moderation Team Note: We removed followup reviews by both you and Michael. We already stated that any further arguments between the two of you belong in the forums thread attached to this review page.
George Gigapips Plytas,
Mississauga, Canada,
Nov 25, 2014,

LinuxTroll (LT) and I share many interests and hobbies. One of these is Information Security, the branch of Information Technology that helps a corporation keep its information secure from hackers and fraudsters. In this field of Information Security, integrity is more important than all other attributes combined. I mention this because LT has as much or more integrity than any other individual I have ever met. This integrity spills over into the world of Forex as well. His teachings, products and willingness to help are more than any other I have seen. I have very close friends that are less willing to share the inner workings of the trading industry than LT. With a nominal fee, you open the door to a deep knowledge pool that he continually shares. I feel fortunate to have discovered him on the 'Net and to have had the pleasure of meeting him several times for workshops. I will follow his teachings and be loyal for days and years to come. Those who are trash talking have no clue what they're talking about and would alter their stance if they spent a few hours with him and truly listened and applied his methodology to trading. Honestly, trading has risk and if not approached carefully it will sting you but you can't blame LT if your account margins because you didn't practice good money management.
S.C., USA,
Aug 28, 2013,

Allan in San Diego, all I can say is AMEN! Trollman is a great guy and a very special friend to me. He makes you work for it, because he knows that you will never learn if you don't practice, practice, practice.. Just follow the drills... Get a plan and stick to it..
David in SC

2011-08-30 5Star As much as I hate to post this review, I will. Reason being, now everybody who knows me (and that is a lot) will know what I am really using. For those reading this who do not know me, here is a little back ground. I started trading futures back in late 1993. I quit trading futures in 2004 to trade ForEx only. And life is good.
My education is extensive and has not come cheap. So I guard my knowledge (now). Anyone involved or thinking of getting involved in trading ForEx, this (Cyrox) is all you need, PERIOD. I stumbled onto the CYROX website back in 2008. I had my way of trading already that worked, but this Cyrox was the icing on the cake. It took my trading from "good" to "WTF!" in a good way.
Trollman is consistantly working to keep up with the changing markets and their movements (and does a great job).

This is an A++ software provider.

Now for getting some things clear.

(1) Nikita in Paris, I am a diehard Moving Average guy from way back. This IS NOT a moving average. You are wrong. And as far as the rest of your posting, you need to understand that "everybody" can't trade. I know that may be hard for you to hear, but it might be true. If you can't trade and make money using this current software, then you may be a dumb@$$.

(2) Phil in London, all I've got for you is this, you're an idiot. It isn't any CCI or Moving Average Slope. Not to mention you are crying over $1,000 silly dollars. If that is a problem for you, you have no business trading ANYTHING, EVER.. Also, don’t get mad being called an idiot, that is what happens when you call somebody “a cunning little F*@&”. It says a lot about you.

(3) Kurt in Denver, before you get your panties in a knot and want to post something negative, I have another idea. TRY ASKING FOR SOME DAMN HELP. If you think it sucks that you can't post anything negative on HIS site, most people don’t let you post negative comments on sites that they own. A few years ago, this site was no exception.

Now, I hope we got all that understood. For anybody looking to make money trading in the ForEx market, go to and you will be glad you did, BUT ONLY if you are serious. If you are just tire kicking or screwing around because you have free time on your hands, don’t waste Trollmans time. He stays busy.

I have been around the block enough to know what software is real and what isn't, and sadly most is BS..

David in SC
san diego, USA,
Aug 2, 2013,

I wasted my time on the forex buy this 10.000 monthly indicator get rich have to work at anything you do in this world to make a living cyrox can't make you rich over night if that were the case we would all be rich yesterday right.i personally respect the fact that there is a learning curve and yes it has taken some time more time than i had hoped. but now that I'm trading and part of a group of people that are making friends &money life is good for my wife and i
Jun 19, 2011,

The best thing about cyrox is that you can create your own style and nobody can't copy your style or even determine how you trade...I've been trading cyrox method for three years and have survived all market conditions, very successfully cyrox traders are moving on next professional level while others are looking for better system or indicator to earn few pips lol...
Jun 19, 2011,

Most people, just in every aspect of life, come seeking guidance in the form of definitive rules due to their inability to operate beyond the known and the past. I have been involved with Cyrox for over 4 years and it has been life changing journey.

There is most definitely a vagary to what is mentioned on the form and even to Cyrox himself. However, you can never truly understand anything in this world through the thoughts of another, anything less is merely a recital of memory, operating in the past which is how most people live their lives. Cyrox provides a foundation, the rest is up to you. If you want someone to tell you place trade here, stop here, go to the toilet at this time then please continue on your journey elsewhere.

I say this with no ego and the best of intentions, but trading has afforded me great success and my involvement with Cyrox was instrumental.
Jun 19, 2011,

Reached 100k in 2010 following Cyrox method.... made 200% in 5 months with Cyrox models.
Phil... if i remember well you were at the Paris 2008 Workshop, correct? I was there and you just wasted time looking around in the room...Are you sure you looked correctly on the screen?

I did my homework well wih focused mind and now i enjoy my 500k's path, while i look at the show of some leecher who is still blaming here and there with no sense speaking.

Life is short for leechers.

2009-04-13 5 Stars I'm one of the oldest students of the Cyrox Simple Scalping Setup. I follow this method by years and it is just the only one which gives me money on the Forex market. You don't need any other knowledge to trade successfully.
Jun 18, 2011,

Jim... There are no contradictions and clear blueprints with rules are provided and ratio for both models given to avoid margin calls - and both models have clear stop-loss defined (Cyrox traders call this as coffee money)... Nothing left to discretion... It is originated from high frequency trading algorithm... Those who did not understand the method or algorithm can attend a free webinar or workshop... or use all the free support channels provided... What else you need?
Jun 18, 2011,

Oh Phil... What a joke... You must be a very talented guy and learned day trading yourself in a few months... If 1 minute chart zoomed out trend lines & channels no indicators at all work for you -- all money mangers must come and learn from you... If that works against algorithms in the current market even my dog will trade and make millions... All banks should hire you as a trader... Are you making money or fooling around and trolling the forums...

Even if you would have paid a few minutes attention to the workshop material - you would know that the method was not based on lagging indicators (your slope indicator or CCI - I do not know who created slope indicator - CCI go to woodie)...

Scalping is all about high frequency trading algorithms - get a clue... You have no clue about h-lines or v-lines or a solid methodology and algorithm driving the tools... Have fun making money... Even kids are making money using Cyrox method and tools...

If you know the facts - nobody needs to hack the tools because metohd is available free on-line from 1995... and nobody hacked the tool - some tried to hack Ninjatrader license server... All imagination about slope indicator (I do not even know how it works) and CCI (go to woodie) - In the same note - why people tried to hack it? because it is working and producing near 100% hit? lol...

All real Cyrox traders know the algorithm and how it generates signals with solid background - with 2 models that performing with solid blueprints... They do not need to hack the tool to find out how it works - get the facts correct...

I can understand - all go to school and learn - and some fool themselves and become losers... and advise others trolling forums with their reviews while trading demo and micro accounts - fascinating... while real cyrox traders trade live and managing money... LoL

Now you must know the reason why many were kicked out from the forum... The forum is for Cyrox method only... How come Kurt can write negative comments even without knowing the method and tools? No room for tire kickers and leechers looking for system... Cyrox High Frequency Trading method... Cyrox Forum is only for real investors - not for those who are wasting their time and others (no entertainment or gambling)...

You can not fool Cyrox traders and others with your trolling... Existing paying customers got many support channels to clear their doubts and many received support and guidance until they hit 100K mark and beyond... Get the facts... lol :)

Even Cyrox kids will trade against you - same market - same method - same tools - same models - same blueprints...