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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.596 · 10 REVIEWS
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2.596 · 10 REVIEWS
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Jun 14, 2010,

It is upsetting to read all of these negative reviews of TriGlobal. Unfortunately, it is not surprising. I work with a law firm currently representing an investor in a case against Triglobal FX. If you feel that TriGlobal has been deceitful in their trading and marketing please conctact me at zach@berklawdc.com as we'd be very interested in hearing what you have to say.
Also Shafted,
London, England,
Nov 17, 2008,

The National Futures Association (NFA) tele number 212 6088660 will investigate Triglobal FX. You can e-mail bchilds@nfa.futures.org with details of your complaint, he will then pass on your info to the relevant person to deal with it.

You can also e-mail the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) tele no 202 4185320 or 866 366 2382 and e-mail enforcement@cftc.gov who will also follow up any complaints.

If enough people contact these two organisations with their complaints against the way Triglobal FX have treated their clients they will investigate the complaints.

Please contact them asap
Also Shafted,
London, England,
Nov 10, 2008,

Dukascopy inform me that the number of clients who had accounts managed under an LPOA by Triglobal FX who lost all their money on the week up to Oct 24th is more than 20. Dukascopy will not help those clients who have lost all their money by giving them the opportunity to unite in a forum.

I too have been unable to get any response by phone or e-mail, it's amazing that there is nobody to answer the phone for such a busy office. Triglobal have treated me with contempt after losing all my money on some big gambles opposite to the market and the experts, WHY?

I have set up an e-mail address woodskigeezer@googlemail.com if anyone would like to e-mail me (with a land line number to confirm which country they are in) I will call you or e-mail you.

Perhaps with strength of numbers we may be able to get an action group together to enable the relevant authority to investigate our plight.

There is a discussion started about this in the Scam Alerts Folder inside the FPA Forums. Anyone who had an account with Triglobal is welcome to join.
Curious Investor,
Oct 28, 2008,

Has anybody who has been "shafted" reported this to the NFA? I see negative comments here but their NFA record is clean (http://www.nfa.futures.org/basicnet/Details.aspx?entityid=0370725). Filing a complaint is relatively simple (http://www.nfa.futures.org/basicnet/Complaint.aspx).

I have been a Tri Global investor for a couple months now and the performance has been relatively consistent with what they reported (more some months, less others, but generally flatish for the last couple months).

I have been a little perturbed by the negative comments I see here without anything to back them up. Which FCM was your account being traded through? How much money was being traded? To what extent was the account notionally funded? Were there any third parties involved or did you you sign agreements directly with Tri Global?

If the company is being dishonest I would love to know, but two line remarks without any supporting details make it hard to evaluate what is really going on.

Oct 28, 2008,

My entire account was wiped out in 5 days.
In the first two days the account lost almost 80%.
Also Shafted, would you like to exchange information about this?

Review Moderation Note: Pedro has started a thread in the Scam Alerts Folder of the FPA forums, to make it easier for people to arrange to work together.

2008-10-29 Updates
Curious Investor: I'm preparing to file a complaint to the NFA. I signed the LPOA for Triglobal, and the FCM wasDukascopy. At first I thought it may had to do with the broker, but after several attempts to talk Triglobal (phone and email), they never give any response, which shows that they are not concerned with what happened.
My account was 20k

More. Community discussion of this issue >>

Also Shafted,
London, England,
Oct 26, 2008,

Are there any Triglobal FX client's out there whose entire account was wiped out last week, I would like to hear your comments?
Pavol Klenko,
Jul 10, 2008,

Hi. Beware of this company! I had managed account with them during jun 2008. They made loss -8.5% on my money. I closed account immediately after they reported +0.43% gain for the same month. Their past performance figures are totally fake! When I asked them to clarify the difference their behavior was dishonest. Be careful they are LIERS!
Feb 5, 2008,

Have to follow up with my earlier post. My account was not the same structure as other accounts so I need to get more specific. The account was traded by another trader (had POA) and he was supposed to trade only with Triglobal. Unfortunately, he blended his strategy in it and I ended up loosing a healthy precentage. The trader blamed them for the loss, resulting in my post below.

Turns out, the loss was his strategy (at least, that's what I'm hearing). So my account, unfortunately, had two strategies and it unclear what happened. In fairness to Trigobal I won't put all the blame on them. I was making money for a while until this incident with two strategies happened so I am giving them 5 stars (it's only fair).

2008-01-24 Scam These guys are a complete cheat. Unbeleivable. Had an account with them and my results were not good at all. The performance record they post on their website is for closed positions only (and only 1 account that they trade at ACM). The results also are not the same AT ALL for their accounts and can be really, really, really different (like mine).It even says so on the diclaimer on thier website (below results):

"further they are limited to closed trades in accounts in excess of $1,000,000 USD"


"there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particularly trading program"

I can tell you from personal experience that those quotes perfectly represent them. I was down nearly 20% for a time (week of 1/21). If you want to know just what a hag they are are, just email and ask about what their typical intraday drawdowns are (they will not answer it, refer to only monthly drawdowns, or just be REALLY vague) and ask them if the performance record reflects open positions (if they say no, ask how different it could be). And if you want to really see how shady they are, ask some specific questions about performance and here's what they'll do: they will call instead of email (deniability). Regardless of their answer, here is the truth: They are not honest with the performance record. Just a heads up.
Jan 25, 2008,

My experience is similar to that of "shafted". My account was losing money while they kept posting positive monthly returns. Although my overall loss in the account was not too big when I revoked the LPOA, I rate them as Scam because of their dishonesty.

Funny, initially they say on their site
"further they are limited to closed trades in accounts in excess of $50,000 USD"
then it became $100,000, later $250,000, and now $1,000,000. I would not be surprised that they change it to $10,000,000 in the near future!
Decatur, Al.,
Nov 29, 2007,

I opened an account with these guys 10/5/07. I could not be more pleased. They use little or no leverage. My account goes up a little every day. I recommend them to everyone. I wonder if myself and a couple of other people are talking about the same company.