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Updated: May 17, 2018
2.395 · 18 REVIEWS
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2.395 · 18 REVIEWS
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Santa Barbara, USA,
Feb 3, 2017,

This site is only looking out for system developers not for subscribers

This company is totally geared towards the strategy providers and not towards the subscribers - for example

1) Even when you are a subscriber, you can't write a review of the strategy provider after 30 days. As you know there are a lot of strategies that do well in the beginning only falter later on. But as a subscriber - you can't even write a review about that.

Also isn't 30 days far too short of a period to evaluate a strategy ??

2) It does NOT show the open profit/loss of a strategy. So what that means is that there could be a system that has a open loss of $200,000 but the strategy developer keeps those loosing positions open and keeps closing only those positions that are in profit. That means his % of winning trades keep going up and no one can see all the loosing positions that he still has

3) It shows when people are subscribing to a strategy but not when people are leaving the strategies. So even if subscribers are laving a strategy in hoards, new users can't see that. So even a strategy thats doing pretty bad ( but is not closing the loosing positions - read #2 ), keeps getting new subscribers.
London, United Kingdom,
Feb 12, 2015,

Having used collective2 previously with no great signal system that made the amount of profit I am looking for. I took note of a forex signal provider named FOREXBILLIONS1 which looked promising. I contacted FOREXBILLIONS1 and they had told me they have been making decent amount of profit for quite some time and due to big demand, have listed their signal service on collective2 website.

To my astonishment, my starting capital of $11,000 is now $23,000. I started early after a few weeks of noticing and receiving confirmation that all was true.

I certainly hope that by end of 2015, I am on $50,000. From my calculations, if I leave my investment running, in 5 years I should hit $1,000,000. I hope I will become a millionaire.

The fees are not bad as it started out with $291 per month subscription fee and now increased to $329. I just normally later on take it from my trading account.

Chris V,
, Canada,
May 20, 2014,

I have been a member of Collective2 since 2008 and have followed the site and Matthew closely. Long story short, many of the negative/neutral reviews above have a lot of truth to them. But they are also very old and out of date to what Collective2.com is now.

I now use the Collective2 private label for my automated trading systems which gives me a more professional look and feel, and allows me to just offer my systems, and for me to manage the billing side of things so I have to pay the high commissions Collective2.com charges system vendors.

Here is my details Collective2 Review
Tennessee, USA,
Jul 27, 2013,

I listed 6 different systems with C2 since late 2005 and the platform does not always enter or exit a trade in a timely manner. And sometimes the order seems to get lost, causing a replacement order to be sent. I won't be listing again; the best way to market a system would seem to be with a broker and let them run it for you, build a subscriber base, collect fees for you. C2 might be viewed by some as a cumbersome, glitch-prone 'middleman' that adds an unnecessary amount of complexity to an already risky and trouble-prone business.
David Martin,
Atlanta, Ga, USA,
Jun 25, 2012,

I was a systems developer on Collective2 for 2 years. I got burned many times due to their data problems, signals not filling, etc. etc. etc. Trading, under the best circumstances, is a difficult proposition. But when you add in the layers of complexity and problems of a 'home-grown' site like C2, it will be extremely difficult to consistently profit as a subscriber or developer.
Glen Allen, USA,
Feb 29, 2012,

I read somewhere that the signals C2 offers were profitable, so gullible me signed up to test some on their "demo"...of course at some point (which was couple of days only!!!) they started charging my credit card as apparently the trial period got over. Anyhow again, I was like what the heck let me try them, they cant be thaaat bad. But trust you me, they were - I lost all my account. Seriously, the one star I'm giving is totally undeserved.
Aug 17, 2011,

I did not even get as far as trying them at all. I could see by the sites confusing layout it wasn't worth the extra click of my mouse to stay looking any longer. I received a personel email from Matt who wanted to know why I hadn't taken it any further and to be honest with him, I didn't want to be rude but just falling short of saying it was all complete BU...s...t I told him what I thought, anyone and everyone should not even bother with this useless company. Rant over...
May 14, 2011,

I must pay $98 every 6 months to be a SP. This is crazy and not honest.
Mar 28, 2011,

They are a total MESS.
I'm a serious trader and tried their platform and it is a mix between rubish and hell.
Customer support: Melissa and Matthew do not have a clue of what trading is about. Oh and Melissa is rude.
Making Trades: They have a stupid tutorial that does not make sense for trading. Terms I've never heard before...
Opening a Trade: This is a nightmare and changing a SL or TP is a challenge, that is if it does not close your trade.
Signals: I received my own signals only once on SMS and never by email.
Price: 99$ for 6 months that is non-refundable and now I know why.
Leverage: They use 33% Leverage and on a 50k account using mini-lots an error message said I was over trading with 9 mini-lots and then the only answer I got from the big boss was tht I was overtrading ! What a joke.
Incompetent: they are definatly not in the trading business. Maybe wanabee programmers at best.
Website: The website is slow when it's working.

Stay away from them...Far far away.
Bill Bernard,
Feb 22, 2011,

They charged me multiple times without explanation and do not answer emails. There seems to only be a couple of people that work there. The site is often down or frozen or simply does not work. There is no help system at all. The forum is impossible to use (no search!) due to zero organization - about ten categories with a few entries and one category with thousands. Good luck finding any answers - and you will need them because there is no explanation of how to do anything (like make a trade) and nothing works on the site.

The occassional answers to your multiple emails are either wrong or partial or answer the wrong question. Collective seems to have only one person available to answer your question and they do so as they are driving their car and input on their Blackberry with one hand.

The trade software (the standard version is non-functional so you have to pay again to upgrade to a more advanced version - which is also non-functional) does not work. Some trades are taken, others not. The single software guy, Duncan, is cluless - he is the guy texting non-answers from his car.

The Collective 2 site is run by total incompetents - do not waste your money and time with these bozos. Amazingly they are still in business after 7 years - and still have not figured out even the basics of customer service or software design.

If you are a signal provider, you will lose money and your trades will be random. If you are a signal buyer, do not blame the signal provider when you lose your money - the problem is the Collective 2 software and the incompetent managers behind it.