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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.584 · 23 REVIEWS
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2.584 · 23 REVIEWS
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Patrick Slevin,
New Jersey, USA,
Feb 28, 2013,

No, I would stay away. My first contact of any kind with Carter was at a New York Expo just a week or two ago. His seminars were interesting, and he offered a seven dollar month long membership to his trading room. After less than a week, I quit today.

I asked about four or five questions during the room hours. Two about the products they sell. Never acknowledged the questions. The moderator, Henry Gambell, left me with the impression that he has few favorite people in the room and responds to them, and they only.

I did e-mail, to ask about a Tradestation product. An ELD that works in Tradestation's RadarScreen. Specifically, I said I was interested in the product for Tradestation's Radarscreen. The reply I received was "What platform do I use"?

The TTM uff is interesting. But the Sueeze is old free information on the Tradestation Forums. Matter of fact I have the ELD for the Chart Program, not Radarscreen, from before I ever knew about John Carter. My guess? Carter took the ELD from the Tradestation Forum and sells it as his own.

I really do not know this for certain. However the ELD has been on the Tradestation Forums since 2003. Ten years. How can you sell something that has been in the Public Domain for ten years?

Maybe he did write it. I doubt it, but let's say he did. If you were truly interested in helping people trade you would not nickel and dime silly programs like this.

By comparison, take Larry Williams. Sure, Williams will sell you producr. But at the same time he has free Tradestation Indicators. Indicators he actually created.

My sense of John Carter is that his product is selling product to other traders. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
, United Kingdom,
Oct 29, 2012,

Rob Hoffman has disbanded the partnership with Trade The Markets & is going it alone with Becomeabettertrader.com.
When he left, he took a lot of TTM members with him because of his trading room..........why would he do this?????

As for TTM, I simply didnt see John Carter being interested in teaching. He was only interested in selling you stuff, overpriced courses, overpriced indicators, sometimes late to the trading room or other standing in for him.
Hubert on the otherhand was a good educator & he now has his own site called trashcantrader.com.

Customer support I recieved was terrible unless it concerned me purchasing something, then they were superb.

I am no longer a member of TTM.........that says it all really.
Arkansas, USA,
Jul 6, 2012,

Be careful of their charges, if they issue you refund on anything, 6% refund charge! Customer service not good. Had hard time dealing with them.
Toronto, Canada,
May 9, 2012,

Joined Trade The Market and saw Rob make a crazy trade that he bought 300 Contracts on ES, lost massively on it, i have lost 2K on my first trade.. also John Carter his book is good but funny he doesnt follow it, he counter play every trend and his bias killed me, he keep switching and dreaming around of whats goign to happen and funny they were allllll WRONG and fail BADLLY so save your money.. they have an appartment and 4 different websites, TradeThemarket, SimplerOptions, Fibinoccie queen, and another goofy site, all the same shit.. Simpleroptions is another BS. all the trades i took with John was -ve.. for him he made the money with the subscribtions and books so u will be left all alone..

Hubert and Ross are the only two decent plays or at least somewhat good calls..

, USA,
May 6, 2012,

not the place for trading not with John at least
Attila H.,
Calgary, Canada,
Feb 2, 2012,

Trading is probably one of the hardest job to become successful with. If you are looking for to become a pro trader from a beginner in a couple of month you are out of your mind and no one can help you.
If you want to learn how pro traders taking trades and how they manage a trade TTM guys John, Hubert and Rob are the guys to teach you that. They will take trades and you'll see the pros are loosing trades as well so if you trade with them there is no guarantee you'll make money but the most important you learn to become a pro. These guys are absolutely a most if you want to do trading for a living. I followed TTM loosely for over year and had access to some material before I've bought anything from them. I've found TTM training material and trading room very educational and I have no regrets. Again if you are looking for a step by step how to trade than trading is NOT for you however if you'd like to learn how the pros trade and you are open to learn than the TTM guys can teach you the psychology and most importantly trade management due time. Hope this helps someone.
Jul 31, 2011,

I was initially a member of Powercharting. In 2011 Powercharting & TTM mergered to become TTM. Rob Hoffman runs the trading room & John & Hubert come in to do webinars & teaching.
I find all 3 guys straight down the line. They trade live in front of you so there is no bull*hit. Rob took a $300k hit in the room in front of everyone approx 4 weeks ago & that clearly showed that their is transparency with wins & losses.
The indicators, well indicators are indicators & anyone looking for an indicator to be the holy grail should not bother opening a chart, as far as i'm concerned the indicators are a good guide to where the market might be going & that's it.
They appear to have some exciting new stuff coming up which is good.
The only poor thing I find is that the trading room is way too big, 1000 people so it's difficult to get ansers to questions in real time.

Overall, TTM is worth at least a 3 month membership to give you guidance on where you might be going wrong with your trading.
Doc Holliday,
Aug 12, 2010,

Hubert is great but John Carter tends to believe his own BS
Mar 31, 2010,

These two guys are are a joke and continue to make their "real money off indicatiors, mentorships and seminars. John doesn't even trade half the time because his alway away promoting his business.
Bob M,
Valparaiso Indiana,
Aug 16, 2009,

I have been studying with John and Hubert for several mos. now.
Although I have lost money, it isn't because of them . it's been because of mistakes I've made. Because of their instruction I have been able to recognize those mistakes. I recently took a metals webinar and on the first trade I made using what I learned from them I made twice what I paid for the webinar. My advice to anyone attempting to trade is to forget about a Holy grail (for trading) it doesn't exist. Take instruction from people like these two true pros and the rest is up to you. Trading is mostly discipline, not trading to much size for your acct. and overtrading.