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Updated: Aug 2, 2015
4.051 · 6 REVIEWS
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4.051 · 6 REVIEWS
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zaffer hashmi,
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 30, 2015,

I used this company for several weeks. I did not receive a single signal from them. All you get is their daily analysis which contradicts
what they said day before, day before ,day before and week before.
I ended up so confused that i closed perfectly good trades at a loss.
Unless you want to pay them for their daily opinion. I would
honestly stay clear, their analysis will lead you to disaster. you
will never make any money from them. They are probably trading themselves but won't give you their good trades just scraps if any.
avoid avoid avoid you can do better yourself then them.
Todd Siemering,
Bay Area, USA,
Jan 23, 2015,

This is a fantastic forex signal service. They are very professional and responsive and are very trustworthy. But most importantly, the trader Dave Floyd, is an excellent trader. He takes a very methodical, patient and conservative approach to trading so there is not a high volume of trades he recommends, but the ones he does recommend are very profitable over time.

I highly recommend this service.
Doug D.,
New Jersey, USA,
Sep 3, 2012,

Aspen Trading gets an A+. I looked at 3 trades they sent me and all 3 were winners. Their mastery of Elliot wave theory and Fibonacci is quite impressive. And I appreciate the fact that the alerts they send are carefully evaluated and affordable. I spoke with Bart and Todd and they are both very knowledgeable and they value you as a client. And finally they do not have a high pressure sales mentality.
Aug 29, 2012,

The first thing you have to know is that Aspen Trading is in a league of their own. They might be getting reviewed on FPA alongside scammers, EA's, fly by night systems... but do not think they are in that class.

Two traders (Dave and Todd) own Aspen and they have both traded for major brokerages with MILLIONS at risk.

One of the traders... Todd Gordon... is frequently on CNBC live news as a commentator on foreign currency markets.

The other trader... Dave... is no less a professional and I have had the privilege of speaking with him personally. If memory serves, he was actually one of Todd's mentors.

Their trading record is sterling. I have experienced a few losing months with them but their wins FAR outweigh their losers.

One complaint that others have made (that they actually address in their weekly live webinars) is that they don't trade often. If you join ATG thinking you are going to get hundreds of trade signals for 5 pips at a time on 6 different pairs, you are going to be disappointed. They do trade a variety of pairs... but they have gone as long as two weeks sometimes without releasing a trade.

This is not a sign of laziness or a bad service or lack of ability.... this is realistic. If they do not see a trade, they do not take a trade. I was a loser at one point.... and when I learned to stop over trading, I stopped losing.

With one of the most competitive subscription rates in the business ($50 a month for signals only, $75 a month for signals + commentary, $100ish a month for signals + commentary + live intraday updates), you will make back your subscription with just one trade each month. They release anywhere from 3-10 trades per month.

I have subscribed to two other signal services that I discovered on FPA, I have subscribed to several systems on ZuluTrade, I bought probably a dozen or more EA's back when I first started trading FX 5 years ago.

I have only consistently made money from two sources:

1. myself

2. Aspen Trading Group

I have not been paid to write this review, nor did anyone at ATG even ask me. I am thrilled to be a client. My wife and I are expecting a child. With the money I made in just August from their New Trade Alerts I am going to be able to take a month or two off from my business when our baby is born later this year.

If you are reading this review, do yourself a favor and go subscribe immediately to their service. These guys are the real deal.
Bart Marek,
Orlando, FL,
May 10, 2011,

My name is Bart Marek and I work at Aspen Trading in business development and research and I wanted to comment on the previous poster, alv7722.

We always appreciate customer comments and apologize for any bad experience you had in working with Aspen. Our success depends on the success of our clients and it certainly 'hits home' when a paying customer isn't happy with the service we provide.

By the date of your post it sounds as though you subscribed from late last year through earlier this year. During that period of time we had experienced issues with our website (regarding your ability to cancel) as we have been preparing for our new site to be launched in the next 2-3 weeks. Our new site is better designed for clients to change and edit their existing subscriptions. We know the new site will offer a lot of new benefits and services to our clients.

Also, I think your comment about trading 'esoteric' pairs and offering 'little in interpreting the majors' is made without consideration to why those currency pairs were chosen to trade when they were.

Our style of trading involves three conditions : 1. Inter-market analysis, 2. Technical's (EWP & Fibs) and 3. Money Management. Meeting all three of these conditions is when we issue a new trade alert (NTA) to our clients.

We choose to trade USD/NOK and USD/TRY recently because of the first of the three trading conditions we use, Inter-market Analysis. Inter-market analysis absolutely shows a strong correlation between oil prices and the price of the NOK & TRY (as oil moves higher the dollar should weaken and NOK &TRY should strengthen), so as oil is moving higher we as currency traders want to trade the currency that has the strongest correlations to these huge commodity moves we've seen over the last few months. Combined with technical's (relying heavily on Elliott Wave and Fibonacci) and solid money management we made good trading calls during this time using this method, we have a lot of clients who made money using the calls and I have the proof to back it up (bart@aspentrading.com).

I also suspect that you subscribed to our Daily FX Alerts which is an affordable service that alerts subscribers to new trade recommendations and subsequent updates to those trades. And while Daily FX Alerts is designed to give actionable trade ideas it doesn't offer much in research. Our premium service, FX Insight, includes all trade alerts and associated research. Had you been following Insight during your time with us you would have seen that while we didn't do a lot of new trade alerts on the majors, we did a ton of research on them. When market conditions offer opportunities in the majors we trade them the same way we would trading an exotic pair.

It's understandable in the world that we live in that not every client is going to be able to take every single trade we post, life gets in the way. We do offer a service through a 3rd party group, Mirus Futures, who can execute all of our new trade alerts in your FX account on your behalf for a small commission. They're reputable, they're fees fair and we think it's a good service for someone who's too busy manage their own account.

I do agree with you that we can do better than what you experienced and with that, my apologies.

Bart Marek
Apr 22, 2011,

Tried their daily alerts package about 5 months. No net profit overall. Alerts seem to focus on esoteric pairs with little movement. (usd/try, usd/nok) Little in way of interpreting Majors, and what was put out was usually wrong if I followed it. I think they are very talented people that are too distracted with their success to focus on what they are ostensibly providing. Somewhat difficult to close my account. Rated Average rather than Bad, because I know they are capable of doing much better than what I experienced.
May 20, 2009,

been using aspen. Two really great calls and the guy is very conservative. He was nominated for trader of the year so that should tell you a bit about him. Im in a trade right now so hoping to end the month on the upside. Very good costomer service as well. Dave will talk to you for a half hour like hes known you awhile. Think I will renew and use him for awhile. Very good for the conservative trader looking for great results every month. Great trial program as well.