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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.065 · 36 REVIEWS
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2.065 · 36 REVIEWS
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Apr 21, 2011,

I paid 17USD for a one week trail. They sent me some ebooks but not even a single signal. Then they deducted 117USD for one month subscription from my credit card. I had to use some bad language to get clickbank to refund my money. Stay away from forex ambush.
Federico Colet,
Oct 3, 2010,

I used the test a week at a price of $ 17 back guarantee. I wrote them for a few questions I had on my profile and never responded. I saw her last signal was July 23. I noticed high in late September. I spent four days waiting for a signal. I did not receive any signal. I wrote them asking for a refund and received no response. I had to write to clickbank to recover the money from the warranty. Today, October 2 still have the last signal on 23 July. They do not work
Feb 20, 2010,

Send 2 requests for refund never got any reply.. tried calling, emailing, chat room.. nothing
United States,
Feb 16, 2010,

A BBB report should be filed for false advertising. This is the worst scam in forex!!!
Keep away and get your money back!!
If it is too late, do not trade their signals, or trade against their signals!!!
That is how bad the DD's are! 20 pip targets and 200pip average draw downs!
Ultimately you will get called!, and they have sent many into margin call before on that pair!!!

2009-10-31 1 Star This is a repackaged free trade signal you can register too see at;
Now if you are out of your mind, to pay the 97, rest assured with a no SL they will blow your account!
Recently and ongoing there is a long position they claim is open.
As a member in chat rooms this past Friday several margin calls were made on accounts that were actually closed on the free site, they were just crossing their fingers hoping their closed signal would hit the take profit again as hundreds of thousands were washed away in margin call.
What is further disconcerting was how the manner to inform of the members of the actual situation was addressed. Instead of coming clean and admitting the signal was closed. They pretended it was still active it and led members to get margin called on the false confidence of a 600 PIP money management system, no stop loss, just Margin calls.
I have bought tons of forex stuff that has cost me, nothing has ever been more regrettable than this, they should be arrested.
If you want to use it Trade the other way, expect 200 pips of draw down for a 20 pip target profit, until you blow your acount.

And the second you reveal 'the emperor has no clothes', they will block your ip address, even from a virtual server to help prevent other people from being informed.
Currently 10/31/09
Many people are hedged or about to be margin called, because they use ForexAmbush, instead of exiting with minimal losses, they relied on "artificial intelligence" ...., from http://www.hqfreesignals.com/failed.html
They block and threaten to throw out any users for showing you they are just marketing something free and TRUST ME, not managing it right. Go into chat of Forexambush and ask for help getting out of the trade. Ask if it is open still, then ask why the statements at hqf shows the same trade as closed..
t that point ..zap. your ip address is blocked.
As crooked as it comes
south carolina,
Feb 15, 2010,

i agree with richard forex ambush should be out of business very shortly not only have their signals been bad their customer service is worse, too many large drawdown trades which have led to people getting margined out.
if you are lucky enough not to have signed up with them, do yourself a favor skip fa for anyone else but them alot of $ has been lost with their false promises
Queens, NY,
Feb 14, 2010,

I was with FA a while back and honestly trades were flowing well. Target Prices were being hit then all of a sudden the Sh*t started to smell. The EUR/CHF trade that lasted almost 3 months was a close call because any major spike would have toasted everyone, however FA lucked out. That was my que to back off and leave FA's signals. Then the Eur/Jpy happened and wiped everyone out. Now im hearing Eur/Jpy wiped everyone out AGAIN? wow thats rough. So much for 100% even though their site still claims 100% still. By the way their autotrade page that shows their progress now says "Currently under maintenance" LOL Yeah im sure it is along with everyones trading account.
Feb 7, 2010,

ForexAmbush is DONE (as in "FINISHED").

I'm an actual member of ForexAmbush signal service.

The last EUR/JPY signal on 01/21 (Trailing Stop= 80 Target Profit=20 pip, Buy order opened at : 128.396 EURJPY Server Time= 2010.01.21 16:35:05) has wiped out 99% of their clients' autotrade and manual accounts with margin calls on 02/04.
It's interesting but on Sun, 01/30 when EUR/JPY price hit record 400 pips against their signal (124.396) they have distributed the following email to all their members:

"This is an update to inform you that we are still in the last EURJPY trade. We will close in profit as always."

That email of course gave confidence to even more of their members enter the trade on the 400 pips draw-down hoping that this will become the "supertrade" when the trend reverses and hits the target profit of ForexAmbush signal.

Only 4 trading days later the price jumped another 300+ pips against FA signal (121.105) which has caused margin calls for 99% of ForexAmbush customers.

Between all the ForexAmbush members the loss is estimated in hundreds of thousands of US dollars if not in millions.

One of ForexAmbush admin contacts has officially accepted on their ridiculous MEMBER chat (the only way of communicating with ForexAmbush by the way as they never reply to email support requests) that the last signal is officially accepted as a LOSS.

Of course 3 days later there is still no official message send by ForexAmbush or posted on their website.

This service is A SCAM as it's (luckily for all potential new members) proved now twice. The company had all indications of the scammers - nobody knows the real names of people behind the company, nobody knows their location, nobody knows how to contact them, nobody knows how their signal service works. Nobody even knows if the last signal was purposely sent against the loosing trend so they could get all their current customers money.

People behind ForexAmbush company and their service all deserve to go to jail on the counts of their last 01/21 signal and the signal of 10/26 (also buy on EUR/JPY at 137.223 that wiped out half of their customers accounts - the losses were cumulatively measured in millions of dollars).

Jan 27, 2010,

I believe this group are nothing more than SCAM absolutely disgusted, no stop losses, useless trailing stops, over the top leverage, and nop communications, no trade records - absolute scam NEED TO BE STOPPED TOTALLY and NOW
Bob Cullen,
Dec 18, 2009,

I am a user of the Auto Trader on a real account since October 09. Currently up 58% this date (12/18/09). Twice I have entered additional trades during a large drawdown with significant profits resulting. No losses. I do monitor all trades due to chat history. I agree support is minimal. I do not invest capital that I cannot afford to lose. The source of the signals used at FAmbush has almost a two year record now without a loss. The Auto Trader has caused issues and that is why I monitor all trades. The other thing is that I use default settings. I am not trying to make a lot per trade. I hope my success continues and I appreciate the warnings on this forum,
Dec 10, 2009,

I bought a subscription to Forex Ambush on 7/3/09. I can remember the first trade signal it gave took almost 2 months to hit profit target, and it went almost 400 pips into dd before it hit it. When I was considering this service, I can remember it clearly stated it used stop losses, but I later found out in the chat room that the stop losses dont engage until it goes into profit - clearly misrepresented.
There was no customer support whatsoever, you could go into their chat room and get peoples opinions, but noone there was clearly a company rep and therefore you couldnt get your questions answered.
It might be profitable if you could load up trades during the dd but one question: if there is no sl, then how far will it go into dd - unknown. not good enough for me. I did ask for a refund, no response and it took more that 60 days for the first signal to finish