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NFA member brokers are now offered at CashBackForex USA by Excel Markets Inc. (NFA member). 
The founders of Cash Back Forex have also created an FMA Regulated broker dealer service Excel Markets at


Established: 2007
Contact:, +353 21 242 8190

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4.873 · 95 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Madrid, Spain,
Jan 19, 2011,

I only have good words for CashBackForex. Easy to sign up, to compare brokers, to chose the one you want and open the account, and to start collecting money in time.
Krit Ketmalee,
Jan 24, 2011,

cash back firex is the best web.
Feb 9, 2011,

Highly recommended! These guys are the best!

Monthly cheques received from trading with TDFX and FXCM. are genuine!

If your broker is listed (many listed) I would highly recommend sign up - I was never disappointed.
Mar 11, 2011,

If I will be using their services - will I have to trade through their MT4 platform or the platform of the broker ? Or do I have to log in to cashbackforex in order to start trading via my brokers platform ?
Michael, from Cashbackforex,
Cork Ireland,
Mar 17, 2011,

RE: Rob's questions
1) will I have to trade through their MT4 platform or the platform of the broker ? You login & trade directly through the broker's platform.
2) Or do I have to log in to cashbackforex in order to start trading via my brokers platform ? You never login through Cashbackforex to trade.
To receive cashback on a broker account, you must open the account using the instructions and links on the Cashbackforex site. Other than that, you broker account, including spreads, will be exactly the same as if opened directly on the broker's site.
The only time you need to login to Cashbackforex is when you want to check your cashback amount, payment, etc.
John (pip$queak),
Apr 1, 2011,

I looked at trying to sign-up with a broker on this website, cuz of all of the great reviews found here but... unfortunately, ALL of the brokers on there had bad reviews!?! this may be a dumb question but I'd like to know how this website can have a perfect 5 star rating on here when all of the brokers listed on it have NUMEROUS, SERIOUS, and RECENT complaints from the clients??? It doesn't add up.

Review Moderation Team Note: We would like to make several points about this.

1. This page is for reviews of how CashBackForex dealt with clients, independently of how well or poorly the broker each client selected dealt with clients.

2. CashBackForex offers a wide variety of broker choices. As the FPA's reviews clearly testify, not every broker is a suitable choice for every client. Very few brokers with more that 10 reviews have all 5 star ratings.

3. Some of the brokers offered by CashBackForex have pretty good reviews at the FPA. Some don't. You should research your potential broker first. Then you can see if there is a spread rebate program for that broker with CashBackForex or another company providing similar services.
Marshall Juckem,
Dallas Texas USA,
Apr 20, 2011,

Highest rebates you can find anywhere. Esay to sign up, and you can compare Brokers with ease. Cash Back Forex is always friendly, ready to give you support and very Efficient and on time.
I have been tradingForex for seven years now. I love these guys. Keep up the Great work.
Jul 15, 2011,

Great support assistance from a personnel named Jacob . Extremely attentive and fast. I had 3-5 different conversations with the same personnel regarding my broker. All in all it was an excellent experience. They deserve the 5 star rating . Keep it up Cashbackforex!
Jul 19, 2011,

Hi, I just tried to sign up an already existing account from Alpari to Cashbackforex and what Alpari says on its form is whatever the introducing broker tells you, here cashbackforex, they will charge you extra pips or pip fractions to do business with an introducing broker. So I said to myself we can try to verify it with an EA doing the same trades on two different accounts of a same broker but it's just impossible because I do have an EA trading on two different accounts and it's not entering trades always at the same price. So I concluded that it's impossible to test and you end up very probably paying for the check you receive!!!

Review Moderation Team Note: Please see the review left by CashBackForex on 2010-07-28. This issue has already been addressed.
Dublin IE,
Aug 20, 2011,

In my point of view cashbackforex is an excellent service.
I use this program for more than 1 year by now, and they
send my check's monthly, that don't make me reach but i
get my money witch i'm entitled to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CashBackForex a good forex rebate broker?

Unbiased traders reviews on ForexPeaceArmy is the best way to answer if Cash Back Forex is a good forex rebate introducing broker.

Please come back often as broker services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Additionally, we'd recommend to check recent CashBackForex community discussions:

What is CashBackForex?

CashBackForex is a forex rebate introducing broker.

CashBackForex offers a cash rebate to traders who sign up with them for each trade they make.

Does CashBackForex offer rebates on a losing trade?

Yes. CashBackForex' rebates are paid on every trade you make, including both losing trades and winning trades.

How do the CashBackForex rebates work?

  • Sign up a broker via CashBackForex or link your existing broker account to CashBackForex
  • Broker pays CashBackForex part of their spread or commission profit for every trade you make for referring a customer to them.
  • CashBackForex pays you a cash rebate for each trade you make as a reward for signing up with them.

Can I refer myself for CashBackForex rebates?

CashBackForex only allows one profile for one client. Self-referral is not permitted.

Multiple profiles for the same client will be consolidated to a single profile by CashBackForex.

How are CashBackForex' rebates paid?

CashBackForex offers several options to pay out their rebates.

  • Monthly cash back: Rebates payments are credited and sent automatically by the 12th of the month following the month rebates are earned in.
  • Spread or commission reduction: The trader actually receives reduced commissions and/or spreads. 
  • Direct payment to brokerage account: Cash rebates are credited directly to the trader’s brokerage account, typically between 1-7 days after the trade is closed.