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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
4.046 · 20 REVIEWS
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4.046 · 20 REVIEWS
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Jan 13, 2011,

I joined the service on Oct 2010 and it was running good with profits and there was a chat room to discuss with the signal providers. I renewed my subscription with them because I liked the results. But I was surprised the provider were changed with out a notice. They published the demo results for the new providers. The results are as following:
Mark Samuels: more than 40% in three months demo
Feras Jaara: more than 40% in three months demo

It is mentioned that these two are very experienced trader. Mark Samuels has more than 20 years of experience in trading. Feras has more than 12 years of experience.
So far my experience with them is so negative. They trade like newbies. My account went down 6.2% after closing thier trades. Feras Is still holding three crazy positions in EUR/USD with more than 10% down.
My advice for every one is to stay away till further review from me.
Dale Pinkert,
Nov 12, 2010,

To Update Peter U.K. regarding my trading style. Being positioned early for a USD rally was difficult. Not having my conviction lost about this inflection point wasn't easy either. Call me stubborn or persistent, but I now stand at a new equity high for the year up 11.3%

2010-10-09 05:32 No rating Peter is correct, it was not smart to average out and assume so much risk on one trade even though I was right the market wrong the trade.so his critique is well founded. What isn't mentioned is after being stopped out I was able to recomit to the short side the very same day a very difficult exercise for most including myself as usually most get to the sidelines filled with doubt, fear and licking their wounds..I have recovered 25% of that loss in 36 hours as he and all can see. Also, although this is a performance based business our members who spend time in our live room gain a great deal of trading knowlege they will have the rest of their trading lifetime which doesn't show up on my statements as well as bad trades they avoid because of our mentoring. Therefore I confess I am not always a machine, I am human, it was a bad trade and now my stats have suffered and I am only up 2% instead of 8%. How many out there would love to be up any percentage at all? I would guess based on industry averages 90 % who blow up and are hoping just to get even someday.
Peter UK,
Oct 1, 2010,

I would like to share my 'real time' experience which differed considerably to other comments posted here. OK first of all I am amazed that someone with Dale Pinkerts experience goes headlong against a strong trend risking 5-10% of accumulated profits to date in the process. Opening 4-5 positions trading with up to 150 pip stops per position on a Friday afternoon, and carrying them over the weekend didn't covey a very professional approach to me . As I write two of these positions have yet to be exited a week later, and the monthly statement for September still shows 500 plus pips profit; as opposed to just over 200 pips profit given the open trade losses which are never declared on the website. I am very suspicious of any provider which doesn't declare open trade losses for obvious reasons - they could be sitting on massive undeclared open losses. I was also surprised that Dale traded just after the FOMC which luckily worked out after Dale averaged down several times. I am not a fan of averaging down on open losing positions for obvious reasons - IF the market moves suddenly against you and continues to do so, the loss will be huge as opposed to one carefully thought out trade. I am also not a fan of multiple trades per day - one or two per day or even no trade days rather than 'always in the market' approach. My experience is that this approach always crashes in the end due to pressures on the trader and expectations to perform. Finally I am very reluctant to pay an advanced fee for very limited trading history ( 2 months for Dale which I find surprising for someone with his background and experience) whereby you end up paying whether the trader makes or loses money.
Perry ,
North Carolina,
Sep 23, 2010,

I've been a member of FSL for 5 months. Each morning, I look forward to the market overview provided by the head trader, Dale Pinkert. This helps me plan my trading for the day. Dale has 30+ years trading the markets. With his knowledge of dollar strength/weakness, I'm able to focus on my favorite dollar pairs for trading opportunities. Besides my own trading, I benefit from the high probability trade calls placed on my platform through a well designed trade copier. FSL is a great place to be educated and earn substantial money following the analysis of professional traders who are committed to the success of their members. Whether you are new to trading or an experienced trader, FSL is a service that delivers quality education and in depth market analysis. The high probability trade calls are a bonus in my opinion.
Tony Smart,
Windsor UK,
Sep 7, 2010,

I've been using FSL now for about a month now. I can say that its a great place to meeting and trade with guys with many more years experience than I have. They are receptive to trade ideas, Dale is a guy with over 30 years experience gives great entries and insight into where the market is heading. They also have a service if you are busy with day jobs that can duplicate their trades into your platform. The main traders are Dale, Mark, Roger and David. They all great and bring different trading styles the the room. Look forward to many more years with this room. Keep up the great service that you provide.


Tony Smart
Georgia, United States,
Aug 15, 2010,

I have been a member of Forex Signal Live for a little over 3 months now; the knowledge and experience from Dale, Roger and Mark was obviously apparent from the very start. Within the first week, I knew I had found what I had been looking for. If you want to learn to trade successfully, learn to evaluate / analyze price movements, be the master of your own trades AND have the time to participate in the trading room from 6:30 am ET till close --- then you may have found your gem among the Forex Trading Rooms.

Life can present obstacles when we are trading, and for me the "Duplicator" is a great plus with this Trading Room. You can rest assure Roger is placing trades on your account (through the Duplicator) monitoring and watching - even when you cannot be 100% present. Roger brings the confidence of a seasoned trader not wavering in what he feels is best for his members and his trades; a kind of confidence that airs discipline along with flexibility to meet varying market conditions. Being a relatively new Forex trader, this is not only refreshing but encouraging. Roger's ability to transfer his knowledge to his members is the best I have seen yet; it's not about theory or maybe's, it is well thought out, logical and carefully weighed against probabilities. This transfer of confidence and knowledge has been invaluable.

Then there is Dale, who seems to have a sixth-sense of the market's behavior - combining multiple variables from around the globe and the analysis between pairs (mirroring, strongest, weakest, etc.) can be mind boggling at best and then turns to fascination when everything starts to unfold. You are welcomed every day you enter the room with his voice. Dale has created an environment where it is safe to share, ask questions and a place if you stay long enough will become your trading family each day you enter the room. Dale calls his trades out in the room, where being the master of your own trades it is totally your decision to place the trade or not. You watch, as within seconds you can see his analysis start to unfold before your eyes and you ask yourself "How does he do that, or how did he know it was going to do that?" I have found this experience pleasantly surprising, because you read about how to do it but seeing it is something altogether different. Yep, we have trades that sometimes work against us but Dale helps us cut our losses at the first sign of trouble. Within a very short period of time, my confidence in both Dale and Roger's trades grew and as my confidence increased with them I found I had more confidence in my own trading --- and this newly found confidence has moved me from paper trading to live account trading - something NO other room/service has been able to do. For me I don't want to copy someone else I want the experience of trading, one that builds knowledge and confidence in my own trading.

I was surprised to read earlier reviews about this service and about Mark specifically, so I had to carefully weigh what was said compared to my own experiences and observations. My conclusion is that Mark being an exceptional Forex trader also possesses a high degree of technical skills. I, having an extensive technical background with British Telecom can relate to the technical thought process that one has to have to achieve the results and services provide here in this trading room. It is in this technical arena, that Mark strives to deliver an exceptional Duplicator, identifying improvement areas from his own testing and from the members of his groups [myself being one of them]. I saw him update the installation instructions with some of the specific area's that caused me problems/confusion; I've seen a new version of the Duplicator that included enhancements that gave us greater confidence in its ability to duplicator orders. And even now as we speak, Mark is working on the next version of the Duplicator that again will bring more opportunities to their members. Mark, does appear to take on more than he probably should, but in all fairness that is the mind of a technical person, and to-date I can say without doubt that his tasks are endless but all for the good of their members. Mark also has his own trading strategy and once again can and does share this strategy as well as help each of us understand it in a way that we can make it our own. Here in this group it is more about finding your own way through the sharing of knowledge and not about coping someone's trade.

And lastly, there are the members, all knowledgeable and successful in their own way. All having faced the "lost-pips" but at the same time looking to improve not only their own trading but to improve through the sharing of ideas and potential trades. It's what each individual does with the sharing that makes them successful and therefore makes the room successful. I personally owe thanks to many of the room members for their help with brokers, the Duplicator, trade ideas and things not to do. The room to-date has a variety of member traders, from the more seasoned trader looking to expand their knowledge to traders like me who have the "book" knowledge but limited success and new traders taking a peek into the Forex world.

In closing, my advice is to first know what you are looking for in a Trading Room [or at least know what you don't want]. Then and only then can you truly evaluate the services provided compared to what you specifically need/want. It is in this knowing you will finally settle into a place which is right for you. If you are looking for pips that come in a text-message, then it might be best to keep looking, because here, there are no "text-pips". But, if you are looking to "learn-to-trade" or "trade like a Pro"
Michael Lauwers,
Aug 7, 2010,

First i was subscribed to the room and afterwards i became i user of the duplicator because i didn't have enough time for attending the room on a daily basis. Overall i must say i am a satisfied customer. Dale is a very experienced trader who definitely knows what he is talking about and has a really relaxed attitude. Roger is another kind of person and trader with a good track record. The duplicator works perfect. I have been there from almost the beginning and like it goes with trading sometimes you win sometimes you lose. But at the end i made some decent cash with this service and most of all learned a lot. Good value for money! Keep it going guys...
El Salvador,
Aug 6, 2010,

I have been a member of Forexsignallive.com for five months and their performance has been better than expected. They are really committed to their members, looking for everyone to learn and at the same time get low risk trades with great results, I have learned a lot and improved my trading since I discovered Forexsignallive.com. I recommend everyone to take a look at this room.
Miami, FL,
Aug 6, 2010,

I've tried many forex signal providers and trading rooms but these guys are some of the best. Most trading rooms are overly serious with extended gaps of silence. However, these guys make trading enjoyable (especially Dale....who even bursts into song from time to time) and the room is extremely personable. They will answer your questions and you can bounce ideas off of them right there in the room. Results are overall pretty good, some days are great while others are not so great but that's just the nature of the beast. Slow and steady wins the race. Overall these guys are fantastic!!!
Dan Boylan,
Wichita, KS,
Aug 5, 2010,

I heard about FSL through my Broker and I joined based on his recommendation and phone conversations with Dale. It has been nearly a month now and I have to say it has been a very positive and worthwhile experience. The live trade room, which is moderated by Dale, has produced several short term, high probability and low risk trades each day. Since joining I have had only 1 losing day (very small loss), and I trade every day. Dales experience in trading really shows and he does a great job of explaining his reasons for entering (or not entering) trades. This room is suitable for newbies and veteran traders. You will learn something every day. In addition to great results, it is also is a very pleasant and even fun place to spend my morning.
They also have an automated trade placement system for trades that Roger enters using his own manual methods (no robots) and I am a satisfied subscriber to this service as well.