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AutoFxFiringPin.com Review

Updated: Sep 7, 2018
1.217 · 10 REVIEWS
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1.217 · 10 REVIEWS
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UK, United Kingdom,
Jul 24, 2012,

I have asked for a refund 5 times now. I Finally started sending them and email everyday an on the last emil I said if I hear no response I will be sending them an email EVERYDAY until I recieve some response. The following was thier reply.... OMG.... 1) why a check, 2) cash flow issues? 3) Can't they just refund my card?

This letter confirms that we have received your request for a refund and have reviewed your supporting documentation. We are contacting you to give you a status update.

We plan on honoring the refund request but due to a temporary cash flow crunch, we are, unfortunately, not in a position to do so at this time.

Having said that, we have come up with an alternative solution for your consideration. We have developed a simple but powerful indicator that can be used in conjunction with any FX trading system you're currently using. Its retail value is $497.

You may find out more about it here:

If you take us up on this offer, then you will not only retain your rights to any and all future updates or upgrades of our software free of charge, you'll also get the $497 indicator and instructions for use at no cost to you.

If this alternative solution is acceptable, then please reply to this email with a statement saying, "I'm exchanging my refund for the right to use the indicator."

When we get this from you, we will send you the indicator and you will remain on our client list.

If this is not agreeable to you, we will make every effort to refund you as soon as we are able. We will do so via certified check. Please send me the exact name to appear on the check and the address to which you want it sent.

And until the refund is made, you will continue to get free updates and upgrades.

Please let me know how you wish to proceed.

So I will ask for a refund of course... will the check ever come?

I wonder if I can still make a charge back?

, Singapore,
Jul 8, 2012,

I bought their software on 22 Jan 2012 and tried it on demo account with myfxbook for records so if it won't work, I could sent the 3-month trading records for a refund within 6 months of the purchase. On 19 & 22 May2012, I sent all the records as they instructed for refund application. On 25June2012, I reminded again through email to them to refund me for the loss-making software. Today, I emailed back again as they still only reply back with affiliate products twice for last week.
, Netherlands,
Jun 3, 2012,

Just like other members, it's a terrible working program.
I've contacted them, and i've let them know that i wanted a refund.
But that seems impossible.
I've handed everything the asked for such as:
Settings files
etc etc
But since i lost so much money on them i quit using it. And i have been trading about 5 full weeks with the robot.
Now they say that i should try at least one more week in order to get my refund.

What is this? I refuse to do so, because i know it's going to loose even more money.
Terrible people.
I'm still in doubt of whether i should file a case up here.
Heathcote, Australia,
Mar 18, 2012,

Found impossible to set up, & they flat out refused to refund.Just listened to webinar saying the $295 cost never to be repeated- yea, right, they did that last time. Plenty to learn about forex & trading on you tube & forex factory for free.
RC Canada,
Toronto, Canada,
Feb 19, 2012,


cambridge, New Zealand,
Feb 17, 2012,

the sales pitch was very believable and the calibration idea seemed very believable! i got sucked in to trying it out.
the results were consistently very poor. it took nearly a month to setup and i had to try 3 brokers before i could get the calibrations settings correct (even their support staff were unable to be of assistance.
from 1 feb to 17 feb using eur/usd, aud/usd, usd/chf there were a total of 109 trades 58 winners and 51 losers a total of MINUS 560 pips!!!!!!!!

of course you have to provide 90 consecutive days (not 60 days) along with calibration settings to qualify for a refund. there must have been too many refunds so lets make it harder and keep the money longer!! how many people will be that patient on a losing system????? cleverly setup sales approach to keep money i think. i will keep updating results.
Missouri, USA,
Jan 19, 2012,

Abysmal, plain and simple! This EA never got off the ground. I purchased in Sept. and bailed out end of Dec. In theory the mechanics of it seem sound. Calibrate to your broker’s data and you won’t suffer from the pitfalls of poor results if you’re not using the same broker as the developer. The explanation of this in the webinar and the product documentation made a ton of sense. But when put to the test, it just didn’t happen. And I was using the same broker as the developer, IBFX US.

The key to the refund game is to save 60 days of demo account statement data as well as 60 days of calibration settings. Otherwise I’m not sure they’re obligated to give the money back. I provided this and got the refund.

Ken Herbert, the developer, will claim it wins but won’t provide any details on his settings. He’s very vague giving minimal information. He produces a monthly performance report showing how well the EA did, but shares no setting information. There’s no user forum so you can’t interact with others and trade ideas on settings or performance. He also admittedly manually intervenes and closes trades before the profit target is hit but can’t give any percentages on manually closed trades vs. EA closed trades. So, transparency is non-existent making his performance reports irrelevant. The reason I bought it in the first place is because I can’t babysit the charts. The “Auto” in Auto FX Firing Pin is misleading.

Support will respond, but is really of no help. All they’ll say is that the market is doing weird things, the EA will bounce back and give it a fair shot. When pressed with specific questions, they punt. They’re professional at giving excuses.

I can’t recommend this EA and would caution those that do purchase to keep at least 60 days of account statement data as well as 60 days’ worth of calibration data. Otherwise you probably won’t get your refund. Hope this helps.
Robert Christiansen,
Vancouver, Washington, USA,
Dec 19, 2011,

I have asked for my refund and they will not refund my money. The Group Three, LLC will only send a standard email stating I in general that I should try harder to use the product. I emailed them a detailed email stating why I don't want the product and I want my $297 refunded back to my mastercard. They now refuse to answer any of my emails or any of my messages that I leave. You can not talk directly with customer service. You can only leave a message which, of course, never gets returned. I am being scammed out of my $297. I am sending a letter to the State Attorney General claiming fraudulent advertising from this Group Three, LLC located at 723 S. Casino Center Blvd - 2nd Floor in Las Vegas, NV 89101-6716.
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Nov 30, 2011,

Testing AutoFXFiringPin for more than 2 months now.
Started at Sept. 24th with 10,000 balance on a FXDD demo account.
Have done the calibration on a weekly base (Saturday).
Calibration is nothing more then setting different parameters for Stop loss and take profit levels.
It's now November 30th.
Account balance is $ 11,082
So yes, it's in profit. But certain not the % I expect (they said).
This is 5% per month.
System is loosing almost every trade and waits for a heavy "Jump out of the box" trade. Then it will make great profit, which will blow away with all the small lost after that.

I have tested it and I'm not happy with the overall results (I'm not even talking about results in relation with the price!).
I will ask for a refund.


2011-09-24 No Rating I bought Auto FX Firing Pin and I'am testing it on a demo account. Will report results as soon as I have them (couple of weeks).
peter morris,
london, United Kingdom,
Nov 15, 2011,

I bought autofx firing pin a month ago
It is simply awful. I placed it on a demo account (thank goodness), and in 2 weeks, it made just one trade, and that was a losing trade.
I contacted the company for a refund, at least 5 times, and was told how good this was, and to "give it a fair trial". Well, i did this, with no results at all.
The support there sent me an email, including a message from Ken, who told support "Just dont reply to him anymore."
Keep away from these people, they are scammers