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Updated: May 23, 2018
4.583 · 49 REVIEWS
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4.583 · 49 REVIEWS
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San jose, USA,
May 21, 2018,
Registered user

Best in class

Barry's foundation 1 &2 course is most simple to use and one of the best trading strategy with least risk.
Ks, USA,
Oct 8, 2016,

Using his principles, focus on 1 setup

While using slightly different indicators, I focus on 1 setup ONLY. His "X marks the spot" setup is all I need! These are effectively "First Cross" setups, and have a very favorable win/loss ratio as well as expectancy value. 4 keys required:
1. Cross of 15ema and 50sma, with price pullback to the cross
2. Stochastic pulling back to the 45/55 area or further
3. 3-10-16 showing a "first cross" setup
4. Higher TF momentum (36/78 macd) moving in direction of 15ema (confirming trend)
I'm not a newbie by any stretch, so I can (do) appreciate something that works consistently. This allows me to focus on one easily defined setup with objectivity.
This setup utilizes the principles in his courses, while focusing on one particular application. I would suggest that every trader do this initially. Then expand from there if desired.
, Australia,
Jul 8, 2015,

Hi Agree with angry trader and strongly disagree with Mike.
Barry Burns methodology is simple to use (if you are methodic) and follow the rules. Their customer service so far has been very good. I had to change the licence for the indicators and had other technical issues and they promptly replied to my emails and phone calls.
I have lost every course Barry burns has put out there and on each one of them you find very important and useful information.
You can easily start trading by using the foundation course 1 and 2 and build from there. I have recommended this course to some of my friends that have been struggling in their trading.

PS. I do not work for Barry (I live in AU) although I would like to be mentored by him.

Mike Kanzler,
Panama City, Panama,
Jun 22, 2015,

I have tired to contact TopDogTrading a number of times to get information about their products. No response has ever come forth from by requests. Also noted is that there hasn't been a review given in over 2 1/2 years. ToDogTrading is either out of business or customer service is non-existent. If there is no one there before a purchase, I can only imagine the nightmare after a purchase in trying to get any information. Impossible to do business with a ghost company.
upstate ny, USA,
Jan 3, 2013,

Great customer service! The downloads were reasonably easy to figure out although GOM media player messed up my itunes and foxit is not neccessary if you have the up to date Adobe Reader. I love the way Dr. Barry Burns teaches. He has a soothing, easy to understand way about him with a cheesy laugh that is almost endearing. The material is well layed out although there are no live trades. Its all sim. I've used his technique several times and have enjoyed some profit. Then i get this email saying I've won a $2K scholarship and immediately I'm on guard. This guy Matt calls me and very poorly put the preassure on and doing a very poor job all the while implying I would fail w/o these $4500 courses. He lied and said they were BBB accredited so I checked and that's a negative ghost rider the pattern is full. So to sum it all up; the course @$295 is well worth it in my opinion but beware of salesmen saying "You've been awarded a $2K scholarship!!!" Like many things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
wichita falls, USA,
Jan 26, 2012,

Recently I wrote a letter to Barry Burns considering of his course "The Top Dog Trading". Below is this letter and response to it. I will leave opinion to you...
My letter;
Original Message
Subject: Re: Independent Reviews of Top Dog Trading
From: krzysztofhang@gmail.com
Date: 2012-01-25 19:23:28

Dear Sir,
What I want is you live trading.
I mean live trading..... very next or any chosen day the market opens up.
Not chosen charts, trend set ups etc...
I would love to experience your skills in action.
Another words its been said "Put up or ......... up"
I want to see for myself if you are truly top dog trader or just loud burking Chihuahua.
And after that if I am convinced I do not need 30...90 or what ever days money back guaranty .... Or any special plans, payments, testimonies and so on for that matter.
I will buy your program gladly.


His response;

Yes I thought so.... you do that...
Your are just like many others BS plenty of them on Internet.
I will post my letter and your response on the web as a warning for others.
Of course Barry does not tape himself while trading because he does not have anything to show or prove.


-------Original Message-------

From: TopDogTrading
Date: 01/25/12 21:46:33
To: krzysztofhang@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Independent Reviews of Top Dog Trading

Barry doesn't tape himself while trading or use a trade room. Sorry, I will take you off our list.

Sheila Currie, CMA, CFM
Barry Burns

Yes I thought so.... you do that...
Your are just like many others BS plenty of them on Internet.
I will post my letter and your response on the web as a warning for others.
Of course Barry does not tape himself while trading because he does not have anything to show or prove.
Las Vegas, USA,
Jan 2, 2012,

I took the free 5 day trading course. I liked it a lot and its easy to understand.

I purchased the $18 e books and had a hard time downloading them, i guess my computer was blocking it. TDT was great at getting back to me and actually emailed them to me directly. I found this information to be good, however it just teased me. Didn't get to the nitty gritty.

I was looking into getting the courses, however don't want the same problem of not being able to download them. I also don't want to purchase it and find that it's just another teaser.

Just a few days ago, i got a call from "Robert" saying that they are putting together a select few to train. They made it sound like it was exclusive and that they only select a few individuals. Sounds like another tease to me. They are asking $3500 for the one on one training. In reading on this site, i found another individual who was also contacted by Barry Burn's team. This individual said they will ask for more money down the road. Not sure i am interested in paying this much money.

Overall, in reading TDT sounds like a sure bet and the 2 courses is the way to go. I'll post more when i know if it works or not.

They have great customer service. I did read somewhere else that Barry was involved in a Multi Level SCAM which made me weary. Not going to do the one on one coaching, just the courses.
Chicago, USA,
Dec 28, 2011,

I don't usually write reviews, but I felt compelled to share that I have had a great experience with Top Dog Trading. I bought and completed the Foundations 1 and 2 course and the DayTrading course so far and have been very pleased. Barry looks at indicators differently than any other course I have taken so far and I have had 8 out of 10 winning trades so far trading the ES mini futures contract and a couple Forex wins as well.

I do agree that these courses are probably best understood by folks that have traded in the past, but all the information is there if you study it.
Aug 29, 2011,

Well, until last week I was very happy with TDT. I am very new to trading so I took the 5 day free mini course and was hooked. I purchased and went through Foundations 1 & 2. I thought the courses were well done and I was able to see for the most part, what he was taking about. I feel really confident in my trading. I was paper trading for about a month, and making money! YAY! Then the phone rang! I got a call from this guy named Gary saying he was some kind of representative from TDT recruiting students for Barry's more personal instructive learning classes. Basically this guy told me what I have learned so far will never make me any money and I need to take the personal class. The pressure this guy laid on me was pretty thick. He kinda made me feel like I would be making a huge mistake to not take the personal classes. Here is the best part, the classes started, STARTED at $4000!!! They could get very detailed and in-depth, which would be $12000 down the road! Oh man, my scammer alert couldn't have been more clear! I am sure there is some great learning material there, but for that kind of money you pay someone to invest for you!!! That guy kept saying, "it takes money to make money", "you have to invest in yourself", "if you could make $50 - 60K a year trading, then isn't spending $12000 on classes worth it?" Nope, not for me!
If you are looking to get into stock trading and want to learn I do recommend TDT course, but not this $12000 c***. Watch out if Gary calls!
Oct 19, 2010,

I read through the main course and "swing" course and tried the setup points. All indicators are tough to line up the way suggested. And when they do, they immediately reverse most of the time. I watched some of the live webinars and he never had a winner in three live sessions I saw. He just called them "scratches". It's all info you can find for free at other sites. The overall system doesn't work. Only trust advisories where they lay all their trades and past records are continuously updated with the new trades , losing or no. I've since found other educational info and systems that work with the indicators in more more profitable way instead of calling them "energies".