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Updated: Oct 6, 2018
4.9 · 10 REVIEWS
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4.9 · 10 REVIEWS
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Sacramento, Ca,
May 19, 2011,

I have used Gainscope.com for the free signals. I first found them on babypips.com forum. It was a guy posting "my forex prediction for today" So I started trading his predictions on a demo acct. and he wasnt always right but he was right more often then not and I was profitable. When he was right it was almost to the pip! Pretty cool.
Then I started trading his predictions on a live acct. I pretty much got the same results. Gainscope is ok in my book.
I put them in my favorites and before I trade I always check the predictions at gainscope.com and then decide what I want to do.
Birmingham, UK,
Feb 10, 2011,

I do not use this broker but I have worked in Finance markets out in the Far East. It has the reputation of being the worst legislated area in Financial Services particularly Indonesia.
The website is archaic and the reviews sound the same and from the same locality. Read other reviews there are definitly better services to be had.
Feisal Rahimtoola,
Aug 4, 2010,

I trust FPA fully and since they have given it a five star rating, there is no reason to suspect it.
Today I saw their predictions for the day and fell in love, so online I applied for a personal account!
I am trade advisor to several people. I am slightly familiar with people in the region and their vocabulary. I do not suspect the reviews to be fake! I find the spread a bit steep, however, for fast fill and honest closing this appears a small cost.
You can see I am a genuine person. You can check me out on google search. To get a more complete search on me, also check my name after inserting initial 'J' with my name. And you can contact me on gmail by inserting a dot between my two names. I have been in 'Futures' since 1981 and my online trade is thru associates. Ihave also taught Finance to MBA students at the country's number one public sector institution.
I hope to refresh (update) my opinion after a few months real experience with Gainscope.
Jun 16, 2010,

ganscope is my recommended broker, and they have good forex signals that i can't trade before looking their analysis first

i like their support, services and honesty. very good
SZ, China,
May 19, 2010,

I am satisfy with gainscope.
Accessing from china here is also very good.
Service is excellent, and I like their free forex predictions too
Mar 20, 2010,

I'm a gainscope user. nothing wrong with gainscope.

This broker is really awesome !
Dec 6, 2009,

I have never tried this so I can't review it. However, I noticed something about the previous reviews -- they all sound like the same person, and they all sound like adverts. Firstly, notice the bad English grammar in all of those reviews: "when we need a help", "order execution is also fast, and not a cheater", "and really satisfaction" (this one was repeated twice). Also, they all mostly talk about "us" and "we" and not "me" and "i". Finally, who the hell uses the phrase "a nice broker"? Well... two people did in these reviews.

Review Moderation Team Note: We do our best to screen for fake reviews, but no system is perfect. We do see what Adam means about those reviews. It is possible they were written by one person. It's also possible that these people either know each other or borrowed text from each other. We will keep a closer eye on reviews for this company.
Enrico De Los Santos,
Jun 14, 2009,

This website is really good. I observe their analysis, and their analysis is more precise and specific. I certainly believe that the other websites cannot compare with their services in giving right and free information without cheating. I believe that this company has far more to go if they continue what they are doing now.
Linda Lim,
Jun 11, 2009,

Gainscope is a very nice broker. they offer a free signal service too for us.
the deposit and withdrawal also don't have any problem.
I have traded in gainscope for about 1 year, and satisfy.

order execution is also fast, and not a cheater
May 5, 2009,

Very good broker with great forex analysis features.
My account is recovered because of their services

I'm recommend Gainscope