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Updated: Dec 17, 2018
4.115 · 31 REVIEWS
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Formerly at FAP-Winner.com.

FAPWinner.com (Charles A. Floyd, II)

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4.115 · 31 REVIEWS
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Lisboa, Portugal,
Oct 12, 2013,

I have been trading with charles and wendy live sessions last 6 months and my deposit increased. Usually i make 100 pips target per week. Sometimes i have losing week. Charles is integrity man and big help to me in difficult situations.
Keambi Burton,
, USA,
Sep 7, 2012,

Hello all,

I decided to start leaving some comments on my progress with trading the mesa trading method from Fapwinner, I no longer second guess myself when placing a trade. it also helps me become more dicipline as a trader because I remember when I used to trade I could never follow the trading strategy %100, I always thought I coule add my own twist to it. But with the mesa trading strategy I feel more confident in following the rules to the T. I am doing very well with making money and I can see myself in 6 more months trading completely full time. Charles and the fapwinner family are very real and they are dedicated to your success. Thank you Charles and Wendy again for all your hard work.

2012-02-16 5Star First I would like to thank Charles and Wendy and the Fapwinner staff for assisiting me in my quest to develope a REAL FX Trading career, not a hobby or a gambling career, but helping me create a real lifestyle. I have been studying with Fapwinner for 3 years now and I have been nothing but satisfied. Now some people may say he is very passionate or mean or over bearing, well they said the same thing about Vince Lombardy and you see how many winners he created....Charles is creating Fap winners teaching you how to Trade better than a Robot. Please whoever is reading this and want to really change the dynamic of your financial situation, invest in yourself and learn the manual Trading strategies. check to see if Charles has any live events coming to your area or if you can take the courses to learn how to trade for a living you will be glad you did. PS I am just a satisfied student not on payroll I just appreciate the fact he is putting in 40 hours a week in a trading room for free to show he is the real deal. Thanks again Charles and Wendy for all your hard work and dedication to the success of your members.
Charles A. Floyd, II,
Matteson, USA,
May 27, 2012,

Hi, this is Charles. I am writing to reply to Roger's comments about the trading room, and The MESA Method.

First, we do not trade the MESA Method in the trading room. We trade a proprietary manual trading method, along with The PAINT BAR Forex indicators in the trading room. We have repeatedly stated this to all traders. Also, the room goal is 2-5%, or 100 pips daily.

Second, the results posted on the mesatradingmethod.com are the results of the MESA Method- NOT those of the room. Again this has been clearly and repeatedly stated.

The trading room has had to date, ONE losing month, and that loss was a mere 2%, after a month of trading. Again these results have been posted publicly. At the end of each trading day, traders in the room get the final trading results, so all is 100% transparent.

Finally, Roger has not taken the MESA Method course. Below my comments are comments from those that HAVE taken the 7 week live course, that is currently priced at $3,000.00. It would be best to listen to the facts as presented by those that have actually paid for and taken The MESA Method, and have shared their actual experiences.

As I have stated and repeat here. I believe The Paint Bar Forex Indicators are the best that I have ever seen, and they are the ONLY indicators I trade with.

FAPWINNER has earned a 4 star rating on FPA through honest and hard work. We will continue to do so.

I will be glad to address any and all questions. Please email me directly at support@fapwinner.com.

Charles A. Floyd, II CTA, CPO
President & CEO
London, United Kingdom,
May 22, 2012,

To get straight to the point I have been in the FAPwinner /Paint Bar Trading room for 6 weeks at launch in Feb 2012 (& another week now in May) & can only conclude that these people are either seriously delusional or cynical scammers.

I hadn't planned to place a review, but after receiving a recent promotional email for their so called "MESA trading" method priced at between $2,500 & $6,000 and stating amongst other things that 1) this is the trading method Charles uses for his "primary income" & 2) showing example trades yielding between 11 & 14% account growth per trade I feel compelled to share my experience with you.

I keep my observations to 2 key areas (rather than comment on positives/negatives of the system itself).

Firstly, after being told repeatedly how we were witnessing Charles & Wendy trading for a living , it subsequently became clear that in reality Charles had been trading during the first two weeks with an account of just 500$ (& during the remaining weeks with account balances of little more). This meant that his 5% daily target (which I do not recall ever being reached) was in fact equal to a paltry 25$, which made a mockery of all the whooping & hollering every time 1%, or a whopping 5$, was banked! This also meant of course, that he had in reality not been trading (his supposed primary income) for a living, but rather trading to demonstrate a mechanical trading system (later named MESA) with the ultimate objective of selling courses, seminars & subscriptions to the trading room & to the indicators package (which by the way I have since found online for just 15$ rather than the $1,997 "life time membership (saving 28%)" through FAPWinner.

Secondly & most importantly, did it work? Did they make money?

There is nothing I would have liked more than to be able to report to the contrary - after all Charles was apparently offering "the closest thing to the holy grail" - but unfortunately Charles did not demonstrate that his trading method was profitable & certainly during the time that I have been in the trading room, he at best struggled to break even.

Furthermore, at no time during those 6 weeks did any single trade come anywhere close to achieving the11-14% account growth of the "Recent Trades Taken" shown in the promotional email. I was certainly in the trading room for the week that the 3rd example trade was allegedly taken (6th March, + 11%) and I can confirm that no such trade was placed, the published results for that day actually being +0.43%. My conclusion therefore is that (at best) these "recent" trades are simply rather reverse-engineered, after-the-event, "text book examples" of what might be possible using the "MESA" system rather than trades that the creator of the system was actually able to make in a live environment.

I am also aware that Charles is now claiming that MESA is not what is traded in the live room - hence the discrepancy in figures. However what I would say is that firstly I have a clear recollection in around week 3 of in February Charles christening the system he was teaching & trading in the room "MESA trading". Secondly I would seriously question why, if MESA really is everything he is now claiming it to be, would he on the 15thMay (to pick one of many examples)- when he claims on his Blog to have made +15.3 % on a single EUR$ trade - choose to systematically take opposite (loosing) positions in the live trading room (assuming he is really is trading with real funds as claimed, that is) resulting in a net daily loss in the live room of -5.5%? Personally, I don't believe that this explanation stands up to scrutiny but I let you draw you own conclusions !

In their defense, and as was often pointed out, yes Charles worked hard. Yes he traded live & publicly. Yes he was disciplined. Yes he managed risk. But with the best will in the world for the time which I have been in the trading room, Charles, Wendy & the FAP winner/Paint Bar trading method were not profitable.

Although I started with the highest of hopes, increasingly I was kicking myself at being taken in by two, initially likable, plausible, slick & professional - but as the weeks went by increasingly less & less credible - sales people.

Charles & Wendy pull out all the stops to establish & maintain a facade of credibility, respectability, professionalism & trading credentials. But in my opinion, that's all it is, smoke & mirrors.
Alan M,
, USA,
Feb 9, 2012,

I have been trading the forex for several years , taken classes, and purchased programs. After being in the trade room for a week I have not been disappointed and believe I have found the ingredient I was missing. Charles and Wendy stand behind what they say and claim. They will give you the training to have the discipline and confidence to trade. They will talk you through live trades with a system and a plan to manage your risk. If you are looking for a professional and a mentor, someone who really knows what they are doing, you would be doing yourself a service to at least give them a try.
Vincent Seow,
Singapore, Singapore,
Feb 7, 2012,

I do not know Charles A Floyd II and have no association with him in any way. I can only share my experience. I observed the FAPWINNER Live Trading Room for a week before deciding to subscribe to it. The reason is simple, this trade room calls LIVE trades on the fly and in real time calculates profits and losses, simply put, no cherry picking or false claims. What you see is what you get. However, this is not the reason that I am in the trade room. I have learnt so much just listening and observing how Charles manage his trades, both risk management and trade management. This was NEVER taught in the very expensive courses that I had attended. Although we are traders, Kenny Rogers sang in "The gambler",
"You've got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run
You never count your money
When you're sittin' at the table
There'll be time enough for countin'
When the dealin's done"
For me, taking trades is easy but trade management is possibly the most difficult thing to do and I'm learning from an excellent trader.
He may sound brash to some but people should listen to the content and its quality, most of all, they can see the actual results of the trade room to judge for themselves.
peniche, Portugal,
Feb 6, 2012,

I've been following fap-winner service since 2008. Charles is a man of integrity and a great teacher. I love following his daily webinars from 2AM CST when he is teaching live, not like other scam marketers do by posting fabricated screenshots of successful trades.

We can even lose a trade, that's no problem at all as Charles is winning in a long run and I've been sucessful following him and his service.

For me, as European member, it's easier to trade forex because of no stupid limitations on leverage and other problems US members experience.
Mik D,
Sofia, Bulgaria,
Feb 4, 2012,

I've been a member of Fapwinner community for several months now. During this time I have attended most of the weekly mentorship webinars and have been quite happy with the concise information provided there covering weekly fundamentals and technicals. Also, I could get at a glance an up-to-date proven and trustworthy summary of activities going on on the forex marketing field which has actually saved me money and effort.
During last week I have been attending a FREE trading room, hosted by Mr.Charles Floyd, the founder of the company and Ms. Wendy E., the senior manager of the company. They have been trading live 8hrs/day and providing trade calls using a system of their own based on a set of indicators which I will not name in here. The Fapwinner team has actually been hosting the trading room for a complete month free of charge. What the guys did is put their reputation on the front line, trade live and stay along 8hrs/day, 5 days/week- clear entry setups, managing trades and exit strategies, no cherry-picking. I followed some of the calls and could have made more money if I followed more of them. The most challenging part was today when I was able to see a live trade during the NFP news release managed to a considerable degree of proficiency by Mr.Floyd and anyone who has been into forex for some time knows what I mean.
I would recommend Fapwinner products and services to anybody looking to gain knowledge and experience in order to succeed in forex trading.
And to the Fapwinner team- happy pipsing:)

Mik D
Singapore-Sydney, Australia,
Jan 31, 2012,

I first heard of FAPWINNER and Charles Floyd when I tried the Fapturbo EA in 2008, at a time when I began my forex education on a part time basis.

I have just recently left the corporate world with the goal of becoming financially independent. It simply doesn’t make sense for me to move from being a corporate slave to being a prisoner of these so called ‘systems’. After having invested in a lot of money and time on forex systems, signal services, trade copiers and training programs, I have come to the obvious but never-too-late conclusion that I need to be patient, learn the basics and gradually earn that privilege of becoming a truly independent and successful trader. And I am still learning.

Since January 2012, I have attended FAPWINNER’s free daily webinar from 2am – 10 am CST hosted personally by Charles. Charles trades live using a set of indicators called Paint Bar Forex (PBF). Charles and Wendy (his senior trader) teaches by doing. They actually trade and show the exact entries, exits, take profits and stop losses and take the time to explain their trading decisions. There were no screen shots or mock ups or pre-recorded videos and no marketing.

Given the many so called experts whose winning trade set-ups seem to appear on cue during (clearly scripted, sleek and contrived) webinars, Charles’s sessions can sometimes be seemingly quiet and dull… just as the markets are sometimes (except when he and Wendy gets into their usual banter). Yet the sessions are soberly real and refreshing. This is just good old fashion trading at its raw best in my view. It is THE place to be if you want to learn how to trade and make a living as a trader.

As a business, FAPWINNER offers training programs, systems and software for sale and subscription. And that’s a fair proposition and I don’t expect any less from FAPWINNER. I want them to be successful so they can continue to help me and others be a success.

What impresses me most about FAPWINNER is not the system or the mechanics, because anyone with the smarts and experience can come up with winning systems, but the passion that drives Charles to do what he does to ensure the success of his students and clients. I don’t think other experts would spend 8hrs a day (2am – 10am CST) or 40 hrs a week for 4 weeks to trade live and show his audience how, when, what and why its done. And he made a point to explicitly and repeatedly tell everyone not to rush and buy the product but to try it out and see how it actually works before making any decision.

Charles is direct and blunt and can sometimes appear overwhelming .… but that cannot hide the fact that he truly cares about your success.

Call me old fashion, but sometimes in our quest for quick fix solutions to our problems in this intense and fast pace 21st century, we get distracted from the thing that really matters -- the man or woman and soul behind the tools. By trading openly (winning and losing) and putting his reputation on the line before a worldwide audience, Charles has shown the character, the values, the integrity and the man. To me that means everything.

I have faith in Charles and I know when I commit myself wholeheartedly to his guidance, I will become the successful and independent trader that I wish to be.

I know FAPWINNER deserves a 5 star but I am going to give them a 4 star (for now) because that’s what I think Charles would want me to do. I have no doubt they will exceed my expectations and earn that 5th Star from me and others… and then some.

This is my story. I would encourage you to visit Charles and his webinar… and you may just perhaps find what you have been searching for. I did.

Good trading.

Charles A. Floyd, II,
Jun 24, 2011,

Mr. Brashear,

I am sorry that your experience with FAPWINNER was not to your liking. I can assure you that your experience is not routine, based on the longevity of our company, and the current 4 star rating.

If you need help in learning how to backtest the EA, the staff and I will be more than happy to assist you. There is absolutely no problem with the back testing ability of the EA. You can do that from within the MT4 platform.

With respect to whether the EA works or not, I do not show in your file where you submitted the settings for the EA to be reviewed to make sure they were correct, no demo trading results where you actually demo traded and asked for help, or any written communications from you stating that you were having problems.

You should have demo traded and provided results for review.
We ask all members to do this, to ensure that you are trading and testing the EA properly.

I did not tell you that the EA cannot be tested. I told you that forward testing would be best.

Also, you stated you were interested in manual trading, and I suggested that FAPWINNER EA would not be best for you, and suggested that you learn to manually trade, and offered the courses that we teach on how to trade manually.

Finally, there is no manual system for the FAPTS EA, so I am not sure what you are speaking about.

Again, if you would like assistance, we would be glad to help, and remember, your membership is for life, so when you are ready, we will be here for you.


Charles A. Floyd, II CTA, CPO
President & CEO