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4.632 • 19 REVIEWS
Updated: Mar 13, 2023
What is PipClub?

PipClub is a forex training company founded by Steve Gregor that offers trading courses to help traders learn how to trade forex.

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4.632 • 19 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

Newcastle, Australia,
Oct 4, 2019,
Registered user

Years later, still killing it.

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Started with Steve in 2011, when we had Multiwave. Fast forward to now, MW has evolved into TAB29. Amazing "system" if you are willing to be dedicated to persistent learning and growth. Encompassing huge amounts of recorded modules, on a variety of topics, including a big focus on personal development. Will change your life, if you want it to!
Florida, USA,
Jan 16, 2019,

Best FX Coaching

Simply the BEST FX Coach by far. No BS just sniper FX skills. The new paradigm trading IS the way to go. He is Brilliant-Redd618
Nov 9, 2017,

Best Forex coaching hands-down! Steve Gregor has put together an incredible trading system. No shortcuts here, so not for whiners lol. You have to be willing to put in the work to become a master trader, but it is so worth it :)
Burlington, Canada,
Feb 15, 2014,

Steve Gregor is a scammer. He took US$400 from me. PayPal transaction number #9K235115RN402033G (sent to his email: gregorsj@aol.com). No service provided! Steve can please give me my money back NOW!
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Iowa, USA,
Oct 4, 2013,

I have been a member of PipClub since 2010 and can honestly say it is the best forex training/trading/mentoring/education available today. If after applying the principles taught and you don't have success, all you need to do is look in the mirror for the reason why. It takes time and diligence, but so worth it!!
Ben Penn
Jun 29, 2011,

The FX BOOGIEMAN is dead...

I know that many of you have flirted with the idea of trading currency and one of your constituents looked at you and said, “don’t do it, you could lose all of your money.” Then they proceeded to tell the horror story. I can’t at all blame them, Forex is ripping people to shreds; but you do have the well trained that are making good money at FX trading. Most people only hear of all the money that can be made and jump right in, only to be eaten alive. The key to a successful FX trader is their teacher and training. You may know one of the masters, or go to one of the masters or even hang out with one of the masters, but if they never intend to make you a master your training is inferior and useless in a real trading environment. Free training and FX video’s are everywhere. The problem with that is you have fragmented lessons and loose ends everywhere. You can’t seem to make the connection; by the time you go to the next video what you just saw begins to fade and you find yourself very frustrated. [Trading] Program after program you still do not get the results you want. You find yourself constantly digging into your pockets until you just give up on the idea, and some easily spend 10k to 50k and more on useless training and or bells & whistle before they even know it. If you have someone that never intended to show you the ropes and they only see you as a $$$ sign, good luck, you’ll be scratching your head trying to figure it all out. Successful trading without the right mentor is possible; it can be done, and you can do it but you will spend countless hours and years at your computer to accomplish the task. Fragmented programs are no good for training or learning how to trade. I’d rather someone just tell me it’s going to cost x, y or z for the complete understanding than string me along for the money with a never ending chapter of chapters that merely add to the confusion, and never teach me how to trade.

Give me a complete and non-fragmented program that teaches me how to trade. Some say that it is impossible to do that… but Mr. Ben Zion (fxmastersclub@gmail.com) says that it can be done, and that he’s been doing it successfully with everyday people, like me. V.P. of Operations @ Continental Business Strategies, a FX consulting company; the “Professor,” as he is called by his members/student is a master teacher of FX trading. He’s empowering people everyday to be masters of trading themselves. His approach, presentation, and technique make learning how to trade seem so simple, but yet, his process is very effective. This concept is built on the ability to read the chart you trade from; and I was impressed to see the number of new members that actually understood the process. I met several members that had no prior experience with any type of trading, but well within their 90 day program they could articulate what they saw on a chart and execute several perfect trades. Ben(“Professor”) told me that the success of his program is due to eliminating all of the useless jargon because everyday people don’t understand it and it’s confusing to remember. He terms his process as, “Trading Simplified: From Theory to Application - Driven by Results.” He has a 6 step outline (The Blue Print to trading) that is easy to remember and follow. A program that does not feed off of repeat members, with no part 2 or 3; he said, “After Trading Simplified you won’t need to take another course.” He also offers, at no cost, a lifetime membership to those members who qualify. When I first saw a chart it was intimidating and confusing to behold; but after applying the 6 step process it immediately became clearer to me. I was fascinated by how easy it was to understand, and intrigued by how quick I was trading and pulled into the world of FX trading.

My fears of trading are over and the FX Boogieman is dead. All the horror stories don’t catch my attention anymore. I know why people fail at trading, because someone was more concerned with how deep their pocket were than showing them how to trade. Hey, if they showed you the first go around they couldn’t sell you the rest of the set pt. 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. I like the complete package to trading idea; it’s reasonable, and I spend less time scratching my head and more time plotting my next trade. The next training you take should be from a complete package program; beware of these programs that have many parts at escalating prices, ¾ of your time and money will be spent on, “Useless jargon.” The FX market is still the most lucrative market to trade. If you find a master teacher at a reasonable rate, you could see yourself being very successful at trading; and the next time someone tries to frighten you out of trading tell them, “The FX Boogieman is dead.”
Nov 5, 2010,

I have traded the stock market and dabbled in options for several years. I never thought that I would be able to understand the Forex, so pushed this arena of trade from my radar until this summer when some friends introduced me to PipClub. I was amazed. For the first time I began to understand why price moved the way it did. I was taught why I should take a trade and how to manage that trade with very little risk once I was in. I learned from a combination of online all day classes, Online coaching rooms (seven sessions per week) and practice, practice, practice in my demo account. Coaches Steve and Bryan are so generous with their time and knowlege and are not satisfied until I understand the answers to my questions. I have rarely had the experience of being taught by such dedicated teachers who are already wildly successful traders in their own right and who will do all they can to make sure that I am just as successful! The technology involved in this system is awesome and continues to evolve as we become more acquainted with it.
But that's not all--technical teaching is combined with encouragement and instruction in emotional growth and development of the inner person, with the ultimate goal being not only a successful trader, but a successful human being.
Champaign, IL,
Oct 28, 2010,

Prior to Pip Club I had studied the Forex on a serious level for about 10 months. I don't have any stories of great loss or blown up accounts. I lost a little more than I made, I was very cautious in my approach. I can tell you that up to the point I joined Pip Club I was very frustrated. My frustration was not with the systems or strategies I was learning but with myself. I was led to believe that if I could not accept the large stop losses I would never make it as a trader, they were right. As a matter of fact they were dead on the bulls eye, under the old paradigm I was mentally broke before I ever got started. The good news is Steve did not develop Pip Club to fit the old paradigm.

If you are willing to put aside what you have learned about the Forex market and approach Pip Club with an open mind you will be amazed. Don't get me wrong I'm not talking about being a zombie, but to be truly willing to open your mind up to a different approach. Now if you have trouble doing that I have to ask why? If you were enjoying success with your current system you would not be looking for a new system. I'm not trying to sound harsh, but seriously, why would you not be open to a fresh approach when you are not getting the results you expect from how you currently trade?

Pip Club will require work on your part. Be completely honest with yourself, if the Forex were as easy as the EA marketers would lead you to believe you would not be reading this review. If you are like me, you are reading this review because you are looking for something that works, is flexible to your life style, and can be used long term. You have read about Pip Clubs small stop losses and pinpoint entry. I can report that it's true but there is so much more. Learning to trade the ShredderFX system is just the tip of the iceberg from my perspective. You will learn a lot about yourself and life in general. I know most folks that are looking at the Forex would say at this point Just give me the system and leave the rest up to me. It's all about learning in balance and this is one of the many areas Steve and Bryan bring a lot to the table. They live and breathe ShredderFX. They know what it takes to effectively teach and execute the system. The level of commitment and knowledge that Steve and Bryan bring to the training sessions is of the highest caliber and rare in the world we live in today.

I don't think it is realistic to say any system can remove the emotion from trading, by nature it's an emotional activity. Pip Club is as close to emotion free trading that I have seen. They will provide you with the skills and knowledge to confidently manage your trading company with non-emotional entries and exits. If you don't believe you are the CEO of your new start up trading company well Steve will clear that up for you once you join.

It reminds me so much of the movie The Matrix. You are being offered the choice of taking the blue pill and continue the search for the next Best Ever EA living in a trading world of false hopes and boogie man brokers or take the red pill and learn how price really moves.

This is the most complete system to my knowledge that is on the market. I'm a very strong believer in Trust, but Verify and so far I am simply amazed and honored to be a part of this great group.

I'm glad I chose red.
Dec 2, 2009,

I've been a member of PipClub since close to its beginning. Prior to this, I was with a number of companies that provided more than adequate forex training in addition to offering various sound trading strategies. However, it's my belief that if I hadn't crossed paths with Steve Gregor, I may very well have been one of those "reported" 95% of forex traders who eventually leave this industry without attaining success and I see by the many other posts here that I may not be alone in this belief.

The wisdom of Steve's approach to teaching is unlike what I've experienced prior to arriving here. The PipClub full-day interactive classes which are supplemented by daily coaching sessions have proven to be an effective teaching method. I'm sure there are other groups that use this teaching concept, but the way Steve has personalized his approach is truly innovative, just as his shredder trading system is. No doubt about it, there's work and discipline involved, but if a PipClub member follows the guidance provided in the courses and coaching sessions, I don't see how they can help but become a successful forex trader.

As I mentioned above, B.S. (before Steve) I felt that forex trading would be one of the few truly promising pursuits that I wouldn't accomplish in my lifetime. This changed when I joined PipClub. As remarkable as this "Shredder" technique is, even more remarkable is the time Steve invests in supporting PipClub members like myself. In addition, we now have Bryan to help the membership develop their trading skills. Like Steve, Bryan has proven to be fully devoted to helping our members achieve success as forex traders...thanks Bryan!

It's also important to note that the extensive time that Steve devotes in his coaching sessions to topics such as self-development and money management is in itself well worth the membership dues. I believe this is the missing link to forex success that is often only touched upon by other forex training programs. It's this aspect of our PipClub training that has made such a difference in my approach to trading the forex truly priceless!
Kent Zeigler
Nov 30, 2009,

I joined Pip Club 4 months ago. I have been trading for about 4 years and have experienced the ups and downs common to most traders and trading systems. Having worked with multiple individuals, companies and trading systems with great frustration, I have been truly amazed at both the credibility of the system Pip Club offers, as well as the intense dedication of the management.
Pip Club is far and away the best opportunity I have encountered in the Forex market.
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