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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.603 · 15 REVIEWS
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December 2008: A number of fake 5 star reviews have been submitted for this site from Brazil. Caution is advised in dealing with this company.


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3.603 · 15 REVIEWS
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Jun 18, 2010,

Hello all,

I noticed that midnightforex has a good rating on this website and decided to take a look. Several things were warning flags for me though.

1) the Special notes mentioned that they were caught posting fake review from IPs in Brazil
2) One reviewer mentioned an email received from an IP based in Brazil
3) the service claims they are based in the UK, in a physical address that exists (I checked Google maps), but is an entire office block rather than a mailable address
4) the reviews so far are polarised - either outright 5 stars on how friendly and profitable midnight is, or 1-2 stars mentioning high price and consistent money losing calls.

Based on this, I emailed them on whether they could clarify:

"Dear Midnight Forex,

I am quite interested in joining, but due to the number of non-legit operations out there, I am keen to find out a little more about your operations before joining.

Could you provide any additional information to convince me?

I checked the address below and it seems your actual office isn't there, do you by chance operate physically outside of the UK?
157 St John St, EC1V 4PY, London, UK

Best regards

----- reply one day later

"Dear Allan

Midnight Forex is celebrating its 3rd year online and we want to invite to join us as a GOLD MEMBER with the best offers we ever made.

50% discount forever on Gold Plan.

Just $ 99 first month,$199 in the second month and then pay Premium forever instead of gold.

If you are serious about winning money in forex you MUST JOIN, there is no more excuses on the book.


CL Yeh, it is up to you to win from tonight.


157 St John St, EC1V 4PY, London, UK

To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:
---------- my reply

Dear Midnightforex,

I am very interested in trying out your service, but due to worries about non-legit signal advisories out there I am uncertain about committing my PayPal information (despite the 7 day trial and cancellation guarantee), as I have had some bad experiences with other services in the past..

This may seem like a lot of trouble for a single prospective client, but could you somehow show proof of your validity through some means?

Many thanks in advance,
Kind regards

Sent on 16th June, no more responses were received.
Anyone can comment on this from anyone, or even Midnightforex operators themselves?

I'm open for comments:
Jul 29, 2009,

this company is a joke lost so much in month of may then he emails me its my fault hey i paid for a signal service to make pips then next month revamps so called signal service due to heavy losses in may now sends two signals per currency pair one to buy one to sell pick one i dont think he knows whatthe hell hes doing but he got his money with no refunds very highly do not use this scammer
Jun 25, 2009,

Its not a scam, but if someone ask you $500 to make you lose money like water, you can very well term them as scammers. How on earth they can ask for $489 a month is a mystery to me. Their year to date performance is less than 700 pips. My question is why someone will pay $500 for earning $100 average per month with a 1000 pip draw down?

Stay away. You can find much better service with 1/10th the price.
May 27, 2009,

Definitively a terrible service.
For one side they continue with the losses and for other one they continue sending e-mails generating slightly realistic expectations and distorting the results.

May 2009 aound -1000 pips (down)

Bye bye

2009-05-21 1 star 1) I sent a postcard to the address quoted by a person auto called Eric Manpur to the following address .
157 St John St, EC1V 4PY, London, UK

Obviously, was returned. The address exists. But it is the same to send a postcard to the Emp
ire State building in NY!!!.

Consequently, that addres does not correspond to the company.

2) One sunday I received an email from info@midnightforex.com wich IP
address came from Brazil.
After that, midnight uses aweber.com to distribute their email.

3) May 2009 results -743 pips
They claim "Results could go from over U$ 100,000 trading one lot, with no reinvestment at all, to over U$ 1,500,000 reinvesting all profits and using a leverage of 5 to 10X..."

This is exactly what NFA recommends to avoid.

Mr. brazilian guy midnight: good night!!
Richard G J,
New Zealand,
May 22, 2009,

I agree with ariana, I had a terrible trading experience this month with Midnight guys. Just got a margin call from my broker.

I do believe that Midnight traders try their best to deliver signals. However, they DO NOT have their so-called Holy Grail. Maybe they can deliever profitable signals in the future, but anyway they made a significant drawdown in this particular month.
Il. USA,
May 21, 2009,

I tried Eric's free trial traded small .10 lots and he still cost me 1/2 my account. I kept thinking he must get the next one but stopped out with 150 pip stops. Ouch! I hope he can get it together for his loyal folks.
Rebecca Novak,
Kissimmee, Florida,
Mar 18, 2009,

They are the Best. I have used a lot of services over the past 3 years, but have never found any company that delivers like Midnight Forex. Not only pips and profits but also and amazing costumer service. I think that anybody that has a brain and could read and click in a button can make money trading with Midnight.
Muthu Kumar,
Chennai India,
Mar 11, 2009,

Dear All,
Its Muthu from chennai, India. I have used MFN signals and they are one of the best out there. I can even dare to say the BEST. Special mention about Eric who is very prompt in sending signals and update. The ugly smear campaign by some people just goes to prove how jealous they are. Sorry miserable losers; but please dont misguide people. As they claim, MFN is true, honest and simple. I stand by them.

Happy Piping
Muthu Kumar
Chennai India.
Lady Forex ,
Jan 25, 2009,

I am still a member of Midnight and very satisfied. One of the main reasons people fail with signal companies is that they do not trade through the losses. Midnight has had several losses in a row, the most I have experienced is 350 but they ended every month in 08 positive. How can you take 2 trades and declare the company is not good, that is your fault for not following through.

Jonas: Was some of the losses your error? Did you follow the trades correctly? You cannot start a membership during the middle of the month unless you are a trial member.

I do not think Midnight has had more than 550 in dd but ended the month positive. If you would like more info feel free to contact me at kendew13@yahoo.com

2008-12-09 5 stars I do not post a lot so for me to take my time to write a review means something. I have tried a lot of signal companies and this is the only one that I have been pleased with. They are honest, they answer emails promptly and make pips. Yes, they have had several losses in a row but the month ended very positive. I am very pleased and I traded through the losses. You can contact me at kendew13@yahoo.com if you want more info. I am not affiliated with this company in any way.
Alberto Cabrera,
Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Dec 16, 2008,

I am following Midnight Forex signals since July 2008. I would like to confirm all positive reviews, and I want to confirm all published results in their web site (mine are even better!).

I just closed a trade in CAD short (2 positions) for +282 pips, making a total of +582 pips for the month following daily Midnight Forex signals only.