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Updated: Jan 17, 2018
4.957 · 46 REVIEWS
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4.957 · 46 REVIEWS
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Reading, PA,
Oct 27, 2010,

I purchased Mr. Liu's E-Book "Trade the News" about 2 weeks ago. This is an excellent source of information. If you want to spend less time in front of your PC watching the market, this is the way to go. This book will take someone with any trading experience and educate them on how to trade news events. This alone will save you many hours of time spent in front of your PC because you will only trade the Fundamental News Events that make the market move. There are also some general trading tips that alone are worth the cost of the book and will help pay for itself in less than 1 months trading, or more if you are a more active trader. Along with the book you get 1 free month of Henry's Weekly Outlook Reports. These inform you of trends for the coming week and where it is best to trade, and where to stay out. This cost $49 a month after the free trial and I will be subscribing. Just one tip can give you 100+ pips depending on the trade. I can't say enough good about this. The E-Book is delivered as a download. I recommend you do what I did, in order to not use a lot of ink from your printer. Burn the file to a CD/DVD or Thumbdrive and then take it to your local Office Superstore and have them print it, double-sided and punch it for a 3 ring binder. It cost approximately $10 to have it printed in B&W. There are some color charts I want in color that I will re-print myself. To print the complete book in color would have cost close to $45. Save yourself lost time and lost pips, buy this book ASAP. Dave
H Gandhi,
Jul 6, 2010,

I Got his mentorship program and his CDs, the following is my impression of the same:

1) Ebook: truely amazing, a good read.
2) Currency meter: nice piece of software and it's free
3) DVD set: Contains lots of information, however I found it gets too boring.
4) Live Trading room: I recommend that you use it as a learning tool, and not as a signal service, IMHO he calls his trades well, however is a bit afraid to get out of the trade at a loss.

All in all the service is good for somebody who is new to forex News trading.
Dec 28, 2008,

First of all,i want to say that his Ebook is a must read for all the Forex traders.I've bought a number of courses in the past and also have become a member of a 5 Star rated mentoring course but it was more than 200 pages and full of technical analysis.
That's why,before buying Henry's ebook,i asked him 2 questions.1st was about technical analysis and 2nd was about news trading..He gently responded that he doesn't use Technical analysis and as far as news trading is concerned,he suggested me that i would be highly befitted even if i don't have time to trade the news.
Then i bought his book and i was so much happy that i understood each and every word without any problem..it was Detailed but v.easy to understand and most important is that it was 'updated'(not written in 2005 or 06 as other courses).

Since then i was getting Henry's daily alerts and i think they have been better than any specialized signal service.
As i m not a full time trader,i couldn't apply his all the trading alerts but every day,i don't forget to check their results.
He is really a great trader and that's why i have already paid him for one more month of daily alerts and weekly outlook..And if u wanna try then don't forget to read his book about Fundamental News Trading and then i m sure that u'll get ur money back in just the 1 trade bcoz his most of the trades r with TP of more than 100 PIPS.

Happy Trading.
Dec 22, 2008,

The News Profiteer daily forecast provides the most insightful and articulate explanation of the daily forex market that even a caveman can make money in the forex market. I must admit that I traded the forex like a caveman. I focused upon the technicals, drew charts, plotted my entry and exit points and trend traded the sentiments of the market and I still lost money. After reading about the News Profiteer and learning how to interpet and implement news that WILL affect the world economically, I learned that technical analysis (while important) can't trump the reality of economic news. The News Profiteer provides detail insight as to how the news (positive or negative) can affect the sentiment of the economic market. Being able to implement the News Profiteer daily information has taken my forex trading from being a ho hum, oh my adventure into the forex market to one of understanding the technical values of "News" and "Economic News". I rate the News Profiteer "Superior" and highly encourage anyone to investigate what I have written and you too will agree that the NewsProfiteer.com is a must have tool for trading the forex market.
Sterling Suhr,
Dec 22, 2008,

Ive been trading live with Mr.X for a while and he recommends Henry's book so I bought it. This is a must have guys, it really breaks down there methods in a easy to understand way. I highly recommend this Ebook. This is the same method X uses and all you have to do is look at the FxNewsWiz.com reviews to see its no BS. Also his weekly outlooks are very indepth....its like he has a six sense. Great job Henry, keep up the good work its greatly appreciated by me and many others im sure!
Russell Magarity,
Wyoming USA,
Dec 22, 2008,

Henry deserves the highest accolades for his FX service and the Weekly Outlook in particular. We are professional money managers ourselves, and before we found Henry, were almost exclusively technical traders. now we are being converted because of our success marrying his fundamental analysis to our learning engine. Henry is good, and the monthly service cost is well covered by one trade. If you are looking for someone that is right most of the time, and who understands the FX market, this should be your home It takes a lot of work to turn out a quality product and do it daily. Thank you Henry.
Joe K.,
Vancouver, Canada,
Dec 19, 2008,

SGT Palmer,
Perth Australia,
Dec 19, 2008,

Hi everyone, I have been trading forex for some years and tried numerous technical and fundamental indicators but by far Henry Liu's weekly profiteer outlook is the most powerful review of the week 'ahead' that any forex trader can have. Henry writes in a simple and forthright manner that is easy to follow his conclusions are accurate and work over and over. Well done Henry keep up the great work your weekly reviews are the best.
Thank you
Christopher Russell,
New Zealand,
Dec 19, 2008,

Having read Felix's review I decided to try Henry's newsletter. I found it to be good. That was early October this year, previously having joined the Forex Peace Army in August. At the beginning of November, I took advantage of an offer Henry sent me to buy his e-book and join his new Trade Room with Mr.X. Having read the e-book I decided to ignore certain parts of it and trade with a real account, having practised with a demo for only 3 months. Henry says not to start with insufficient capital, but I have done and on November 21, I decided to start with only USD500. My realized profit last night, December 19, was USD703.56. After only four weeks with Henry's program I have exceeded all my expectations. Don't get me wrong, I have not profited on every trade. For some trades I ignored the rules and lost. Others I went against what I was told and lost again. If you just do as you are instructed and study the reasons, read the Weekly Outlook and participate in the Trade Room you will succeed. I am looking forward to 2009 with Henry and his methods. He's really made my Christmas. Thank you Henry and Mr X.
Tim Challenor,
London, UK,
Dec 17, 2008,

I've been reading Henry's daily email for about 6 months. I find it to be invaluable. Henry is almost always on the money. His foresight as good as my hindsight - 20/20, which is why I bought his book on news trading, and subscribe to his newsprofiteer service. Thank you and Merry Christmas Henry!