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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.842 · 4 REVIEWS
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2.842 · 4 REVIEWS
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Donovan Lepth,
California, USA,
Mar 21, 2013,

Let me tell you something about getintoforex. if you check their main site you'll notice how things are well explained, they have a risk disclaimer, seals of trust and other elements that perfectly explain the business. Whatever negative comments people say about them is mere lies. He is even offering a 30 day account management trial for those worrying about is methods.

I'll say give it a try and see for yourself what really is.
Florida usa,
Jun 22, 2010,

Very bad money managers! do not deal with them! Blew up entire account in less than 2 months.
to admin: please email or PM me on forexpeacearmy (same memebr name) if proof needed - everything is documented, it is not a bashing post, just the truth.
Aug 8, 2006,

They offer their services unsolicited , they claim are making 30-150.000$/day and more, I quote "A swing trade is a trader who knows that there market is going to move up and down, and if he chooses the wrong direction, that's OK. Because he has enough money to ride it out until it becomes positive". This is one to remember. Oh and they claim to work with FCM. BTW how come they are so successful but fishing for clients by email? I wonder .....
Daphne Alabama USA,
Jul 18, 2006,

Tom and Matt Flora at getintoforex.com are both a couple of honest guys. My experience with them, they tell you how it is and will not take advantage of you even if you asked them to (a rarity these days). No sugar coating just the facts. I am surprised to see a review on here saying they posted fake reviews. If anyone faked a review on this site I would bet 50 pips it wasn't them.
Matthew Flora Vp of www.GetintoForex.com,
Jul 13, 2006,

We are in no way affiliated with CFG. Tom Flora used to work for them, until he realized their lies. He wanted no part of being involved with a company of such a reputation. We deal honestly, and we are in no way a scam. We are an honest brokerage, helping out anyone who wants help. Tom has been to 14 different classes, and cfg being one of them. His motto is "If you can learn just one thing that is of help to myself and those to whom I get the privilege of helping, then its worth it." This is why we have free tutorials. We are not in any way affiliated with cfg and will never be. So please remove the scam, because it is a lie, and probably put there by competition. We have our own office buildings, and we are disgusted by this low blow insult, because our reputation is built totally on trust and honesty. We go out of our way to help anyone and everyone, regardless of the brokerage they use to become successful traders! We have hundreds of hours making tutorials and other means to help out to lend a helping hand. And we will continue, no matter how many people want us to fail, because we want you to succeed! Our company motto is" our success is only due to your success!"