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Out of business
Updated: Apr 13, 2022

This is another Panama based HYIP type company. The FPA recommends against placing money with HYIPs.

The company seems to have disappeared.

SCAM CONFIRMATION: 2010-06-01: The FPA Scam Investigations Committee has confirmed a scam complaint against this company. is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.


Website is down.  One less HYIP scam on the web.  This one lasted longer than most, but that only made it easier for people to believe that HYIPS can be real and lose all their money when it crashed.
2.56 • 30 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

Alicia D.
Sep 29, 2009,

I am very impressed and thankful for this forex managed service. They are not the HYIP company compared to other services out there, I was close to early retirement and then suddenly dismissed. I
realized I could not make my monthly expenses and invested in increments of 5,000 and after six months then 10,000. I thank this company for being true to their word and very professional. After 180 days I received my 5,000 principle besides continued interest. With their gold and silver options the returns have been getting better. I hope they are around a long time for they have been my lifeboat.
Keep up the good work
New York,
Aug 7, 2009,

Who told you that Panamoney is a HYIP? It's a real managed forex trading company with real office address, phone and fax number, and with areal business license issued by the Ministry of trade and commerce in Panama and it allows management of third-party funds. It can be easily checked with Panamanian authorities as I did my due dilligence on that company.

Did you see any hyip that showed trading on Forex in real time? No! And the authenticity of trade on forex market can be confirmed by experts and traders.

Did you see any hyip advertised in reputable forex-related media in USA, Canada and Europe?

Panamoney Technologies, Inc. is not a hyip but an innovative managed forex trading company which, to date, operates more that 1 year.
Diana H
Jul 27, 2009,

Three to four stars for this company. They have helped me stay afloat and have returned 1,800 of my investment when needed. I hope they stay around a long time. Daily average performance is at this time 1.2% , not the 2.8%. With this economy, I can't complain.
I like their transparancy of records.
Jun 13, 2009,

Beware of these, they are utterly useless and just continually lose. I lost $$$$'s with these scammers.

You have been warned!!
Mar 31, 2009,

I was referred to Panana as the top forex managed account by Steven Moore site... after reading your warnings about HYTPs i looked him up - turns out he was CEO of multi million scam and banned from trading...!!! see
Mar 19, 2009,

On $500, have made 111, since 2/14. All things look good.
Phoenix, AZ. USA,
Mar 3, 2009,

Have been investing with the company since its inception. It was my first month in online investing and they have performed perfectly so far. Not one bump or glitch which I can not say about the other companies I discovered during this learning curve. The have always returned my emails in a prompt manner and support is very helpful. Live chat available. Good investing to you.
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