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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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William Huff,
Mar 2, 2010,

The entry from Bill Huff in Georgia was not me. Perhaps my son but not my review. I have had no problems with these people and the contents of this review are in my opinion false.

Review Moderation Team Note: We assume that there could be a number of people named Bill Huff in Georgia. If you do have an opinion of this product, please leave a review and indicate that you are not the same Bill Huff who left a prior review.
New York,
Feb 13, 2010,

overhyped very poor product that they admit will not work on a live trading platform without their current "FIX"; this is an attempt to wrap their product in "Red,White,and Blue" and sell you for $1997.00 a product where they will not even answer support emails without sending at least a half-dozen requests; if currency pair has a character added,i.e., EURUSDx like the FXDD Extreme platform the Matrix Pair RS meter will not function........blah blah blah
Bill Huff,
Feb 2, 2010,

I have been receiving E-Mails from these people (or person) under the guise of Insider Code. They send out login and password info that does not work. They do not respond to E-Mails; called their phone number and the lady said to hold for "support". That did not work. They have an address in Virginia and Arizona; both are mail drop services, for example suite 114 is a mailbox number. Some of the things Mac (or Max) has written were way off from actual fact. I cannot grade them as I can't get hold of them but they are real scary, especially if what the prior post says is true that they want $2100!!
Paul D,
Houston TX,
Mar 11, 2009,

I'm not going to give it any stars, as I didn't really use it. I can say that their sales pitch is misleading to say the least. For example, they say, "Finally... A True Red Light - Green Light System", implying a mechanical system. Its not. Its just some custom indicators for MT4 that you have to learn.

They have a forum, and, at least they don't seem to overly censor posts, as there are a fair number of negative comments. So, I commend them for at least that. Nevertheless, the comments on their forums do not lend confidence. A user put up a poll asking who is making money using the product, and out of about 25 responses, there was only 1 positive vote.

Further, there are lots of complaints of bugs and not running well. Many imply that it seems to be basically beta software, not really fully baked.

And, when you agree to their $4.95 trial, they don't tell you until after the fact, but when you agree to the $4.95, you agree to pay $2100.00 for the full product unless you cancel within 30 days. I immediately canceled. Of note, they did indeed acknowledge my cancellation. So, they do not seem to be a blatant scam, but, certainly oversell, overprice what they have.