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The founders of Cash Back Forex have also created an FMA Regulated broker dealer service Excel Markets at


Established: 2007
Contact:, +353 21 242 8190

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4.873 · 95 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Ontario, Canada,
Jun 7, 2021,

free money!

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I've been using their service for over 6 years and have gotten money back every month like clockwork. l've received literally thousands of dollars that I would not have if I didn't sign up with my broker though their website. I highly recommend them.
Johor, Malaysia,
Jun 3, 2021,
Registered user

The Best Cashback rebate provider

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Every month I receive cash rebate from my open trade. Their service & support are exceptional. I strongly recommended to forex trader to join. Its free!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
May 22, 2021,
Registered user

Simply the best.

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

The entire team at Cashbackforex is beyond fantastic. I have been with them since 2015 and honestly I have gotten nothing but exceptional service from them always. Payments are credited on time and sometimes even before the stipulated date. They are courteous and respectful. I cannot praise them enough.
Jubail, Saudi Arabia,
Nov 2, 2020,
Registered user

the best ever

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I am sorry to give you just 5 stars , you of course deserve more , I have been seen a service like this before , instant transfer for money , many possible transfer ways , exceptional support , i am dealing with them for about a year and they are exceptional , just try it now by open their website , you will find exceptional support in the chat box even you are not a customer with them
Kuwait, Kuwait,
Feb 12, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

more than 3 months with them Great Support and always 12th of the month they send you cashback some times 9th they send the money so i will give 5 stars
May 22, 2019,
Registered user

I am a client since 2011 and got more than 70.000 $ rebates from them. I can confirm, that I never had any problem with payments or calculation of the rebates. I can only recommend to use this service.
Kiev, Ukraine,
May 17, 2019,
Registered user

Service which pay money

The first time i said that all was bad but guys decided the problems. i received my money. They gave me apologizes and become very friendly. FPA changing world lol))

Nov 27, 2017 - 1 Star Currently, they act with me like a SCAMMERS.
They do not want to give me my money. I do the big volume of my accounts (2-3 k lots per month). They must pay after 10 of each month. already 27 November and they still not pay my October rebates, first they said that still didn't receive rebates from the broker, then they told that already received and i must wait, after 3 days they ask me to send reports from my accounts because they need to calculate something. But I know that ibs have reports, on ib back office, so this looks like they wasting the time! WTF
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Greece, Greece,
May 14, 2019,
Registered user

The issue has been resolved

After contacting me with a company representative, I was able to understand how the rebates work in ICMarkets ECN AUTO account. I have to admit that the mistake was mine. So I am correcting my review of the company. People have a professional approach to all the issues that arise.

May 9, 2019 - 1 Star The biggest scam on forex!!!
Please stay away from this provider.
I make some transaction with IC Markets, and the total commission is about $145 the rebate from CB forex is 24.43% for my account. But the money to get from rebates is only $ 4.6!!!
Where is my money?
Ronny Santoso,
Surabaya, Indonesia,
Aug 17, 2018,

EXCELLENT rated !! for

EXCELLENT rated !!
I'm moved from another "IB" to since mid 2017.
With another "IB" joined them since mid 2015.
Before know, I assumed that IB and "IB" is the same.
I was wrong. It's vastly different.
Don't just Blindly trust my rated, But you should try it for yourself....
You will feel the different !
Kiev, Ukraine,
Jul 11, 2018,
Registered user


not good delay payments can pay 9 numbers and may not pay if you do not follow them. basically payments are delayed waiting for a month and they then delay
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Toronto, Canada,
May 29, 2018,
Registered user

GREAT online chat support!!!!

Can't give stars as I haven't opened an account yet, but felt the need to give them a pat on the back for their online chat customer service. I have basically pestered them with questions trying to nail down a few issues I was unclear on. They did so graciously and timely and were always happy to help.
Aaron and Alina were champs!!
A+++ for customer support!
Will be back after a month or two of getting rebates sent to me.
May 4, 2017,
Registered user

Very happy with Cashbackforex, the best so far among all other rebate providers I have used. Highly recommended.
hyderabad, India,
Feb 13, 2017,
Registered user

very good at service

My experience with them is quite satisfactory and have received good responses from their support team when ever I contacted them. I recommend their services
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Dec 31, 2016,
Registered user

Very reliable

excellent service and support response. I always get rebate every month on time. I recommend this site for forex users who is looking for honest rebate company.
, Australia,
Jul 12, 2016,

Opened an account for AxiTrader via They said they don't adjust the spreads but I noticed a spread difference between the live and demo account. After enquiring with AxiTrader, they acknowledged that the IB had a 0.2 pip markup. I followed up with Cashbackforex but after several days, they haven't been able to resolve this. In fact, they completely ignored me at my last attempt. Be careful if you're looking for tight spreads

CashBackForex Representative reply:  The client is correct. Axitrader (Australia) was one of just 2 brokers that altered spreads for our clients since our inception in 2007. They did so without our knowledge to increase their profits. Clients alert us very quickly, and after finding out we removed them from the website.

We regret that we were not able to resolve this situation as quickly as the client hoped for. We have to investigate thoroughly and we cannot jump to conclusions too quickly. We were waiting on communication back from the broker and had replied within 24 hours of the client's last communication. We totally understand the client's frustration, we ourselves were also surprised and frustrated. The client had not yet traded the account so there was no refund to issue in this case.

2 years later the UK branch of Axitrader contacted us for an agreement, under different management saying they weren't aligned with the previous actions of the AU company, and we added Axitrader back under the UK agreement.
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam,
Jul 12, 2016,

So many of 5 stars reviews, Is this something fishy here guys? I'm looking for a broker to trade with, not sure if this's a trap. Can someone give me more proof of your withdrawal process with this broker?

Review Moderation Team Note: CashBackForex is not a broker. CashBackForex is a rebate IB. These reviews are for CashBackForex's performance is providing rebates, not on the performance of individual brokers they offer rebates from.
Mr. Fan,
Singapore, Singapore,
May 10, 2016,

I've already rated, this is just a continued effort to show everyone that they are still paying, and hopefully continue to pay.

I got this a month ago and the next rebate will be given later tonight.

Nothing beats real life proof.
Take care FPA members.

2016-03-25 5Star I was in need of a rebate service quick. I emailed 2 services on friday hoping to get set up over the weekend. replied earlier and gave a very good service. They have a personal touch which i appreciate.

sugiatno sutjipto,
indonesia, Indonesia,
Apr 17, 2016,

I have using cashbackforex for 6 years.there is no problem is replayed fast .each month I got my payment on my PayPal.thank you caahbackforex.keep the great service
LANCS, United Kingdom,
Nov 25, 2015,

I have been with Cash Back Forex since 2010 and I am very happy with their services. I have earned over $6000 in rebates from them without any trouble.
Lisbon, Portugal,
Aug 4, 2015,

In the wild-west of forex world, Cashback forex has been a constant and reliable partner over the many years I've partnered with them.
Their Chat service is not only very polite and helpful minded as well focused in solving customer's problems the best and fastest way possible. I could not recommend more Cashback services when you are looking for a IB and rebate program.
Italy, Italy,
Jul 6, 2015,

Best cashback service and rebate system in the forex world. I had a little problem (my fault) but they solve it and left me very satisfied.
Highly recommended.
, Indonesia,
Jan 22, 2015,

I have received my first month rebates USD150+ (as to cheer me a little up because my 500 account was wiped out LOL :((

However on the site you only can see the total rebates, you can't check the detail rebates per transaction, for this case the support team mentions if we find any dispute we can send our details trades and they will help to check.
It would be best if there is a details rebates per trades on the site.
Al Moataz,
Cairo, Egypt,
Jan 7, 2015,

Cashback forex really supported me..their customer service really helpful, friendly and professional
, Malaysia,
Dec 15, 2014,

Yes, why are there so many 5 Stars reviews here????

I use CashBackForex as an IB to get cash rebates from my ICMarkets trading account and am getting very tired with having to email to remind them, and then, their procrastination in giving my monthly rebates.
Even now, 16/Dec/2014, I still have not receive my Nov 2014 rebates and nobody replied to my two emails.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Seelan Moodley,
Durban, South Africa,
Dec 10, 2014,

Really happy with the service from cashback forex. Rebates are on time every time :-) good work guys! much appreciate the awesome service.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Nov 27, 2014,

I have been with cashbackforex since 2010 and i have been very satisfied with their services. I get rebate commission for my broker credited to my trading account and also i get commissions for a number of friends i have also refereed. I must say their clients services, is great...timely responses to emails...patient and very helpful reps and all ths reflects that they have well trained reps who really know what they are doing and have the satisfaction of their clients as their NO1 priority.
, Australia,
Oct 16, 2014,

These guys are excellent! I have been with them since my early days (2009-ish?). You don't pay them a cent. Just register your broker's account with their IB codes, and get your commissions rebated back to you at little to no cost!

You cannot go wrong with these guys. I haven't tried other rebate programs, but why would I when I have the best rebates here? CBF have managed to match better rates I have found elsewhere, so I continue to get the best deal with them without having to change rebate providers.

I definitely recommend their services - especially as a good way to "get back" at "broke-rs" ("criminals"). Just be wary that your broker is calculating rebates correctly: I sent CBF my account statements and they followed it up - my broker had miscalculated my rebates so I got the extra money back too!

I hope these guys ALWAYS stay in business!
ABUJA, Nigeria,
Sep 1, 2014,


I use CBF service. They are not a forex broker, they offer rebate service. I am a beneficiary, they are prompt, the delays in payments if any are usually the fault of the respective forex brokers. CBF on the other hand often make prompt payments of rebates. I only joined them this year and they are fantastic.

Dont sit in doubt, give them a trial and perhaps, you will best appreciate the reason for the multiple 5 stars. I give them 7 stars if it were possible.

Best regards.

, USA,
Jul 26, 2014,

I am wondering how can there be 80 reviews with ALL of them being a 5 star rating? No broker or company is perfect. It is hard to believe there is not one person that hasn't had an issue with slippage, execution, or some other issue.

Even though 80 reviews is a fairly high number of reviews, it would seem that if this broker was truly so great (that ALL 80 reviews are 5 star rating) then shouldn't this broker have MUCH more than 80 reviews? If seems they should have the most reviews out of all the brokers if they are REALLY that great to have not even 1 negative review whatsoever!

I really hate to accuse anybody of anything, but I can't help but to be suspicious of these reviews.

Review Moderation Team Note: The reviews are all for CashBackForex's pip rebate services. Reviews for the individual brokers involved should go on the broker review pages.

All reviews here have been through the exact same screening process as the reviews for other companies.

MELBOURNE, Australia,
Dec 28, 2013,
Registered user

Every month they credit my PAYPAL account no drama.This is the one you should use if you want rebates. Well done CBFX


2011-11-26 5Star Just a follow up from a post a few months back.
All c*** aside they are pretty good. Have used them for 3 months received 3 rebate payments like clockwork on the 23rd of each month. Thanks to the guys that posted reviews. Highly recommend cashbackforex. Good trading.....smash the scammers

2011-08-19 5Star Just got my first amount $19, Excellent worked out what expected. Great service and quick response. highly recommended
Chiang Mai, Thailand,
Jul 26, 2013,

I never usually believe 5 star reviews and never made one before myself, but this service is fantastic! I looked in my account and there was over a hundred bucks, in mind I thought it would about 50!
getting paid on losing as well as winning trades m,akes all the difference and really helps you stay profitable.
Viva Froex, Viva Cashback!
labuan, Malaysia,
May 12, 2013,

very good rebates program. easy and excellent for scalper like me =) two thumbs up !!
SK, Canada,
Mar 22, 2013,

I've signed up for my fx broker through and I am very pleased with the rebate I am getting so far. My cheque is mailed once my rebate payback is reached the threshold I set and the rebate rate is excellent. I am a very happy customer. Thanks for the excellent service.
Hougang , Singapore,
Jan 26, 2013,

This is the best rebate cash back rebate provider. Easy setup and payment is always prompt. Customer service is excellent. Every month before the 15th i never fail to receive the payment. Excellent guys!!
Tomas Gracias,
Brno, Czech Republic,
Jan 10, 2013,


this is the best rebate provider i have ever used.
In my particular case where i forgot to create account on and found it after almost 1 year. They were able to credit me my rebate money for past year. I just send them export of my trades from MT4. The problem was solved and money credited the same day! Today i received my 1st payment exactly as promised.

* the support is willing to help, their response is really fast
* good communication via chat and email
* money received on time, without charge via Paypal
* they match the rebate % to any other program i found on net.
Niagara, Canada,
Jan 8, 2013,

In my quest for a Forex broker, Cash Back Forex came on top. The next step was to pick a brokerage firm (partner) in their list for the actual trades. I will review the brokerage firm separately after I give them some more time to be evaluated.

For now, it is safe to say this: Cash Back Forex does stand up for their customers. I had issues with their partner whose I was placing my trades with and sending my funds to.

After two weeks of emails back and forth, I was getting nowhere.
I contacted Cash Back Forex. A manger got back to me and in 48H achieved more than I had in two weeks.

The issue was solved and I want to thank Cash Back Forex for assisting their customer and asking questions to their partner.

This is (in addition to the cash back benefits) a feature that we might overlook. An introductory broker like Cash Back Forex will be on your side when an issue arises with the brokerage firm you have picked.

5 stars.
shaukat jahqngir,
karachi, Pakistan,
Dec 16, 2012,

I recived 2 payments on time excelent service no issue at all must deserive 5 star keep it up.

2012-11-14 5Star I was surprised when I received email from cash back Forex, just received 141$. one of the best broker of his kind, the service is excellent, same day fund transfer.
Szeged, Hungary,
Dec 14, 2012,

Customer service makes this site really easy to use. Got my money back from speads with no issues!! Highly recommended!
, Japan,
Nov 20, 2012,

I have never seen such a user-firiendlly cash back IB. Perfect support and overwelming cash back rebates! (In fact, in my case, CBF beaten or destroyed 2 other cash back IB by firing his killing NO1 rebate weapons.) CBF is absolutely authentic NO.1 cash back IB. Thanks from Japan
Algeirs, Algeria,
Oct 29, 2012,

its the best Forex rebate company ever! they Rebate rate are unbreakable; very very excellent support. 5 stars
Malaysia, Malaysia,
Oct 25, 2012,

This is my first post here as I did not looked at any reviews of rebates brokers. I joined Cashbackforex in Dec 2009 after a recommendation from a friend. I am extremely happy to write this review after some exceptional support and service cashbackforex provided. The latest concerning missing rebates as my broker had switched to 5-digit quotes and I had migrated to the new platform. In the process, the broker inadvertently did not submit the trading data prior to the migration and the new trades. Upon reporting to cashback, they were in constant touch with me by email regarding their communication with the broker. I'mvery happy to report that the issue was resolved in double quick time and I have received the rebates. Also,cashback has always remitted my rebates.on time every time.

Extremely more than satisfied and happy.
Tokyo, Japan,
Oct 12, 2012,

I'm so happy.

There was a complaint there is a conflict in the cash back rate.
They gave me a contact and respond quickly. Posted a cash back rate of highest.

I hope a good partner in the future.
Portugal, Portugal,
Oct 5, 2012,

Cash back is a very professional service, without delay, error-free, always available to help. So in my view be the nr 1. I've tried several similar services and there is clearly, nothing compares with cashback.

Regards From Portugal
, Belgium,
Sep 3, 2012,

I read mixed reviews about CashBackForex, pro and against depending on the intent of the reviewer, so I had second thoughts about using their services. What tipped the balance in the end for me was when they were true to their word that they will beat any competition. I guess the greed did have the last say once again! :) And they did, whatever rebate programme I found online they have topped that. After some weeks, they also proved to be serious when the payments of the rebates were taking place on time.

But this has also been said before, so this is not why I'm writing this review. The reason I am granting them 5 stars and also taking the time to write this is due to their assistance in an extremely annoying matter I have encountered with a Russian broker that refused to grant me a withdrawal from my trading account. The reasons they brought up were (maybe some of you has had the same experience already) related to the payment system which apparently constrained them to keep the money for at least 45 days! And no guarantee can be given about approving the withdrawal even after that period, as unbelievable as that may seem. Anyway, after many emails exchanged with the broker’ support and a lot of stress involved, I wrote a message to Cashbackforex support asking for their help in the issue (the account was included in their rebate programme). Well, suffice to say that the next day I had an email in my inbox that the money was already transferred to my account.

This borderline scam experience taught me to better choose the brokers I put my money with next time and also that using a serious rebate programme is sometimes more important than the regular payments they make.
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 2, 2012,

5 stars from me . got my rebate in time NO PROBLEM what so ever . recommended .,
Nate Zeal,
, Australia,
Jul 27, 2012,

Service is excellent and i have found to be capable, honest and trustworthy. They are a great company and offer great rebates. They desire to exceed your expectations and guarantee to beat competitors. I'm happy.
Raihanaty A Jalil,
WA, Australia,
Jul 13, 2012,

I cannot begin to express how completely and utterly happy I am with CashBackForex! Their customer service is truly second-to-none!! I Highly Highly recommend them to everyone!

I had contacted them about an issue of not seeing my rebates on my account and they responded immediately and investigated and followed-up in a timely manner. Furthermore, even though the issue required them to correspond back and forth directly with my broker, they updated me frequently on the progress, sometimes even emailing me more than once a day, making me feel that my case was of utmost importance.
In the end, the issue was resolved and my rebate paid.

I am eternally grateful and honestly don't know what else to say except that I will most definitely to recommending them to my own family and friends, as I have full confidence that CashBackForex will give them all the very best in time and service.
South Africa, South Africa,
Jul 6, 2012,

After about a year and when I lost my User Name & Password, I contacted them and soooo quickly they helped.
Not expecting much from a small trading account I checked my balance.
What a team!
, Lebanon,
Jun 20, 2012,

Excellent Company Service. One of the very few companies in this industry I worked with that were very respectful and pay their clients at time regardless country of origin. Others delay after delay or even not pay you. The broker my cheat you but never this company.
Work blindly with this company,

Hats off CashBackForex.

To More Progress
donetsk, Ukraine,
Jun 12, 2012,

when i saw the perfect 5 star rating for this company, i thought nobody should be that perfect. but after using there service for 5 months now, i have to say that they should be given more than 5 star.
they do go out of there way to there clients satisfied.
the only thing i want them to add very fast to there service is MONEYBROOKE as pay out option.
other methods are either expensive or not an option.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is CashBackForex a good forex rebate broker?

Unbiased traders reviews on ForexPeaceArmy is the best way to answer if Cash Back Forex is a good forex rebate introducing broker.

Please come back often as broker services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Additionally, we'd recommend to check recent CashBackForex community discussions:

What is CashBackForex?

CashBackForex is a forex rebate introducing broker.

CashBackForex offers a cash rebate to traders who sign up with them for each trade they make.

Does CashBackForex offer rebates on a losing trade?

Yes. CashBackForex' rebates are paid on every trade you make, including both losing trades and winning trades.

How do the CashBackForex rebates work?

  • Sign up a broker via CashBackForex or link your existing broker account to CashBackForex
  • Broker pays CashBackForex part of their spread or commission profit for every trade you make for referring a customer to them.
  • CashBackForex pays you a cash rebate for each trade you make as a reward for signing up with them.

Can I refer myself for CashBackForex rebates?

CashBackForex only allows one profile for one client. Self-referral is not permitted.

Multiple profiles for the same client will be consolidated to a single profile by CashBackForex.

How are CashBackForex' rebates paid?

CashBackForex offers several options to pay out their rebates.

  • Monthly cash back: Rebates payments are credited and sent automatically by the 12th of the month following the month rebates are earned in.
  • Spread or commission reduction: The trader actually receives reduced commissions and/or spreads. 
  • Direct payment to brokerage account: Cash rebates are credited directly to the trader’s brokerage account, typically between 1-7 days after the trade is closed.