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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.839 · 9 REVIEWS
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2.839 · 9 REVIEWS
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Cape Town, South Africa,
May 30, 2013,

Matt is just another internet marketer. He releases a new system very year. We can only guess why :-) I have subscribed to his copier service, made nothing but loses. Matt has never provided verified results or any results. The only positive is, he will eventually give you a refund, should you have purchased a system or trading course from him and it didn't work out for you.
, USA,
Jan 19, 2013,

I have bought Matt's video a few years ago. I also subscribed to his automated service that will do trades for you based on his own trades.
1. the videos seem to make a lot of sense. And they are interesting.
But I never really made any money out of that knowledge.
2. the automated service cost me about 130$ per month, but I virtually made no money. So, for 3 months I spent $ 390 for nothing. I sent emails to Matt which remained unanswered.
So I discontinued this service, and I am now studying books to really understand better what I am doing.
Gwilym Scriven,
Apr 11, 2011,

Just a comment as its too soon to give a verdict on the system - I bought System17, which is a 5min scalping system and so far am very impressed with a few things; The customer service is excellent, you feel there is someone there looking after you. The course itself is very well thought out with clear and concise instructional videos which give a real insight into the method. I will add the stars after a few weeks of trading.
George Turnbull,
Norfolk, England,
Apr 5, 2011,

I have been trading since 1997, and it was not until I signed up for Matt's trading courses and the daily videos that my trading really took off. I've spent a lot of money on e-books and useless courses over the years, been through the mill in that time too. Matt's courses and his daily videos are great. This guy is so honest and straight and such a good teacher you will not find anyone like him teaching Forex Trading today anywhere. There are some people who could never trade, but they should not blame Matt for that its just the way they are. If you are seriously looking for a trading course get the 5tic trading and the videos, especially the videos, after following Matt for a while with a demo account and if you can't make money then quit!! because you after all of that you never will.
Feb 2, 2011,

I have been using 5Tic for couple of months, and all I can say it I have been loosing money like with every other system. Maybe trading is not for me after all. Matt (not his real name by the way) is producing daily videos, that are accessible for members for a fee of $49/month. They only cause for confusion as every time I watched Matt's video, Matt either used different type of settings or added indicator or two. When I raised the issue with him, he said "5tic is not a system". Well Matt, that's not what you sold me. Overall, I for some reason begun to believe that the only way, how to make money out of forex is to create system and sell it over the internet like Matt and his associate Noel Byrne and couple of other guys do.I didn't want to ask for refund , however I know of many people who did and they got their money back. So, that's a plus.On the other hand, I don't know of any of those hundreds, of Matt's students, who "trade forex profitably almost every day".
Nov 22, 2010,

hi Mal
You're a real knob. Matt's alright. System isn't for everyone, but he does give your money back unless you scream & swear at him. And lets face it, you sound like you're part of the 97% of traders who aren't going to make it. Don't blame everyone else, show a bit of grace & gratefulness. Quite simply, your trading might improve.
London, UK,
Jul 16, 2010,

The guy is a total lying scammer. I agree with earlier comments that all that is required is copy of a trading statement to verify his profitability.

Matt refused to supply them to me giving the same old lame excuses.

And the same applies to all those giving this pr1ck 4 or 5 stars. YOU show us your REAL LIVE trading statements based on Matts system!

I have copied in my email conversation below.

Don't go near this scamming bastard!

From: stormdeals
Sent: 07 August 2009 7:23 PM
To: 'Mattsharp@fivetictrading.com'
Subject: RE: 40% Profit In July

Matt, lets face it, you don't make a profit from your trading. If you did then you'd gladly show last months statement just to shut me up!!

-----Original Message-----
From: Mattsharp@fivetictrading.com [mailto:MattSharp@FiveTicTrading.com]
Sent: 07 August 2009 10:34
To: stormdeals
Subject: 40% Profit In July


Look I don't want to get involved in a slanging match but I do at least 12hours
most days either trading or website stuff - I make a little money from the website and
I have over the last year helped 100's of people trade better, if not perfectly, than they did
and it's that I get a kick from because I know how hard it is to trade profitably (having
lost money consistently for the first 5 years of my trading)
So excuse me but I'd rather spend my valuable time helping those that are willing to
learn than persuding the doubters - I really don't care who doesn't believe me as long as
I get to help those who do.


From: stormdeals
Sent: 05 August 2009 5:43 PM
To: 'Mattsharp@fivetictrading.com'
Subject: RE: 40% Profit in July

Just show them. That way everyone is left in no doubt that you are profitable. If you trade other methods your statement would show that you made more money than you have stated in your emails. That would leave everyone happy and convinced that you're not just another scammer.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mattsharp@fivetictrading.com [mailto:MattSharp@FiveTicTrading.com]
Sent: 05 August 2009 17:09
To: stormdeals
Subject: Re: 40% Profit in July

Hi Mal,

Unfortunately I trade several methods and many markets so I would need to pick
the trades relavant to FiveTicFOREX and then I'd get accused of leaving out the losers!

I do many live trades on video and this week on a live webinar so sorry, but you either believe
me or not. I want to help anyone I can learn to tarde rather than focus on "presuading"
any doubters.

Anyway, best regards


----- Original Message -----
From: stormdeals
To: 'Matt Sharp'
Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 10:24 PM
Subject: RE: 40% Profit in July

Hi Matt

All very interesting but how about verifying these returns by showing me your trading statements?!?!?!


Hi ,

Despite a month where the Gbp/Usd was unusually quiet FiveTicFOREX still
managed a respectable $8055 Profit during July.

There were an unusually high number of days where trading had to continue
after having a losing trade in order to recover the loss; but in all but 2 days
a profit was achieved.


By trading "with" the market - by allowing the market to show its' intention
before getting into a trade and by then letting the market give to us in a patient
and planned way - thus making the most of the occasions when the market did
eventually move.

You can trade this way too and enjoy these sort of results every month.

The results for the last year are here and you can get more details of the
way we trade here

I'll give you all the help I can to get you making these sort of profits including
daily video training, email, skype, and IM chat support and coming soon will
be weekly webinars where we'll trade live.

Best regards


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Jul 12, 2010,

I agree completely with the last comment. I bought Matt Sharps course, read it & demo'd it for 2 weeks then went back & said it wasn't for me. He refunded my money in full without question.

I know loads of traders who don't use MT4, even most of the developers out there stay away from it. Guess why it's free.
Terry Buck,
Apr 24, 2010,

I carnt believe the 1st 2 reviews on this site,Mr Matt Sharpe IS totally ethical and will refund your money in full if requested.The system is brilliant and will make you money if practised
Aug 4, 2009,

Just another wannabee in my opinion.

Continues to send marketing emails about his supposed performance and was even going to record a live trade session or two so we (potential clients) could see for ourselves.

Who has the time to watch a recording of someone else trade a session?

So I suggested that rather than go to all the trouble of recording live trading sessions and then editing them into a video and uploading them onto his website ... blah.... blah blah, why not just simply open a metatrader 4 demo account and enter your trades on this account and let potential clients login to that account on a read-only bases and see 'live' how he's doing.

Why not dispense with all the subterfuge and smoke screen and cut through the c**p and be upfront?

Well, you can imagine the reasons why he couldn't do this, which stopped nothing short of apparently not knowing what a metatrader demo account was!


Can you imagine.. an allegedly seasoned and successful forex trader in this day not knowing what a metatrader demo account was? Sure sure.

When he said that I then suggested that he put his money where his mouth is and give potential clients read-only login access to a metatrader live account with real funds.

I mean, who cares how much he has in his account? Really, all the protestations about privacy and confidentiality etc. are when it boils down to it just another smoke screen to cover the truth.

Of course he didn't go for the live account suggestion.