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Updated: Mar 27, 2018
1.758 · 77 REVIEWS
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December 2013 Update:

InvestTechFx busted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for forex scam!

CLICK HERE for more info.

InvestTech Fx Technologies Inc. appears on the FSA's Unauthorized Firms List.  Click here to verify.



InvestTechFx.com is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  We recomend against doing business with this company.

If you have an account with ITFX, we recommend withdrawing all of your funds immediately.  If InvestTech refuses to process your withdrawal or tries to lock you in for a long term committment, we recommend that you contact your bank and police to ask about how to file a complaint about internet-based financial fraud.  In addition to leaving a review, we recommend that you click here and post in this thread.

The FPA wishes to congratulate InvestTechFx for recieving the FPA's

2011 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Award

WARNING 1: The FPA has gotten too many reports of questionable requests and demands from InvestTechFx employees to clients being made over the phone.  The FPA now strongly recommends that all InvestTechFx clients having withdrawal issues only deal with the company by email and postal mail and never by phone.
WARNING 2:  The FPA has evidence that InvestTechFx is automatically extending those 1 year VIP commitments by another year for anyone who doesn't send in a 1 month advanced notice that they want to end the commitment.  This could lock your account from any withdrawals for another year.
WARNING 3: InvestTechFx has violated its promise posted in these reviews on 2010-04-07 to never again require that negative reviews and forums posts be removed prior to issuing refunds.  The FPA considers demands that reviews be removed before money owed to clients is paid be highly unethical.  We consider this direct breach of InvestTech's promise to be a serious violation of trust.  As of March 8th, 2011, no more negative reviews or forums posts will be removed under any circumstances unless clients confirm successful receipt of their money first.
February 2016:  InvestTechFx has fallen off the web.  One less SCAM broker to worry about.

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Court cases

  • Open0
  • Resolved1
  • Not guilty0
  • Guilty7
Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2011-0312011-03-24Alex Kenuk vs. InvestTechFx.comguilty
2011-0232011-03-05Ali Nadoom vs. InvestTechFx.comguilty
2011-0202011-03-01ArnieFX vs. InvestTechFx.comguilty
2011-0192011-02-28Robert Li vs. InvestTechFx.comguilty
2011-0172011-02-25Louis F vs. InvestTechFx.comguilty
2011-0122011-02-14Fabiano vs. InvestTechFx.comresolved
2011-0092011-02-05Monkata vs. InvestTechFx.comguilty
2011-0012011-01-28Gonzzo vs. InvestTechFx.comguilty


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1.758 · 77 REVIEWS
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Never mind,
United Kingdom,
Aug 9, 2016,

Website Gone.

Cannot get my money out, contacted them prior to closing down and they cannot be found on our british websites. Do they still operate, they say no and do not return emails. Website gone.
, Australia,
Oct 24, 2013,

not able to withdraw fund, this broker is scammed, once you call them or write to them able the withdraw, then no one answer
Alanya, Turkey,
Apr 8, 2013,

I opened a VIP account with ITFX in August of 2010 and I received a bonus from ITFX for doing so.
After trading for almost 2 years I requested a withdrawal in June 2012. The answer was that I had to wait until the end of the year because my money was committed.
After some discussion I accepted an additional bonus and waited till the end of 2012. On January 15 2013 I again sent in a withdrawal request, but excuses is all I received.
Numerous emails have been exchanged since but to this day I have not received a penny.
SINGAPORE, Singapore,
Feb 16, 2013,

Dear Investtech,

Waiting for so long since I had sent you all the documents as your requested, but I have not get any single cents from you. I felt very disappointed with you. I do not think you have the intensive to pay me the money. Please DO NOT break the promise any more.

2012-09-17 FPA Review Moderation Team Note: We are informed that payment is to be sent soon. We look forward to an update on this review.

2012-07-16 1 Star I have already sent out 4 emails since 1st Jul,2012 for withdraw my money out. but there is no reply at all.

2012-04-02 No rating I have received a call from investtechfx on 2012-04-03 from a lady manager, she has agreed to credit back all my account balance money US$10,686 in June this year 2012. I will wait untill July this year.

2012-04-02 1 Star Investtechfx still no sign of credit back my money. I did receive one call from them, they try to question me, I can feel they do not willing to pay...... otherwise why take so long to do so vs as said 72 hours on the www.investtechfx.com to credit the money.


Toronto, Canada,
Jan 2, 2013,

Those who r thinking of doing business with this broker are to be very careful or in my opinion stay away. sending them money is one way. Do not expect any return on ur money after that. Gone is Gone. Worst Cus service and the worst business practice. Nothing more then Cheaters.
, Canada,
Dec 12, 2012,

To now and in the past three months, I still have not received the money, send a lot of email are ignored, what should I do, my child is sick, need to use the money.
FPA Review Moderation Team Note: Andiew, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

2012-09-13 No Rating I was very angry, and the cheater company

I have two accounts, a month ago I send EMAIL, want to close my account,withdrow my money $900, of this, I also opened now played a lot of telephone sent a lot of EMAIL didn't reply

Michal Farský,
Central Europe, Czech Republic,
Oct 9, 2012,

wanted to make withdrawal of 800USD but no email answer and in calls only promises but nothing happened

2012-10-04 1 Star I have enough. Another phone, some Mr. told me he will write me an email about what is going on but nothing happened. I deposit more then withdraw so they have my money, not my profits.

2012-10-01 1 Star I already sent many emails about two months ago, already called 2x times but no money received even been told in couple of days about two weeks ago. ask only for 800usd, but i have more there my money.
fan li meng,
china, China,
Jun 7, 2012,

I ask to close the account and wrote a dozen of E-mail to Investtech but no reply.They should be punished and out of the forex market.I consider writing a email to department of justice Canada,if I haven’t get positive reply.

2012-05-30 1 Star At last year, I had promised Investtech to keep trading one year.One week ago, I sent sereval e-mail to ask closing my account and got my money back,but nothing happened.It is terrible that I can't withdraw my money when the procedure is so simple. They just don't want to do it.

2011-05-03 No Rating Update: I received payment $2000 from Investtechfx. The rest of the fund in my account is still there.I will keep watching and updating my situation.

2011-03-11 1 Star This company is a SCAM,I opened a account on 2010/10/04 with initial deposit $2000.On 2011/1/27, Their manager Axxx promised me to close my account and refunded my initial deposit $2000.Unitl now I haven't received payment from Investtechfx. I don't understand why FPA hasn't declared ITFX for a scammer yet.My account balance more than $2000. After making money with them, and taking out withdrawals.They have numerous excuse to deny your profits.I consider writing a email to department of justice canada if I haven't get positive reply.
Louis F,
Bp, Hungary,
May 31, 2012,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Louis F vs. InvestTechFx.com | GUILTY
Dear Traders

This company has not paid me anything for two years. Everyone beware and escape from the company. That this company does not respond the e-mails. Everybody invite all money back, while you can. I do not know when it will be the end of the Company.
Pleas, everybody search the new company.

2011-01-04 Zero Stars
Review: This is 2011, and I don't get back my money. This company promised "All the funds, P/L balance, will be available for total withdrawal by the end of the year, December 31st, 2010".
But nothing happened. This company a lier and scam. Beware this company, can't send back your money.

2010-12-09 1 star Sooner or later everybody will have problem with ITFX. They do not want to pay the money earned by the much work. Referring to different reasons.
I used my own developed EAs at them. My accounts are in a group of Scalping/EA. They are not willing to pay my earned money back referring to the paragraph 12 on their website. Very much of my money is held at them.
I opened an account in 2009 at them for what it was noticed now only that I use unrecognizable or unreadable EA codes.
This is a very strange and unusual behavior to me. I paid many commissions to them. The client is friend while he pays the money to them, as soon as he wants his money back he will be an enemy promptly. They say that they were for the clients and they helped in order for a profit to be realized. How is this? If you realize a profit, aren't you a good client already then?
The VIP account is the single big disadvantage and it doesn't entail any kind of VIP service. It is a VIP service at them that you don't get back your money until one year and there isn't really a fast server.
There isn't a VIP customer service. They talk to me as to a dog. They don't respect their clients.
This isn't a fair business behavior. There is one thing they can do well is taking away people's money. Everything is being promised and it isn't accomplished.
Clients live in hopes maybe the money will be sent back but this doesn't happen unfortunately. I've been waiting for my money since the end of August.

Let everybody be cautious about this firm, your money will be stolen.
Toronto, Canada,
May 6, 2012,

I wanted to open an account with them but wanted to ask few questions before this. Here is my online conversation with them:

Paul T.: Where is InvestTechFX located -coutry , city , address if possible ?
I could not find this on your website.

Welcome Paul T.! Your request has been directed to the Customer Service department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.

Call accepted by operator Support3. Currently in room: Support3, Paul T..

Support3: Toronto, Canada.

Paul T.: Is it a Canadian brokerage ?

Support3: Yes.

Paul T.: I have account with Questrade and I know where is located and I have visited them.
Paul T.: Can I visit InvestTechFX office?

Support3: Unfortunately no.

Paul T.: When I open account I need to know where my money are going. Don't you think so?

Support3: Yes.

Paul T.: OK. So why I can not visit the office, then?

Support3: If you don't feel comfortable, you can continue to trade with your current brokerage.
Support3: You can also try to find if any brokerage offer 0.5 pip fixed spread on 6 majors.

Paul T.: I do not want to argue with you. There are a lot of brokerages around the world with spread less then this. The reason I am contacting you is because you are doing business in Canada and you are located in Canada.
Paul T.: I need to know if my money are secure or not.

Support3 is now off-line and may not reply. Currently in room: Paul T..

They just hanged up. That's all.