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Out of business
Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Company claims to have been in operation since 2005, but the website was first registered in 2007.

WARNING: Like many HYIPS that pretend to be trading forex, it looks like this one has closed down and taken people's money. The FPA has received multiple scam complaints against this company

2008-12-16 Update: The Scam complaints against TradeLite are confirmed.

Website is down.  This HYIP company is likely scamming from many more websites.  Do not place money with HYIPS.
1.364 • 5 REVIEWS

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Raushan Kumar
India, India,
Apr 24, 2020,
Registered user

Scam related

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Tradelite24 is biggest fraud company in today's time, they approach the people and tell to invest them .and when company got the they block the user in all area .so don't invest in these type of company
ann brown
Apr 15, 2009,

I find the results you achive on demo are not the same when you go live are they really a ECN broker? also EAs seem to work on Demo account really will, but once you go live they seem to don' work wired indeed.
Jan 11, 2009,

All, today I received an email from a new "supposed Forex Account Manager" named, and guess what? It has almost the same texts as Tradelite. In fact, the customer testimonials are exactly the same that Tradelite!!!, they only changed the noame Tradelite for LR Offshore, except one that stills says "Tradelite". Therefore, they must be the same scammers with a new site and with our money. I do not know if there is any way to go for them, however, please do not put your money on this on.

Review Moderation Team Note: One of FPA's Scam Investigators checked the LR Offshore website. It contained a testimonial for Trade Lite, and all testimonials were dated before the website was ever registered. Based on this, the FPA has labeled to also be a scam.

The FPA thanks Joseajm for catching these scammers trying to operate under a new name.
New York,
Dec 24, 2008,

I invested with Tradelite mid November with 2 accounts, 12/27 should have been been my 30 days but instead I am now like you all wondering why? I believe we all have lost, some little and some a lot, I lost 8G and I am not rich I work hard for a living. One great thing I have is a lot of faith and I never cheat anyone all I ever do is try to help others. The people responsible for doing this will pay, maybe not to us directly, its only a matter of time before they have to answer to someone. Look at Bernard Madoff, this is a lesson to learn and I hope we all will stay away from these investment ponzis, because the banks and even Wall Street is a all a big but organized ponzi, and when the economy gets bad these ponzis are more popular. I e-mailed StrictPay and also SwapGold who I wired my money through and they both responded and claim no responsibility whatsoever.
David Chambers
Tallahassee, Florida, USA,
Dec 16, 2008,

A connection has been made with DetraPlus and TradElite, and after the findings were made public, DextraPlus is magically "gone".

The same people behind Tradelite run NOVALEX FINANCE as well. All related information pertaining to this is in the My Cash Forum.

The most incriminating evidence is this:

Do a web search for Novalex and you will see they have/had same/similar address [and this information will be found in earlier posts within ASA, although I couldn't find concrete evidence then] as TL.
angela villanueva
Dec 8, 2008,

A few days after disappeared, Panamamoney was on its same site. I had the chance to talk in line and I mentioned about TO ME. they were the same. The telephone was almost the same but one number changed. and address the same also. I mentioned the online clerk and gave all the information to contact this tradelite scammers. they said were not the same people. I booked the site, my favorite places but now it doesn
Dec 8, 2008,

Ive invested in Tradelite less then 1 week before they closed. They reassured me that everything was safe to invest with them. They gave me no sign that they were on there way out. I lost big money with them, even after doing my own DD by contacting other investors by phone. This was the biggest scam going.
Dec 7, 2008,

At first im register.. they look like clearly legal company and had friendly platform and look like so profesional. Invesment clearly they explained where money to go. F.A.Q almost compeletes and all like answering my questions. the last thing they updated is changer balance. that sign the company growth.. but until now i dont even get information about the company whats going on (ex: tradelite send email to client) i dunno they dissaper or really down.

The information as i know when i register :



Tradelite Finance Corp. Martin Mitchell (
Century Plaza Office Tower Office Nr.7, 20th floor
Panama City Panama,001 PA
Tel. +507.2021589 Fax. +507.9963177

Administrative Contact:
Tradelite Finance Corp. Martin Mitchell (
Century Plaza Office Tower Office Nr.7, 20th floor Panama City Panama,001 PA
Tel. +507.2021589 Fax. +507.9963177

Technical Contact:
Tradelite Finance Corp. Martin Mitchell ( Century Plaza Office Tower
Office Nr.7, 20th floor Panama City Panama,001 PA
Tel. +507.2021589 Fax. +507.9963177
Dec 7, 2008,

Issue escalated to Traders Court FPA Scam Confirmation against HYIP. | GUILTY
I think we may have a job tracking them down however Srrict Pay has frozen their remaining assets and returning it to investors equally, Not much money but a start, We need people who funded through other services such as LR egold to complain to them,so we can do the same here. Take their remaining assets away and they are broke mf
Dec 6, 2008,

We need all the information about and joins us to find the manager or owners all around the world.
Do not let them take our money so I sugest to collect all the information and do some legally.