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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.206 · 15 REVIEWS
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Managed-Forex-Accounts.com (Managed-Currency-Accounts.com, Forex-Investors.info, Mark Shafer)

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2.206 · 15 REVIEWS
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Jun 30, 2011,

These guys also known as:

Keep away.
Holds on to losers until your account is wiped out. My account wiped in three weeks. Record.
My commnents on this site are very negative.
Don't put you money in risk!
Jun 18, 2009,

I have had managed accounts with managed-forex-accounts for a year now and traded with various of the managed traders he recommended. Most have not performed as I would have hoped, however, 1 trader has performed very well and has provided me with 10% average returns per month net for the last 8 months. I have consolidated all my funds to this single trader and cannot fault the personal service from J Bappert.
Jun 6, 2008,

Please read my review under "managed-currency-accounts.com" which apparently is run by the same sleazy organisation as are several other web sites all designed to pull in as many suckers as possible
Feb 13, 2008,

not a scam, technically... but piss poor trading... they don't take your money, they just lose it through bad trading methods.

bappert is trying his best, i suppose, to find traders that perform and that ain't easy... at least he does post the bad results in his website, even if a little late...

the whole business of managed accounts, and forex in general, is very suspect for that matter. why would a good/great trader do this for others? why wouldn't he get $10K, 20K, etc. on his own and make himself the fabulous returns they advertise? think about it! if a guy doing this can't raise a little capiltal, i'd wonder. so, why else, helping people? come on!

alex blum, if that's the real trader's name", is not a good trader... losing 97% of someone's account pretty much forfeits your right to do this for a professionally. he lost 80% in december, then he decides to go on a tear and "make it up" quicklike, and the result, you guessed it, total wipe out, because this is gambling not trading! he gets into a trade with a strong conviction (wrong), and waits for it to meet his expectation (wrng), regardless of drawdawn. his theory, "it will turn around eventually". that may work for while, and it most cases in a ranging market, but sooner or late it will kill you. it's not a sound strategy...
Feb 7, 2008,

Well, I just had to prove to myself that for once I could touch something without it turning to s***...HAH, I should've been a psychic.

Just as stated below in the review below this one, after almost 2 years of supposed good results, the moment I got joined these programs they all went straight to hell.

My fault, I know. Was hoping to make small amounts because of full-time job, and I can't trade myself very often. Well, I'll be working over a year to make up the $15,000 they managed to lose for me in approx one month. What BS.

Falcon - complete i**** (Josh Nyland) - luckily I got in near the end of that fiasco and only lost 65% of my account instead of 100% like so many others. $ 6500.00 pissed out the window.

Zurich-1 - a real a** (Alex Blum) - had no problem receiving signup documents but would not reply to one single email after the fact. Holds on to losers until your account is wiped out. I saw several trades that were up $300 - $500 let run until they were losing $2000 - $4000 instead. 82% of account gone (35% in December 2007, the rest in January 2008), another $8200.00 pissed away in a month.

Then Mark Shafer tells me that Alex Blum had put my money in an agressive account January to make up the December loss, and that's why I lost even more in January!! I never authorized any such action, didn't even know it.

I couldn't have lost money this quickly if I sat blindfolded and threw darts at the buy/sell buttons on the computer screen.

I guess I must be the real idiot here for even thinking to trust someone with my money...oh, but I forgot...I touched it. Sorry investors.

Don't believe me? Well I touched FastBrokers FX too. Now I have over $2000 sitting there that will probably never get back to me because of NFA freeze and crooked earthlings, trash, trash, more trash, etc, etc.

ALL YOU PRICKS OWE ME MONEY. And don't be too sure that I won't get it back. You really think you're too good to even acknowledge your clients? Bastards


Anyone considering this service, DON'T TAKE THE RISK. Slowly learn to trade yourself if you must, if you can find some way to do it without scammers, dishonest brokers, the government. Due your own due diligence.
Jan 29, 2008,

My commnents on this site are very negative. I had two accounts with Bappert, one with Vass Investement. The final result -50%. One day those guys stopped trading without any notice or explanation. They really had stupid and losing positions for a very long period of time, floating losses awating I do not know what. One day Bappert says the will not go any more. I still have one account with another "Bappert`s wonderfult trader". Exactly the same situation. Losing opened positions for long time awating what? Bappert is not a trader, I doubt he does know anything about the forex market. He puts nice words and faked and unaudited perfomrance figures of traders who lose money all the time. This guy must be in jail for fraud. Please avoid this site as it is a completely waste of time and money. Really a SCAM
Nearly burned twice from his recommended funds,
Jan 25, 2008,

Despite sending several e-mail messages to the site owner telling him that his managed fund performance information is false, deceptive, and misleading, he won't update it. I lost over 85% of my initial account deposit in Zurich-1 in only 35 days of trading. Yet, you won't see that kind of performance prominently mentioned anywhere on this web site. I would stay far away from any of his recommendations:

(1) Falcon: lost 99% in one months (thankfully, I pulled out of that one before it even started trading in my account)

(2) Zurich-1: actual performance is much, much worse than advertised on the web site. A profit for January? How about a 75% loss in January on the heels of a 39.2% loss in December, for a total account less of 85%. You won't find those details on this site.
Jan 6, 2008,

This is not a review, but there are other sites that are related to the same owners:
Dec 31, 2007,

I have been with them now for around 6 months.
Bulltrading seemed ok, but then occurred a huge floating loss. (account balance +120%, equity -25%) People wanted him go get rid of this floating loss, so he did. Now balance....
-20%, and equity -40%. IAW he sucks. Another account the.. admiral fund..45% drawdown in 2 weeks, another 35% DD, another 90% DD. He had other accounts on his website, but once they performe badly they dissapear. I really thougth this guy bupert was/is trying to do the right thing, but I will definately NOT recommend these guys, unless you want to lose money
Sergio Rocha,
Dec 11, 2007,

Dear fellow hardworkers.
Need to comment on “FALCON” this is otherwise know on fmalp.com also known as Josh Nyland (apparently mentor of Aden Rusfeldt who also has some nice comments on bastards page) you can see comments on trading style in related page in forexbastards. But to Make a long story short:
Take ~1% profit gains on Eur/GBP strategy.
Uses huge leverage
Do not ever close out a trade unless it makes profit.
This means any day he could blow out your account !
Of course Jurgen doesn’t bother with such minor details (fmalp pays great fees!)……
Probably when he blows out everyone’s account (next month, next year who knows) he will be removed from the list as others have been.

2007-10-19 Scam Closing out bull traders. I asked Jurgen if they keep large losing open positions (which they do not acct for in the books) before opening acct. He assured me this is very rare. Now for months Oscar has 40-50% floating loss relative to equity, exactly as some friends told me he would. This is how traders get into trouble. So to summarize:
Bappert does not give accurate information.
Does not use correct accounting to show great numbers (open positions, no fees, no compounding ).
No assurances on traders as it's a merry go round there, every month there are new ones that disappear.
Stay away !!!
By the way be aware of "FALCON" listed as having no losing trades. I have him trading at PFG, he is ok, but current open loss is 20-25% giving back most gains for the year...

2007-10-15 SCAM I invested in several of the traders that Bapper lists:
one blew out the account
one is down 35%
others are around zero gains
to me this guy does not do any real selection on the traders and I am not sure what his criterion (probably who pays best fees??) is but the results are really poor. His turnover rate is really high, every few months he has a whole new list of traders. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE.