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Updated: Dec 5, 2023

What is Forex4Noobs?

Forex4Noobs is a forex training company that provides forex trading courses and ebooks to help traders learn how to trade forex.

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4.294 • 36 REVIEWS

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Sicily, Italy,
Apr 23, 2022,
Registered user

I do not recommend

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I joined forex4noobs almost three years ago, been active for about a year, then I left and came back a bit later. I wouldn't call it a scam per se, it's just not a service I would recommend to anyone for several reasons.

1. If you're paying for the course, there's no point. The technical portion is a 2 hour course on incredibly basic support and resistance trading. Nick tried to increase the perceived value of this course by adding more "setups", but most of these extra setups are simply a variation of the basic setup.

2. If you're paying for Nick's trade idea, I also see little value in it. Now he straight up stopped doing that and handed over this activity to two members of the community he says are profitable. I mean, okay? I guess I'll take your word for it? At least they could show a track record or something.

3. The most important reason of all: there is barely anyone profitable in the community, despite it being one of the oldest. Back when the forum was still up, I would go back and check where old users went and it was always the same story: they tried, shared a few trades, then they dissapeared. The few very active users also haven't reached profitability despite trying for years, justifying to the chant of "you just gotta keep trying until you get it". Dude give me a break ok? There are dozens of communities out there where a large portion of users becomes profitable after a few months to a year tops. It is unacceptable for someone to put in 3 years of effort in a strategy and still end up in the red. If that happens to the overwhelming majority of people that try it, the issue is most likely with the strategy.

4. Finally, Nick himself. He's a good guy I am sure, I just don't feel confident in his trading abilities at least when it comes to forex. I once tried to piece together his hypothetical equity curve by going through the trades he shared on the forum as standalone threads, and I ended up with a net losing equity. Other forum users tried to do the same and reached similar conclusions. Now, he does not open a thread for all the trades he takes, so I am sure my analysis is not conclusive. However, you must agree that it seems very unlikely that all of the winning trades just so happen to be the ones he didn't share in a thread.
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Germany, Germany,
Nov 27, 2020,
Registered user

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Nick is a good teacher, the service is very valuable and Nick puts good amount of effort in further developing the course. He's always active in his forum, posts his trades and shares a lot of time with tips and tricks with his subscribers.
Cesenatico, Italy,
Oct 14, 2020,
Registered user

Amazing trading teaching

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
If you are passionate about trading and want to earn extra money and why not be a full time trader you are definitely in the right place! The teaching is exceptional, a simple system supported by many factors, the live analysis are exceptional and you learn a lot, only that all the price of the course would be worth, which is very low for how much material we have available and for how much we can learn thanks to Nick . The forum is an incredible tool, every day many traders exchange comments and Nick himself is constantly present to give advice and a lot of valuable information given by a real trader who lives that way, in addition to his market entries. So guys, make the right choice and become a member of this fantastic portal. See you inside;)
Mission Viejo, CA, USA,
Sep 11, 2018,

Forex 4 noobs is a great site for all levels of trading

I have been a member since 2013 and I have a great experience with 4x4N. Nick is a great teacher and is very active in the website, webinars and emails. He has daily analysis and comments on everyone's posts as often as possible. Very logical approach to the market and have only good things to say about this membership.
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United Kingdom,
Sep 1, 2016,
Registered user

top trader that actually makes money in the markets.

I have been through loads of forex courses and have found few people (two included Nick) that actually really trade and make money in the markets.

Most of the people make a living selling their courses because they are unable to make money on the markets,this is reality.

They never call or show live trades,they always show old strange?!

Nick actually shows his live trades and most of the stuff on his website is free.

This proves he's a professional and serious trader that makes money in the markets,this is the most important thing to look in a forex teacher/mentor!

Alghero, Italy,
Apr 18, 2016,

Nick is the best forex teacher I've ever had. I bought his course in 2011 and I still chat to Nick on Skype every week. Nick always spends his time to help me be a better trader. Since 2014 I am trading as my full time income thanks to Nick.
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Max Perkins
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 18, 2016,

This is what I have been looking for years to achieve, consistency in my trading. I was trading using fundamentals always with the understanding technical analysis were secondary. My trading was going the wrong way. I almost gave up. Then I discovered "Forex 4 Noobs". The trading course has completely changed my mindset. With two months under my belt I now have a lot clearer vision on how the jigsaw goes together. My trading has improved dramatically. I can't recommend Forex4Noobs enough to anyone who has the intention of making a living from trading. The course might seem expensive but what you can achieve with a bit of hard work will return this many times over.
Georgia, USA,
Dec 15, 2013,

I have not made a trade as of yet but, I will say this; I have been looking at Forex for sometime now and being completely green, I found all this extremely confusing. It was not until I found forex4noobs, that I finally began to understand things.

Nick put this stuff into plain, understandable English. He did not use words or industry lingo without first defining them. This was the problem I have been finding all over the net. People write and speak, assuming you already know what all the lingo means, but yet they say they are for the beginner. Bull Hockey!

Good job Nick. I now have the foundation I need to continue my education.
Genoa, Italy,
Aug 5, 2013,

This is one of the best site for learning Forex Price Action and it is free as a whole.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
May 23, 2012,

This is a repose to the review from KK.

I will not comment on your opinion of me KK. However, I will comment on your misinformation.

I have not lived in Sydney for well over 3 years. I do in fact live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The person below is not an imposter. He is a long term site member who lives in Glasgow. I helped him out with his trading because I have known him for years through

Feel free to share your opinion of me and my site but please get your facts straight.
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