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Updated: Sep 22, 2014
4.8 · 5 REVIEWS
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4.8 · 5 REVIEWS
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Jun 16, 2011,

Rebatefx is just SUPERB, i get my rebate just 1 date's 1 hour of each month for the previous month's rebate Dirrectly in my Trading a/c, the service is 1000 out of 1000. I wanna give complete 5 STAR about service and helping. Its simply GREAT. at least i believe so.
Jul 14, 2010,

Jafar is excellent in customer response. His English is precise, detailed and the response is always timely...the greatest support from any company I've seen so far!.
Adnan Karim,
Mar 22, 2010,

I am with RebateFX since past 2 years and let me tell you that its the best rebate program and signal giver then any other.
Feb 16, 2010,

I join under rebatefx community from 2008, and get rebate constantly on time never late . Their site and forum also great when helped me a lot with a few tip to trade. Also the person are very helpful and easy to chat.
Jafar Calley,
Cairo, Egypt and Paris, France,
Nov 9, 2009,

RebateFX has been paying 0.5 pip rebates reliably for over 2 1/2 years. As an IB of FXOpen, RebateFX prides itself on providing 5* support for all clients as well as all the other benefits and services that an FXOpen client should expect.

RebateFX also has a free Swing Signals Blog as well as a discussion forum to help you keep up with the market.

With RebateFX, you will never be left waiting for a rebates cheque. Rebates are paid on time, every month, directly into your trading account instantly!

RebateFX, your best trading partner.
Rick Bird,
Lancaster, PA USA,
Mar 26, 2009,

Great site. Jafar gives great simple quotes for free, alot of times they hit right.. Though one signal I'm starting to steer away from that he releases, everytime he releases a signal involving the swiss franc seems to always hit stoploss or just go no where. Though can't complain Jafar gives us these signals for free to help us trade. Currently I'm studying on how to be able ot establish signals on my own and make trades on my own abilities.. Though until then, Jafar's signals seem to be the best for me. :)
Jafar Calley,
Nov 25, 2008,

This is my forex forum actually. I'm open to any suggestions or constructive criticisms to improve this little corner of the net. :)