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Updated: Dec 15, 2016
2.053 · 18 REVIEWS
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2.053 · 18 REVIEWS
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Spain (Really Latvia),
Sep 13, 2011,

I'm using this broker already for 10 months and never had any problems. Yes, at the beginning server was little bit slow but now it's ok. They are improving it.

This review was left from the same location in Latvia that an employee of eGlobal-Forex used to contact the FPA.

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Dan Kite,
Nov 18, 2010,

c***py service custumer service does not even speak english and could notclose an order over the phone when i lost power i wanted to move my money i just deposited into another account and was told i have to wait 30 days for the funds to clear it took them 30 seconds to with draw from my personal checking account and
francis scriven,
Jul 7, 2010,

Massive spike!!! watch out with this broker they had a massive spike today of 200 pips in GBPUSD!! No spike in my other platforms. I don't recommend.
John O,
Hong Kong,
May 17, 2010,

I have used these guys live for ages with 2 accounts.If you are in need of some serous requotes to kill your EA.These are the guys for you.They will even loose the connection for you. I would have been happy, if just one order executed with out a reqoute. I made money,so I received special attention. Took it and ran. Avoid at all costs.Forex4U is the sister company and they are the same.
Brandon Tapera,
Mar 2, 2010,

Today their main trader server has been down for over 4 hours, no way to close positions, very unreliable now, FX markets are live and trading and their online support is terrible, it goes through Indiaa. With the current market volatilty with GReece, Pound anything can happen.
Johnny BeGood,
Mar 2, 2010,

Edited Version

These guys are not very good. One, execution is so slow, you might fall asleep while you wait.
2nd if the price goes against you while you are waiting for the trade to execute you get requoted,
usually at a much worse price - then on top of that if you are closing a trade and the market moves in your favor,
they keep the profits and just give you the quoted price.So they get you both ways, if the market turns against you,
you pay, but if it turns in your favor, you get nothing - nice. I know at Oanda when I'm closing a trade and
the market goes in my favor, I get the whole profit, unlike eglobal I guess they put it in their pocket. 3rd.
sometimes when the market is really going in your favor you suddenly can't log on anymore, so always
put in take profits, because they won't let you log on until the position has reversed against you.
Yet another problem is when the market is really moving then they won't let you set a stop anywhere near the position,
it has to be 20 points away, that includes a take profit. In those cases, whether you have automation or not,
if you have to hang around until they shorten the spread from 20 back to 3. This is rediculous, at Oanda,
you can always put a stop wherever you want within 2 or three pips. The worst part are the orders, you can see
the screem moving the price away from you whenever you go to market, and you get requoted over and over again.
Not just going in but coming out. Usually when I make 10-15 pips, by the time I get out I have something like 8 pips.
Your customer service consists of someone outsourced in India who knows nothing about trading the markets and is not capable
of assisting you. You have to then email eglobal, they then email you back. There's no way to call them. I think that's just fishy,
a broker that can't be called? Anyway bottomline, losses seem to be much greater than gains, even when the pip difference
looks the same, you make 5 but you lose 12 .... interesting. Good way to make money, stringing people along on high margin,
but their game is plain and simple, get your money, whatever means necessary. I know I've traded with fair brokers. The time it takes to make a trade is the worst part.
Forex Exclusive Club,
Feb 15, 2010,

We are forex fund managers and we trade our clients accounts through E-Global. We must confirm that neither one client ever experienced withdrawal problem with them. We are very satisfied with the liquidity they provide, and the way our system works with them. You can all follow our trading under managed account review part and see by yourself what we are talking about.

Good profits to all of you!

Forex Exclusive Club Support Team
Feb 3, 2010,

It was a struggle to get the account funded but once it was funded I have had no problems with trading. I am not sure where the one person is getting their spreads put as I look at my account the spread on EURUSD is 2 pips and the USDCHF is 4 pips. I would agree that support could be improved.
Jan 26, 2010,

I have been using eglobal for a while now and everything seems okay. micro accounts easy registration and set up
ex-eglobal trader,
Jan 11, 2010,

support was noot good always offline and if have a problem i send email to their support sometime reply sometime not ....withdrawal take a long time to process ...in forex market sometime they freeze price level. you trade on this broker you will know...im dont like talk so many word about this broker ...this broker are truly s***
bad performance on this broker....im now waiting my pending withdraw ...many email ive sent to all department for settle my pending withdraw still not done...i give 24hours to the process if not i can prove they are scam