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Updated: May 10, 2018
1.538 · 10 REVIEWS
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Other websites associated with Kishore M. include PowerupCapital.com

Was at ifxprofits.com.

IForexProfit.com (Was ifxprofits.com. Instant Forex Profits - Kishore M.)

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1.538 · 10 REVIEWS
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Jul 4, 2014,

I downloaded the course for free at Forex Winners not so long ago and went thru it. Glad it was for free 'cos, overall, it's just about Forex basics really that you can find from BabyPips. The videos are poorly made and the information is not worth the price (if it was paid), but since it's free, I guess it's OK. I'd give it a 3 star if you know nowthing about Forex and a 2 star if you had some experience about Forex, like myself.
Zakariyya joomun,
port louis, Mauritius,
Mar 12, 2014,

Elroy Tang,
Singapore, Singapore,
Apr 20, 2012,

Guys beware of powerup capital and Kishore M
a group of his unhappy students have put up a video on youtube
exposing him and what he is really doing
even his own assistant is losing money following him
he advertises in the papers almost daily in Singapore and sells his unsubstantial course to unsespecting public
Please watch and then spread the video about kishore m and powerup capital to as many people as you know, as it will reveal the truth about him and his scam course

Everybody especially singaporeans should know the truth and beware of this cheater!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Apr 11, 2012,

purchased his course for 998 usd.biggest mistake.his daily alert just end up with losses.profit for 10 pips and the stop loss in 100 pips.rubbish.he dont even teach bout support and resistance.He usses lagging indicator to exit the trade.Can you pplsimagine!!!!seriously he is useless and good for nothing.Dun get conned by his marketing.Stay Away!
Dec 24, 2011,

The worst trader ever. I registered with his daily alerts service and proven to be a total disaster. Losses and losses and losses. How his students make money is very questionable. If his trading alerts suck, how some of his followers make money?

Disaster disaster disaster!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 30, 2011,

I have found them recently and find it to be pretty good but support a bit lacking. trading can be very good but much marketing into everything and i would prefer a more hands on experience with Mr kishore "M"
A Powerup Student,
Jun 8, 2011,

I attended Kishore's FX course in 2010, I don't have any comments about the course materials as I find them to be decently good. The problem lies in attending his weekly tutorials which are taught by his two former students. One focuses on the technical aspect of trading while the other focuses on the fundamental aspect of trading. I find the technical trainer is quite good. But the trainer who focuses on fundamental is an absolute disaster, he proudly showed us some of his turnaround trades by not using stop loss, he also hang onto a couple of his losing trades and he badly influenced our trading decision by projecting his view after reading just a few key economic news. I personally could not understand what made him so confident to project where the currencies would go since there are so many other variables he did not consider , besides the news! To make the matters worse, almost all of his recommended trades caused us to lose heaps of money. A brief recall of his recommended trades are listed below:

Back in Dec 2010, he recommended us to buy the pair, forget about it, and check the account 3 - 4 months later as he predicted the pair would easily shoot up above parity. Needless to say, the pair went down to 0.8365 at the time of writing and he told us he bought the pair around 0.98. Good luck to him if he's still held onto his trades.

He told us to short the pair whenever the pair went above parity. Whoever who has shorted the pair would have suffered badly as the pair shot up all the way to 1.1 at one time.

At one time when the pair went down to the vicinity of 0.96, he told us to buy it as he claimed that the chances of the pair to fall further was very low. The pair went down to 0.944 a few weeks later.

IMO, he's no better than a novice forex trader and I don't understand why Kishore would allow him to ruin his reputation. He should be banned from giving tutorial classes as he's really a bad influence to all the Powerup students!
May 30, 2011,

I have taken Kishore M's forex course (in 2009), attended his weekly "live trading" sessions, and watched him place live trades.

I wished I had spent my time and money more fruitfully. The strategies he taught could probably be gleaned by a simple trip through babypips.com.

Furthermore, he himself taught a very simplified version during the main 3-day course. During the weekly meet-up sessions, which were mostly conducted by his former students, the instructors would go into details. Kishore would usually pop in near the end of the session and hurriedly place a trade. As often as not, the trade would be a loss. In any case, we would have to vacate the premises soon after as it was near session end.

I am not the only one who feels this way. During the course and weekly sessions, I was fortunate to make the acquaintance of some experienced traders, who also felt that "we've been had". Why did we sign up for this course, you might ask. Well, the marketing was irresistable and we just had to satisfy our curiosity to see whether we could really learn something worthwhile from it. Sadly not.

In Kishore's website (http://www.powerupcapital.com/performance.html), his performance stats are for 2003-2005. I have emailed him several times asking for more recent performance stats as those are hardly relevant. I never received a reply on that.
Platoon Scout,
Sep 5, 2010,

If Kishore was as bad as you say how can he be recognized by CNN,BBC, Bloomberg,Channel News Asia and a host of business programs otheer than the Banks or Hedge Funds he trades Have they ALL GOT IT WRONG about him being a successful trader or are all you lot saying you got it RIGHT that he is not good at FX trading or that his FX education service cannot produce many sucessful traders.
May 1, 2010,

Kishore is not even a professional trader, he only know how to hedge his whole life that`s why he is an ex-hedge fund manager and his tutor are not even professional just some amateur trader. Every time after the tutorial session of his tutor, you will only see Kishore M. when he want to sell some new products. Using basic indicators with default settings combined with his 50% method is just like gambling. Don`t trust those successful student's testimonials, mostly of them modified the method or make up them up since they can`t show any proofs and not able to explain how they make it in the video as well.

You should mind as well spend your hard earnings and learn from Hector, Henry Liu and many other great traders or just buy some mechanical systems like 1minutedaily or profit day monster to trade but of coz with good discipline and right money management.

Only his NFP trade strategy works and that`s all, Not even worth a cent to be spend on his rubbish. I was so stupid to waste my hard earning ($3.4k) on this trash. If you have not much saving, please don`t spend on any forex courses in singapore like this trash giving you an false impression of becoming millionaire in 2 years. LOL. that reminds me of his 100% strategy what a lie.

I enrolled from Nov 2009 until now and i have learn nothing from his course. I had lost 40% of my live account. This course is almost called a SCAM. watch out.

God Bless on those scammers. Remember Scammers: What you did in the Darkness, will be revealed in the Light. Repent or its too late.