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Updated: Feb 26, 2020
3.05 · 65 REVIEWS
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Formerly known as
Formerly known as United World Capital,


Lite Forex is a forex broker. offers the MetaTrader 4 currency trading top platforms. LiteForex offers over 55 currency pairs, gold, silver and oil for your personal investment and trading options.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size:0.01
Maximum Leverage:30:1
Minimum to Open Live:$50
Address:124 Gladstonos Street, The Hawk Building, 4th Floor, 3032, Limassol, Cyprus, +357-25-750-555
Regional offices:
Regulators: CySEC #093/08
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms:MT4
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
CFD:(15+) Gold, Silver, Stock Indexes, Oil
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
MAM: Yes
Deposit Methods:Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Neteller, Skrill
Withdrawal Methods:Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Neteller, Skrill

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3.05 · 65 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Kunle Victor,
Jan 19, 2011,

Their support is very very very bad. I`ve being in forex environment since 2004, i`ve also used more than 8 forex brokers, but this one is very poor in terms of support and broker-client relationship. Their account verification also takes years... I don`t feel secure with this broker to be honest.
Jan 18, 2011,

Avoid this broker.....I opened an acc with them and got $100 as promotion bonus.....I made profits with that moeny and I tried to withdraw that amount via alertpay but I didnt got it....The live chat is very very very very bad & when I enquire about my money they said "Its very strange sir,You have withdrawn and deposited the same amount on same day"......They are scammers......I am lucky that I only lost the time with them but not money as I play with the promotion money.....I have acc with fxpro and alpari uk....their service is excellent although spread is a bit high
Jan 11, 2011,

At first the execution really fast, I am glad that UWCFX executing my trade in mere 5 second, but later when I'm on winning streak, the execution get longer.

Lastly when I've gain from $132.47 to 145.47, I open another trade in E/U that actually yield $5 (size 0.05 and already in profit 10 pip) the platform stop moving,

my open trade 11 January 17:05 1.2919 I see in other broker platform it move to 1.2929, when the platform stopped I panicked and think how to get out of my trade. I decide to close the trade, this is the things that got serious, instead of closing price of 1.2929 I've given closing price of 1.2919. (other broker will offer close at 1.2929 even the chart not moving).

You can check yourself, there is candle gap between 17:05 - 17:20.

This is one bad experience I got.
Other thing is, I got bonus from UWCFX, I've made profit from the bonus, but I cannot withdraw my profit....
Don't mind about this, but I still fear after I got more profit, they won't let me withdraw.
Jan 2, 2011,

I just open an account with this broker and support is bad, I cant get my account verify my identity when in fact, its a national ID I am submitting to them, Its the one that is accepted by Oanda and Liteforex, and support can not even give me an explanation why they are keep on rejecting the ID I submitted, they already verify everything except the ID. It gives me headache already!!!!
Csiszer Istvan,
Romania, Mures,
Dec 23, 2010,

I work with this broker from several month and i'm satisfied with it. I mad withdrawals, too and the same day the money was in my moneybookers account. So i recommend it.
Amar Abdul Rashid,
Nov 3, 2010,

Yesterday, i put pending order of aud/usd at o.99oo and my order was filled at o.9963, while the best available price was o.99o3, a huge slippage of 6o pips. i claim the profit of my position from o.99o3 untill o.9963 and within 24 hours they have credited into my account the difference.
Thanks UWC, this is my first experience like this that a broker credit into my account coz of their mistake. on one incident i cannot say anything but what i can say that they are customer oriented. well done uwc.

2010-10-30 4 Stars every thing is the same as other broker but what make them different from others is customer service in normal condition very good customer but if there is any problem you will not get answer on live chat but if you col you will be assisted very good.

2nd. there is always difference of price around 2-3 pips on their server and server.

3rd. their preiorty is server, if you put same pending order with the same required prices on 2 different servers i.e. lite and real you will be filled very good on but on u will have slippage of 3o to 4o and some time even 5o pips from the price you entered. so be careful when selecting their account type specially if you trade news. what i think that they are market maker on and stp on

during the news, almost all the brokers have requotes so UWC also.

deposits very good and easy although they dont offer paypal, i dont have experience of withdrawl coz ............. always losing coz of my own mistakes. but i hope withdrawl process will be good also.

they have lot of good promotions. very good bonus offered. especiall turbo bonus.... and ok pay bonus and loyalty bonus. no restriction demo contest is very good.

they have good affiliate account where u can continsly can earn money.

Debit card they offer is also prove that they are honest however, i dont have their debit card.

every thing i mentioned is my own experience i may be wrong. so carefully decide when selecting uwc and their accoun type.
Nimrod Dsouza,
Oct 2, 2010,

Please do not use this broker. Their price feed is like 3-5pips different than other brokers and i believe their using this against their clients as i lost money trying to scalp and kept losing due to this 3-5 pip difference in price, especially on EU and GU.
Danie Erasmus,
South Africa,
Sep 8, 2010,

United World Capital is an excellent broker. I have been with them for quite a number of months. Customer service, processing of withdrawals and deposits are very, very good. Where they can improve is on execution time with orders. I will highly recommend this broker any time and they are fully regulated. I put them on par with the best. They also give you a 10% bonus on deposits.
David Novatkov,
Prague, Czech Republic,
Aug 3, 2010,

Simple the best. Nothing special in dealing - the spreads are common, dealing terms are common, requotes are common, and platform is common. What I really like is a customer support, fast financial transactions and client's funds protection. Just ordered their UWC Quick Card, still waiting.
Ahmed Masri,
Jul 22, 2010,

I have been trading with them for a year an amazing broker they were always helpful and never had problems withdrawing my profits unlike every other broker that I had the misfortune to try.
I just wish they would offer crude oil.
Ivan Simonov,
Russia, Moscow,
Jul 11, 2010,

I work with UWCFX three months. In the beginning, when I lost - the company worked fairly. But after I have started to earn, mockeries have started. I began to receive permanently requotes on opening and closing of bargains. Execution of warrants has increased about 2 minutes. I would not like to speak bad about the company, but for me the impression was added, that the company undertakes all possible that the client has lost the money.
Marcus Rautchentraukh,
Magdeburg, Germany,
Jun 17, 2010,

Great broker, nothing unique with their spreads but service and support level are outstanding. they are regulated by FSA and Cysec and have insurance on accounts up to 20,000 per account.
another cool thing that my other brokers never offered is that they cover all the bank transfer fees.
I deposit and withdrawal fine and quotes on demo and real running side by side never differ.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 star rating removed. This review was left from Cyprus, not Germany. It came from the same location as the review claiming to be from "Simon Attard, Malta" left on 2010-03-11.

Arief Rosianto,
May 25, 2010,

I have jin UWC just now,I think this broker is good, friendlyand helpful l Customer service, and fas for withdrawal and they give the bonus also
May 20, 2010,

This broker is SCAM. It`s hold my $120 and don`t pay my money. No reason, no talking. Be ceareful.
May 19, 2010,

UWC was my second broker (I also made a review of 4XP) since last autumn 2009. After a little bit complicated registration (so many papers) there service is very polite and helpful. I made trades manually the day over but I also worked with an EA after US Session. Like some users said before some spreads are too high (especially for EA) but most important point for me is they are trusty so I don't have to care about my money like with 4XP or other untrustworthy brokers. Because of the high spreads I want give 4 stars, so there is room to improve a little bit for this company.
Simon Attard,
Mar 11, 2010,

I have been using UWC for quite some time now and I am very happy with their service. They are very professional and are always looking to improve their systems. Their support is always there to answer your questions.

They give incentives on a monthly basis whether it be bonuses or contests. So on the whole 5 stars for this company.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 star rating removed. This review was left from Cyprus, not Malta. It came from the same location as the review claiming to be from "Marcus Rautchentraukh, Magdeburg, Germany" left on 2010-06-17.

Feb 12, 2010,

I will agree with Chew Trader that thier spread is a little high compared to other STP broker and even non STP brokers. Hope they do something about the spread. Thier support is good.
oraka m,
Feb 5, 2010,

i have a real account witth this broker,so far they have been proffssional and the platform is just fine.
Chew Trader,
Jan 11, 2010,

Hi I been with this broker about two month plus. I quite happy with their service. Fast and give good response. I have ask for the bouns. after a while, the bouns already credited.

However, I do not like the spread as a little high.
Telmo Pinto,
Dec 17, 2009,

I have settled this issue and get in a agreement with UWC

2009-12-08 1 Star I
Bernard Balan,
Dec 15, 2009,

THese brokers are rip off artists .

I am three other friends all have different accounts with htis fors.

Everything was fins for the first month then when we dtarted to make good pips they placed requote scripts and yes they do have a Dealing Desk there.
All my current orders take as long as 30 seconds to be opened after a lot of requotes.

If I try to modify an order it takes more than 15 seconds.
If I try to close an order that is in 15 pips profit by the time I manage to get it closed it is closer to 2 pips profit or at a loss.

They refuse to allow us to close out our account there unless we surrender our profits we have made and tell us that we are using illegal trading methods to make trades.

How in the world I can trade illegally is beyond me and my friends.
Beware of this company
Mohd Syahrizan,
Nov 21, 2009,

I using UWCFX broker now.I feel safe to put my money for trading because this broker have licensed from CyseC,CIFSA,MiFID and EU.I know my money will secure.I have try several time using their online support and they are very polite and very helpfull.Even I have talked with their CEO Sergey, and he very good guy because he still give good respond even I asked about silly question
Dubai, UAE,
Nov 16, 2009,

Signed up with them on January, 2009. I like this company - serious and straight guys. Very professional. Did not experienced any problems with them.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Nov 13, 2009,

Trying this company now. First of all I discovered a friendly support - once I have completed online application form, a woman from the back office called me and helped to complete paper application kit. She also guided me through the deposit and withdrawal methods, responsible persons and provided me with her direct phone number. The bank transfer for the deposit coming next day. Order execution is very fast, spread is floating (they declare from 0 pips) and it is really possible to open position with zero spread but it happen not so often. Online and phone support is excellent! Not tried to withdraw from account but I hope it will be so fast as deposit. I like this company.
Andreas Spiropoulos,
Aug 2, 2009,

I've been using uwcfx for a month now and have seen no problem out of the ordinary. I do like the support guys on the live chat they are helpful and responsive. I would recommend them.
Jul 21, 2009,

I signed-up for their demo account. Even though they are saying there will be no re quote because of NDD, but this is something that did not happen actually. I got quite few of them. I put the same order simultaneously with same SL and TP in other three platform to compare, what I observed that while others on hitting the TP they close the trade so it is honored, but with them still the trade is active quite for a while. I did not monitor in the case of SL, but I did write to their tech support to mention these matters, but I did not receive any reply. I uninstall the platform after all these inconsistency on the DEMO.
Igal Levinshtein,
Netanya, Israel,
Feb 5, 2009,

I signed up for an account 4 days ago for their $5000 bonus - the account opening took 2 days because they ask for too many documents which are needed by their regulation party as they say.. after that, all seems ok and system is nice..

The strange thing is that their quote system has five digits and not four as we are used to, if you know what is deviation, you won't face a problem with that.

I can not recommend or disrecommend them yet, but i can say that as for now, everything is just nice.