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Steve Carletti
Updated: Nov 4, 2022
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The FapTurbo MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The FapTurbo automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on demo accounts by the Forex Peace Army™ The FapTurbo.com forex robot trades not only currency pairs but also trades cryptocurrency Bitcoin
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FapTurbo.com Performance tests

Status Account Product P/L Weekly,% Weeks tested P/L Gross,%
Fap Turbo test2 +0.53 63.7 +39.99
Fapturbo Flash +0.64 31.3 +22.249
FapTurbo Ichimoku -0.92 47.1 -35.23
FAP Turbo -0.8 85.4 -49.424
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2.559 • 179 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

Apr 4, 2009,

To all the people out there who wants to request or request a refund:

Don't contact FAPTurbo itself (support) but Clickbank, in the receipt you got from clickbank there is as special link where you can request refund an you will get it without any problems.

The people who don't get refund are just not intelligent enough to understand that the whole sale is processed by clickbank and you have to contact clickbank in order to request refund. It will be done automatically.

If you contact fapturbo you won't get a response of course, because they have nothing to do with the sale/refund process but only with the product itself.

Read and think before...it's a "clickbank"-product. you always get your money back within 60 days. It's so easy but people are not able to request refund properly... I just don't understand that...
Jan 20, 2009,

Be careful - I like to give an update to my last commentary a few weeks ago. I am trading live since end of november. Also had many winners at the beginning. But now loosers are coming in frequently. Just last night 4 bad loosing trades. The problem with FAP turbo is it aims at take profits goals of only 5-12 pips, but the stoploss is 60-110 pips, depending on the pair. If you have a few loosers in one night, you are coming into trouble. In their forum you can read that many FAP users lost in this night (jan.20th) the whole profit they made so far this month. Especially in critical, volatile market situations FAPturbo is very dangerous. This EA is designed to trade ranges in the night, but especially recently even in the night these ranges are broken quite often. Maybe in a few weeks it will work better again. New users should definitely use a Demo first and observe for a while.
Mar 8, 2010,

Hi Guys,

Dont ever use this. What they claim is right. The winning transactions % is 95. In 95 % of trades you will get avarage of 3 pips profit and in 5 % of the transaction you will loose in between 60 to 70 pips which will wipe away not just your profit but also your capital.

Be away from this people. You can never get the money back as thay say in the web site. Customer service is the worst of all and you can never get a reply from them.

Simply the worst among all.
Be educated about forex trading and then do trading.
Keep your money safe. And never beleive this FAP Turbo.
Boulder - USA,
Dec 1, 2008,

I got the EA on it's 1st release and have been running it on a live mini account with micro-lots (.01) and a demo mini-account with mini-lots. Several observations: 1/ Excellent robot and very accurate. 2/ Scalper EA seems to perform better than the long term EA. 3/ Scalper trades only within a certain time frame and only for a few hours starting around 9pm (GMT). 4/ It closes position very quickly - either at profit or loss with no overnight positions and no danger of Sunday evening spikes or bad week-end news. 5/ Scalper has so far a 99% success rate closing out positions with a profit. 6/ Their positions size on their website on their live accounts are way over-leveraged - so money management is crucial. On their $10,000 account they show trades made with 10 full standard size lots!!! That's $100 per pip!!! A 100 pip draw-down wipes out the $10,000 account!! A bit deceptive to put those results on their site since no-one would trade their live account in this way. Trade no more than 5% of your live account. Although with a near perfect scalping result, it is tempting to increase lot sizing. Slow and steady wins the race. After 6 trading days, a $10,000 demo account, trading with 1 standard lot (10%) - (trading 2 pairs at 5% each), has increased to $11,400. So far off to a good start but as with any EA, long term testing and optimization is the key to success. Hope this one survives the long term testing.
donnaforex- FAPTURBO
Mar 20, 2009,

Response to comments:-

Christian in Romania: It IS possible to change brokers. We tie your license to one account only but if you want to change brokers just email support with proof of closing your old account and we will happily reset your license for you.

Eric in Texas: FAPTurbo trades the forex market. It is highly dangerous to engage in any form of trading activity if the intention is to put food on the table. High returns do not come without high risk and you should never trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

re. trades on Sunday 15th March. I just checked the account and do not see any such trades, perhaps you got the dates mixed up? You are right, FAPTurbo Scalper does not trade on Sundays. Longterm strategy however will (although of course only during times the broker is actually open).

Finally, if a drawdown from a single trade is enough to wipe your account out then your risk is extraordinarily high and should be reduced immediately - i would never recommend trading at this high level of risk even if FAPT was a holy grail (which it is not- it is a trading tool which has both good and bad points).

William Koh
Dec 1, 2008,

hi guys,

day 2 updates of demo alpari UK account here.

updates : day 2

another +360 usd profit, last night from 3000 usd account.


2 open postions below


email me at willkohsg@gmail dot come if you have questions
Jan 6, 2009,

I have had the Fapturbo on a live account for two days. The first day I had three losing trades amounting to a $98.00 loss. The second day I had a $22.00 profit. I have a $1,000.00 account. If I can make an avg of $20 per day, 5 days a week on this account I will be extremely happy. I think everyone needs to use common sense when looking at their profit expectations. If you think you are going to retire to a million dollar estate in north Scottsdale on a $500 or $1,000 account using a $97.00 software program you are setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.
Nov 25, 2008,

If what they claim is true, in 3 years you will make 34359 billions $ starting with 500$...
You would be 700 times richer than then richest man on earth today and you could reimburse 3 times the US national debt.
In three years, don't forget. Imagine in 4, 5, 10...

To whole Forex market itself would quickly be too small for the robot.

Ok, let's be realistic, Fap Turbo might work at some levels, I don't know, I didn't buy it, but what they claim and the way they claim it is a joke.
Feb 14, 2009,

I wanted to take this opportunity to address a few concerns that people have raised here:

David Barton,

The members forum of FAPTurbo is staffed by myself and Chris, and we are both in close direct contact with one of the developers of FAPTurbo to obtain any answers to more indepth questions when necessary. I am also a full time trader with 10 years experience. Please try posting your questions on the forum - if you post them in the Q & A section then i will be sure to answer you personally.

FAPTurbo developers themselves are extremely busy working on new and better upgrades to FAPTurbo- as evidenced by the latest release of a PRO version of FAPTurbo. They are extremely committed to making FAPTurbo work and truly believe in their product, this is not an EA which gets sold and then forgotten about- for only $149 we offer a free members forum, as well as monthly mentoring sessions (although very oversubscribed, the session transcripts are made available) which is evidence of our ongoing commitment towards members.


I can confirm that FAPTurbo DOES have settings to exit trades at a different price other than its SL and TP values. After a trade has been open for a period of time FAPTurbo looks for a good place to exit a trade for a small loss. Sometimes this is disappointing to accept a small loss when the market can go on in our favour and would have produced a profit, but on some occasions this does not happen, the market can reverse resulting in a large loss.

It IS possible to turn this feature off entirely. FAPTurbo have worked hard to make the EA as customisable as possible, and even though i do not recommend it you can turn the feature off (via the CustomLevels setting- set it to 'false').

Regarding any support issues:-
Support have been overwhelmed on some occasions. If there is anyone who has not had a response from support within 48 hours i would encourage you to email me directly where i will be able to help you personally, including with activation issues. donnaforex@gmail.com
There does appear to be a common typo which happens time and time again when people email support in that they try to email fabturbo instead of fapturbo in the email support address (support@fapturbo.com).

I can only apologise if people have experienced any delay in a response to their queries and would urge you to contact me directly to resolve things ASAP.

Wishing all FAPTurbo users a prosperous February 2009 and beyond,

Kind regards

Ken Long
Cambridge, MA,
Nov 26, 2008,

So far this EA is working extremely well straight out of the box. Its only been one day, so its way too soon to give any sort of comprehensive review, but if this continues as it has I will be running it on a live account.

I installed it on a demo with aprox a 2500. balance yesterday.

It has two parts, a scalper, and a longer term optimized FAPS. The scalper is set to a 0.10 lot size, and MM is turned off, by default. It has a Lot Risk Reducer? set at 1.5, and max lots set at 10. The Risk Reducer is probably what adjusts the lot size, I'll read and test to figure it out. I had the same question, but havent answered it yet.

The longer term system only works on the EURUSD, and by default can hold 5 trades open at once. It opened 5 yesterday, 2 sells, 1 buy, and 2 more sells. All with 500 pip stop losses and 140 pip take profits. It closed the 4 sells at take profits this morning and opened 4 new sell trades. The sell trades are grouped in sets of 2, fairly close together, the buy trade is in drawdown, but works as a good hedge, and everything is in fine range.

The scalper runs on the 15 min setting, and only on the EURGBP, EURCHF, GBPCHF, and USDCAD. Strange choices! Especialy when you consider these arent the tight spreads a scalper needs. The spread on the GBPCHF is larger than the take profit. Its closed about 10 trades so far, just on the first 2 pairs, all between 5 - 10 pips. I still need to work on adjusting the lot sizes, and learning the risk parameters and money managment settings. This is were it should explain how it varies lot sizes.

I will repost when I have more information, or something more conclusive to add.

For now though, this appears to be a very impressive EA. With a full money back guarentee, and excellent forward and back testing.

Also it runs very easily on my lap top with no excessive power drain. They promote a very expensive VPS service, but it doesnt seem necessary.

later, Ken
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fap Turbo?

FapTurbo is a forex trading robot (EA), which can be installed on your MT4 account to automate trades for you based on the settings you preset.

How much does Fap Turbo cost?

The newest version of FapTurbo is Fap Turbo 3 and it is available for $39.95/month.

Does Fap Turbo offer free trial?

Yes. FapTurbo offers a 7- day free trail.

Which brokers does Fap Turbo work on?

Fap Turbo works on any MT4 brokers.