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2.559 • 179 REVIEWS
Steve Carletti
Updated: Nov 4, 2022
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The FapTurbo MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The FapTurbo automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on demo accounts by the Forex Peace Army™ The FapTurbo.com forex robot trades not only currency pairs but also trades cryptocurrency Bitcoin
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FapTurbo.com Performance tests

Status Account Product P/L Weekly,% Weeks tested P/L Gross,%
Fap Turbo test2 +0.53 63.7 +39.99
Fapturbo Flash +0.64 31.3 +22.249
FapTurbo Ichimoku -0.92 47.1 -35.23
FAP Turbo -0.8 85.4 -49.424
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2.559 • 179 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

Nov 25, 2008,

I went ahead and purchased the system, but have a couple concerns. I don't want to be too negative yet, but if one looks at the performance tables provided, it appears that many of the loser trades "coincidentally" used tiny lot sizes. For instance, using the example they provide for growth of $370 dollars, several of the later trades supposedly only used 0.01 lots when the other trades routinely utilized up to .7 lots. Of course if you take a $50 dollar loss (on average) and multiply it by 70 you have a blown account with such a small amount of money. This is also evident with the other accounts. Am I reading the results page wrong?? Also, they give out a phone number for support but the mailbox is completely full. Perhaps someone can soothe my fears?
Nov 25, 2008,

If what they claim is true, in 3 years you will make 34359 billions $ starting with 500$...
You would be 700 times richer than then richest man on earth today and you could reimburse 3 times the US national debt.
In three years, don't forget. Imagine in 4, 5, 10...

To whole Forex market itself would quickly be too small for the robot.

Ok, let's be realistic, Fap Turbo might work at some levels, I don't know, I didn't buy it, but what they claim and the way they claim it is a joke.
Nov 26, 2008,

I have bought this software yesterday bcoz i trust Clickbank a lot.So there will be no problem in getting money back if this product doesn't work.
I've installed it on a demo account of about $2800 and it's made $34 so far.All the trades were made by Scalping strategy and there is no trade of EURUSD(Long term strategy).

Few things i wanna clear for the traders who want to purchase it.

1- FapTurbo uses 2 strategies for trading and one of them is the same which FAP(Forex Auto Pilot) was using for EURUSD(1 min.chart)but they have added one more feature and that is the Scalping one..So we all just have to try this new one bcoz the old EURUSD strategy,we've already tried in the past.

2-This product is from the makers of FAP,so don't be shocked if u get the answers of ur email queries in one sentence with poor English which has been written just as a formality,not for being understood by the reader.Moreover,Also don't waste ur time by making calls to their Customer care bcoz only 1 lucky person out 100 is going to get attended there.

Anyways,i'll post another review after few days about the working of this Robot in my account.

God Bless You All.
Ken Long
Cambridge, MA,
Nov 26, 2008,

So far this EA is working extremely well straight out of the box. Its only been one day, so its way too soon to give any sort of comprehensive review, but if this continues as it has I will be running it on a live account.

I installed it on a demo with aprox a 2500. balance yesterday.

It has two parts, a scalper, and a longer term optimized FAPS. The scalper is set to a 0.10 lot size, and MM is turned off, by default. It has a Lot Risk Reducer? set at 1.5, and max lots set at 10. The Risk Reducer is probably what adjusts the lot size, I'll read and test to figure it out. I had the same question, but havent answered it yet.

The longer term system only works on the EURUSD, and by default can hold 5 trades open at once. It opened 5 yesterday, 2 sells, 1 buy, and 2 more sells. All with 500 pip stop losses and 140 pip take profits. It closed the 4 sells at take profits this morning and opened 4 new sell trades. The sell trades are grouped in sets of 2, fairly close together, the buy trade is in drawdown, but works as a good hedge, and everything is in fine range.

The scalper runs on the 15 min setting, and only on the EURGBP, EURCHF, GBPCHF, and USDCAD. Strange choices! Especialy when you consider these arent the tight spreads a scalper needs. The spread on the GBPCHF is larger than the take profit. Its closed about 10 trades so far, just on the first 2 pairs, all between 5 - 10 pips. I still need to work on adjusting the lot sizes, and learning the risk parameters and money managment settings. This is were it should explain how it varies lot sizes.

I will repost when I have more information, or something more conclusive to add.

For now though, this appears to be a very impressive EA. With a full money back guarentee, and excellent forward and back testing.

Also it runs very easily on my lap top with no excessive power drain. They promote a very expensive VPS service, but it doesnt seem necessary.

later, Ken
jawahn thompson
Seattle, wa USA,
Nov 26, 2008,

so far so good. all wins and five EUR/USD trades open in buys and sells. a few suggestions to all of you who posted below. leave the default settings on the EUR/USD set at 1% that way, if you do loose a on a 500 pip stop loss, it won't kill the account. it will just loose 50 dollars on a micro account. no big deal;. that's why you guys see small lots and win/loosers on the EUR/USD trades on the main site. you don't need as much of a risk when you have a default 140 pip take profit. easy observation. i have, however, adjusted the scalper's risk settings must higher though. it had improved much over the original FAP as it doesn't try to trade all the time which is why you just need to leave it be and don't turn it on and off because that messes with it trying to read the market. i also like the high risk feature where it doesn't make a trade in a a risky market. oh you will be only trading two pairs with the scalper because most brokers have too high a spread on the other two recommended pairs. another easy observation. will report back when i have 30 days on my live account. see ya on x-,mas!
Saudi Arabia,
Nov 27, 2008,

I bought it 2 days back, tested it on a 10K demo account. 29 winning trades, and only 2 losses. $1398 profit in 2 days. Not bad! and since I'm 4 years full time now in the forex business I can tell from the start which system is hot and which is not so I rate this one excellent.
william koh
Nov 27, 2008,

any qns email me at willkohsg@gmail dot com

Hi all,
I've bought this EA and tested it for 2 days on
alpari, forexmeta, and interbank fx.

i use ONLY scalper method to test the most conservative approach.
Start with 3000usd deposit and use 0.1 lots
other settings unchanged.

2 days results:

interbank= +$34 usd
forexmeta= - $67.9 usd
alpari= +$ 169.32 usd

need more time to test- as the producers said. cant based it on 1-2 days results.

note#1 : i switch off the EAs in the day and only switch them on during europe evening time ( as stated in the fap website the scalping mostly gets done in the europe evening time.

note #2 : i manually close any overnight trades once i see +ve pips.

doubts #1 = they introduce a broker forexmeta- i was wondering, if the brokers know that u're gg to drain them of $$ using this "sure win" technique, will they still welcome u?? or will they increase the spread when u are scalping?? kinda weird for the fap pple to introduce brokers to us when they know that we're draining them..

doubts#2= i feel the vps service is way overcharged. did my own research. google for cheapest vps service and u can find one for $2.50/mth!!

conclusion: if u really really need to get a vps. google for ur own.
or else switch it on at night like me. and switch if off when u wake up
(tat's how i do it in my timezone)

Hi all,

some updates about my testing of fapturbo here

i received ur email KG about updates so i am replying here
( cant send to your email got bounced )

updates from day 3 on fapturbo
checking on the scalping method now.. 3rd day today , i added 2 more brokers ytd


atc fxpro - they're ecn, instead of fixed spreads they charge commission $4 per trade. so in and out is $8

accumulated results: ( these are amounts above my 3000usd start deposits )

forexmeta: +15.47 usd

ibfx +55.62 usd ( current with open position -29.17)

alpari +251.94 ( wonder why it performs the best? need to take a look at the spreads i think ) the only loss it churned out was -2.52

fxpro +26.45 and an open position now at -27.27

atc fxpro = 0 strangely, it did not open any positions. wondering if it's the EA's problem that it doesnt work with ecn brokers or the broker dont allow EA to work in their platform?

=/ will email fapturbo support and broker and see how it goes
Nov 27, 2008,

I purchased the system on the launch day and have been running it on a demo account using both the scalper strategy and the main (FAP Turbo). So far, my demo account is up 15%. I have tested many EAs and systems and have to say that this one is exceeding my expectations. But for now, I will hold off rating the software because i need more time to test it, and because I have not gone live.

I also have some concerns about the brokerage that they are recommending. Usually, such recommendations and affiliate deals result in a commission being paid back to the introducing organization or party that made the recommendation. I dont think that the broker (in this case) is unwittingly getting involved in setting up accounts for people to run the FAP Turbo EA so that they can clean out the brokers accounts while the account holder doubles their money every month. This just does not sit right with me.

I also have to wonder why anyone would sell such and incredibly successful EA for only $97. Not that I want to pay more for it, but I just dont understand why the makers would give it away for that price. Of course, they are probably making some additional money on the VPS service, and then they have a new data base of EA buyers that they can continue to sell stuff to in the future. But if I had a program that could double my money every month, I would just set it up with $1000 and cash out with my $4,096,000 at the end of 12 months and retire. Why bother selling it for $97 and making chump change on the side?
Nov 28, 2008,

I get warning bells whenever the marketing is very slick, and my "smell a rat" sense kicks in when you are told that the price is only available for a short time only. All that aside, I never look at profits - I look at pips. And if you take the account details on their website, put them into a spreadsheet, and calculate the pips performance of each account, you find that every one of them is a loser. So either the EA is smarter than the smartest person that walked this earth, or their account details are fudged. You decide!
Nov 28, 2008,

I am testing with a demo account from ForexMeta. I started using it on a 5K account 3 days ago, with both the sclaper and the regular one (FAP) on. The FAP has made $840 and has negative $680 in 5 open trades (one of them a scary -$340, another -$290) , The Scalper has made $22 with no open trades. Where are all those promised results?. I know it is too early to tell, but so far, very disappointing.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fap Turbo?

FapTurbo is a forex trading robot (EA), which can be installed on your MT4 account to automate trades for you based on the settings you preset.

How much does Fap Turbo cost?

The newest version of FapTurbo is Fap Turbo 3 and it is available for $39.95/month.

Does Fap Turbo offer free trial?

Yes. FapTurbo offers a 7- day free trail.

Which brokers does Fap Turbo work on?

Fap Turbo works on any MT4 brokers.