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FBS are forex brokers. FBS offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, MT Mobile and FBS Trader forex online trading top platforms. FBS.com offers over 35 forex pairs, stocks, gold, silver, other metals, and CFDs for your personal investment and trading options.


Other websites of this company include fbs.eu, fbsaustralia.com, fbs.ae, fx-fbs.cn, fbs-india.com, fbs.id, mstradefbs.com, frfbs.com, jpfbs.com, esfbs.com, ptfbs.com, fbs.ae, vnfbs.com, fbsaustralia.com, fbsidbroker.com, turkfbs-invest.com, etc.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 3000:1
Minimum to Open Live: $1
Established: 2009
Address: 2118, Guava Street, Belize Belama Phase 1, Belize, Belize
Contact: support@fbs.com, +35 7251 23212
Regional offices:
Regulators: ASIC #426359, IFSC #IFSC/60/230/TS/18, CySEC #331/17, FSCA #50885
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5, FBS Trader
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
Currencies: (35+)
Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (3) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: VISA, bitwallet, Local Exchangers, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Skrill, SticPay
Withdrawal Methods: VISA, bitwallet, Local Exchangers, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Skrill, SticPay


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FBS.com profile provided by FBS, Jun 24, 2021

FBS is an international broker with more than 150 countries of presence. Over 16 million traders and 410 000 partners have already chosen FBS as their preferred Forex company. We work since 2009 and provide fast and honest services.

Working with us is easy, convenient and, most of all, profitable. We are happy to offer exclusive terms and unprecedented promotions in the Forex market.

To provide the best customer experience, we organize seminars, webinars, and special events, presenting our clients with training materials, cutting-edge trading technologies and apps, and the Forex market's latest strategies. Both newbie and professional traders will find these sessions useful.

We even launched a copy-trading app – FBS CopyTrade – which allows you to earn money by copying a successful trader or by having people invest in your trading. So, if you prefer to choose the best for yourself, FBS is just right for you.

Once a client of FBS – always a client of FBS.

Unique trading conditions for traders:
• Minimal deposit of $1
• Spread starting from -1 pip
• Leverage up to 1:3000
• 37 currency pairs, 4 metals, 11 stock market indices, over 60 stocks
• Split-second execution
• No requotes
• Minimal order volume of 0.01 lot
• Quotes precision of 0.00001
• Trade with any advisors or strategies
• Customer support in 18 languages
• Deposits and withdrawals via Visa/Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, Fasapay; Local Indonesian banks, including Bank Central Asia, Mandiri, Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, OCBC NISP and more; Thai banks: Krungthai Bank, Krungsri Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok Bank and more; Vietnamese bank: Vietcombank and more. Lots of exchangers in different countries

Permanent promotions:
• 100% Bonus on your deposit
• Level Up Bonus No Deposit - work out for more
• Cashback up to $15 per 1 lot

Loyalty program:
• VPS Service
• Guaranteed lucky T-shirt for a deposit of $500 or more
• Guaranteed latest iPhone model for a deposit of $5000 and 500 traded lots
• Mercedes S-Class for Platinum status
• VIP membership

Partner program:
• $15 commission on EUR/USD
• Monthly partner bonus up to $3000
• 3 levels of payments (15% from 2nd level partners and 5% from 3rd level partners)

• Most Reliable Forex Broker MENA 2020
• Best Social Trading Application MENA 2020
• Best Mobile Trading Platform Asia 2020
• Most progressive broker Europe 2019
• Best FX broker Europe 2019
• Most Promising Broker 2018
• Best Forex Broker Asia 2018
• Best Investor Education 2017
• Best FX IB Program

2.617 · 335 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Malaysia, Malaysia,
Jul 12, 2021,
Registered user

Unusual gap & spreads, broker takes no responsibility

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Issue of unusual gaps & big spread have caused my account to be stopped-out and broker does not want to take responsibility.

Account number: 310150107
Date of Issue: 21 June 2021 (Monday)
Time of Issue: est. 0500hrs – 0530hrs (GMT+8)

Before the market open on 21 June 2021, my account status is having a drawdown of approximately 84% and Free Margin (%) of approximately 90-100+%. I am well aware that FBS stops-out if Free Margin (%) reaches below 20%.

At the moment, I have open trades of several currencies and its volumes
1. EURUSD - 55.75 lots (long) & 55.75 lots (short)
2.CHFJPY - 95.94 lots (long) & 95.94 lots (short)
3.AUDUSD - 90.96 lots (long) & 90.96 lots (short)
4. AUDNZD - 31.97 lots (long) & 31.97 lots (short)
5. NZDUSD - 55.75 lots (long) & 55.75 lots (short)
Total volume = 660.74 lots

In short, all my positions are in perfect hedge with margin level above 90%.

I was up ready to monitor and do additional trade management before 0500hrs on 21 June 2021. But unfortunately, immediately during the market open, I witness my account got stopped-out due to an unusual big gap and spread of the FBS trading platform.

2 very unusual event that happen during 0500hrs (GMT+8) 21 June 2021:
1. CHFJPY - a very big gap with high volume first candle (I have crossed checked with several other brokers and they do not have this issue)
2. AUDUSD - an almost 20 pips spread on a major pair during market open (which I have also cross checked with several other brokers and do not have this issue)

I contacted FBS support via livechat to ask them to recover my positions and they asked me to write in to support@fbs.com for claims and further problems and my case was handled by L (lets name here L for privacy purpose), a Support from FBS. I explained the entire situation and L kept sending over terms of the FBS agreement. Of course I am well aware that I have agreed to an agreement, and it happens with all other brokers as well. But the problem is there is no similar issue (unusual gap, big volume candle, big spreads) which is so visually different at other brokers.

As a trader, we all understand that there is spread widening during times when market is close/have no liquidity and it is normal to have floating spread. At the current situation of my account, it would not be stopped-out if there's no issue with CHFJPY and AUDUSD at the morning, and all my trades would have been closed in profit according to my trading plan.

This is obviously manipulation from the broker, obviously and visually visible on the trading platform. I brought up this issue to L, but she insisted that the price quotes is from the Liquidity Provider and FBS is an STP broker. General logic, if you're showing price quote from lets say Liquidity Provider A, then all similar brokers who are showing price quote from the similar Liquidity Provider should display same price at that particular moment, not to mention that an A-Book broker would choose the best price quote to show to its clients.

So this begs the question again, is FBS an STP broker with no manipulation?
It's all only mentioned by word with no proof. The price charts shows otherwise.

Again, I conversed with L via email she kept insisted that they're going by agreement and they are an STP broker. It only shows that FBS doesn't want to take responsibility for what's happened.

I am prepared to take litigation action against FBS and have already opened a case with Belize IFSC.

*Please PM me if require screenshot and photo evidence of the manipulation and email chat replies.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Jul 15, 2021:
Thank you for reaching us!

Please be informed that we received the request from the regulator and already sent all the necessary details back.

Let us remind you once again that all deals of our clients are brought to the interbank currency market using the biggest liquidity suppliers such as UBS, Nomura, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and City Bank.
Different brokers work with various liquidity providers; thus, you cannot compare our charts with other brokers since the information wouldn’t be the same.
We want to point out that FBS is an A-Book STP/ECN NDD brokerage company.
FBS does not host any accounts that provide execution on B-Book conditions.

Is exactly the case of your order: on 2021.06.21 the margin level for this particular order fell below 20%, that is why the mentioned orders were executed at the first VALID (i.e. available for trading) quote after the stop out option was triggered,
The corresponding comment to the orders proves this fact:
38659244 - so: -119.0%/-72179.7/60638.3
38727377 - so: -122.3%/-74075.2/60579.4
38547515 - so: -129.6%/-72179.7/55690.2
38508207 - so: -147.4%/-72179.7/48953.3
38531978 - so: -139.1%/-72179.7/51884.1
and so on, with the last closed order being
38733622 - so: -550.5%/-72914.8/13245.3.

In case you have additional question you can contact us via support@fbs.com
Castelo-ES, Brazil,
Jul 6, 2021,
Registered user

The brokerage house automatically closes stop loss orders at different

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

Checking the history of my account 301164684, I detected that many orders were closed by stop loss in different prices of the established in them, some orders closing above the stop loss and others below.
That hurt me a lot because some orders shouldn't have been closed and the others that closed above the stop loss were charged above the prices that should have been charged.
I sent to the support the request for revision of those orders and depending on the answer I can change my evaluation, but at the moment this smells to me like a scam broker.
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Jul 12, 2021:
We are really sorry to hear that you faced such a situation. We'd like to assure you that FBS is a regulated broker - there’s no place for any unethical practices from the FBS side.
You have been provided with an official reply to your claim by e-mail. Let me kindly remind you that considering your XAUUSD orders, which had Stop Loss level set by you, we would like to remind you, that according to the Customer Agreement:
4.5.2. In the cases of price gaps order execution is determined by the following rules:
<...>c) “Stop Loss” order with a level in the price gap is executed at the first quote after a price gap. In such a case a note is added to the comments (sl/gap);
Unfortunately, the Stop Loss level set by you for this pending order has got into price gap, therefore it has been opened at the first valid quote after the price gap.
This is exactly how your orders were executed. If you need any assistance, please contact us via e-mail to support@fbs.com
selangor, Malaysia,
Jul 2, 2021,
Registered user

FBS has cent account

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I am a trader who just wants to start trading and looking for a small account to start, so I have tried a cent account on FBS and it is very suitable for me because I can deposit as low as 1 usd to start trading

Jul 2, 2021 - 5 Stars I have use FBS in 1 Years already,what i like use FBS is because when i doing a withdrawal in my account forex it very fast to get money.so its more easier to me to get the money, i always use FBS to trade because them system is good ,live chat always helping

Apr 28, 2020 - 5 Stars FBS personal area was easy to me to handle all my account to i doing withdrawal and deposit very fast just using mobile

Nov 13, 2019 - 4 Stars If i have problem with account fbs i will contact live chat support ,i always solved my account problem with them,thanks fbs
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
You left a pair of 5 Star reviews on the same day.  One says you've been with FBS for a year.  According to you history of reviews, you've been with them for at least a year and a half.

The second one you left on the same day says you just want to get started trading, so picked a cent account.  You've been trading with FBS for a year and a half and didn't mention a cent account in any of your previous reviews.  We find this very unusual.
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Jul 1, 2021,
Registered user


Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

i have been trading with fbs for months now and i can tell you you are going to loose you money period,,,from lagging platforms to excuses for every issues you report, think about this who would give you leverage to buy stocks they don't have?its like making a loaon at a bank without collateral. Then why? Simple you wont be sucessfull.your order gets sold to the market maker its called order flow he will know your exact poswition after placing your order and you will either be stopped out or spiked out.or they will open the spread on you and its game over.look at their bonus conditions if you dont trade like they want you to they withdraw the bonus sop quickly that your margin goes through the floor bombing you out..game over unless you have a $1000 account at least you are done,believe me there is no way out,rem why do so many retail traders lose their money,bec someone has to loose for someone to win and the banks are not gona let a retail trader win,no ways and this broker with so many will make sure of that,they have a 1000 excuses when reporting issues and is never wrong, always we get this, we are a regulated broker bla bla the bonus is to attract you only as a trap..do u really think if you buy apple stock u are a stockholder now?no who will allow this? Simple there is no stock its bogus you wont last long enough to find this out, they want your money that's all period and they will get it by any unethical way possible and yes they have bogus people telling you stories of success that's all rubbish they are the worst broker yet,i have done many reviews on brokers but fbs is one of the worst out there so don't take my word for it try them and see for yourself they take peoples hard earned money and they don't care its a business to them and the word client doesn't mean jack to them
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Jul 2, 2021:
FBS is a Non-Dealing Desk broker, is a regulated STP & ECN broker with more than 11-year history, and there is no place for any manipulation from FBS side.
We want to assure you that all quotes the company receives from our liquidity providers. FBS acts strictly according to the Agreement.
Unfortunately, you didn't provide here any account details or the point of your issue so we could check the case and give a thorough reply.
Up to then, unfortunately, we may see it only as pointless accusations.
If you have any doubts about your orders, please, send us a claim to support@fbs.com
Kamalia, Pakistan,
Jun 24, 2021,
Registered user

FBS is a Big Scam

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Hi everyone,
I have opened a level up bonus account 140$ which you see on their mostly ads on internet now a days. I read all the terms snd conditions carefully and start trading. They say you must trade for 20 days and at least 500 lots of 0.01 size then you can withdraw your profit amount. I start trading and successfuly completed all the required steps. But when I requested for withdraw they rejected and banned my account. Upon asking from support they replied I have opened multiple accounts. I have opened just one account and trade on just one IP. But they said IT Department is sure I have multiple accounts. I swear to GOD I have traded very honestly and according to terms & conditions. The Fact is, FBS is a Big SCAM. They will not pay you anything. The positive reviews are I'm sure from the FBS employees. I suggest to all traders please dont trust and waste your time on FBS. They are not legtimate. This is my personal experience and if you still want to give it a try. Go ahead. You will curse yourself in future.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Jun 28, 2021:
We would like to remind you that according to the promotion conditions:
Each client/computer/IP can open only one Level Up Bonus account. It is prohibited to work through proxies or using any IP-address modifying software.
Opening the second Level Up Bonus account is impossible even after bonus funds are charged off. Each bonus undergoes a thorough examination, but FBS is not interested in canceling it for no reason: first, we respect our clients, second - it could have damaged our reputation.

Upon suspecting fraudulent activity on the bonus account, the company reserves the right to deduct the entire bonus amount and profit made with the bonus account without notice. In this case, the decision is beyond contestation.
But you always welcome to try our other bonuses. Please contact us via support@fbs.com in case if you have additional questions.
São Paulo, Brazil,
Jun 22, 2021,
Registered user

Good comunication

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I'm a forex newbie from Brazil and FBS is one of the few brokers that offers a full experience for Brazilian traders. I mean, support in Brazilian Portuguese, local Facebook page, training material in PT-BR also etc. Even messengers like Telegram and FB Messenger available for me in my language. This is a huuuge difference from other brokers that accept customers from Brazil. Since fx is not regulated here (not illegal too, justo not regulated) and brokers cannot offer the service for us, FBS ends being the only one fully available. And I had zero issues with them in more than a year using the service. It is ok for me.

Mar 18, 2021 - 4 Stars I started trading Forex with another broker then tried FBS. Almost two years after I can assure FBS is good not only for beginners. It is good for intermediate traders too.

It is not perfect (they do not have cryptos yet), but it is good.

Jan 25, 2021 - 4 Stars Eighteen months ago I started one demo account with FBS. Later a real account. Untill now, everything is fine, including some promos that I have enjoyed like bonuses and cashbacks.
Their educational material is helpful and support is newbie friendly. To be 5 stars, I think they should have few limitations in bonuses accounts, but nothing is perfect :)

May 21, 2020 - 4 Stars I'm trying a new feature from this broker and it is being very convenient for me. They call it mobile personal area and it allows me to manage my account and my (veeery small) funds from anywhere. Since I'm a beginner forex trader (just for fun), it is very convenient because I can manage account and trade from bus, school or work. Anywhere. It is good for me.

Apr 6, 2020 - 4 Stars I'm a beginner in forex, just learning. So I started learning the markets with more experienced traders. And FBS has a Copy Trade app - a kind of social trading in mql5 - that is good for me. In the meantime I'm studying forex to make my own trades in future. It is good for me.

Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Jan 27, 2021 Thank you for your positive comment! We appreciate your feedback and we will continue to do our best. If you have any questions, we will be glad to help you via support@fbs.com or in online chat which you can find directly in application.
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Jun 24, 2021:
Thank you! We are happy that you like our platform. Please don't hesitate to contact us in case if you need any guidance or you want to share your ideas with us!
Sao Paulo, Brazil,
Jun 19, 2021,
Registered user

Bad service

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Very bad broker, weak regulation. Very high spreads increase trading costs. Difficulties at the time of withdrawal and high rate to withdraw. The ECN account does not allow you to trade the minimum lot. This broker is only good for beginners who use Cent account to test their strategies and avoid losing big amount of money. For experienced traders, I suggest looking for lower cost and well regulated brokers.

Jun 18, 2021 - 2 Stars Broker very bad. Weak regulation, very high spreads. There are great cheaper brokers. It is easy to deposit, the difficulty is when trading with such high spreads and when withdrawing they charge an unfair fee. The only advantage is for beginners, as the cent account allows small deposits and testing some strategy without big losses. For experienced traders spreads are very expensive.
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Jun 21, 2021:
It’s sad to hear that you were not satisfied with your experience with FBS. Please, be informed that FBS is a regulated broker - there’s no place for any unethical practices from FBS side. Now FBS has the lowest spreads on the market.
Contact us via live chat or e-mail support@fbs.com if you faced any difficulties.
Pontevedra, Spain,
Jun 17, 2021,
Registered user

The Cent account is not to make a lot of money but it's quite interesting

Service use: Other

Length of use: 0-3 Months

In the advertising of the FBS CENT account, you might subtly think that it will make you earn a lot of money, but it's not like that.
However, I find it extremely interesting to experience the Forex market with just $ 1. Most brokers only allow you to trade with an amount much higher than this.

It should be noted that FBS allows you to open your account with $ 1 but what they don't tell you is that no deposit method allows you to send $ 1, so you can get confused with that.
However, I started with $ 10, which is what my electronic wallet allowed me and you can see the difference compared to operating a Demo account since you know that it's real money and real emotions are presented.
It's good to start.
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Jun 21, 2021:
Good luck! We hope our app will bring you profit! Please don't hesitate to contact us in case if you need any guidance or you want to share your ideas with us at support@fbs.com.
Belait, Brunei Darussalam,
Jun 3, 2021,


Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Dear Trader, If you have good & profitable EA ... dont use this Liar Broker ... they will make you account's server lagging so your EA cannot work properly. Dear Broker, if you dont want your client to be profitable, pls dont be broker otherwise I advise you become a robber
  2 traders have found this review helpful
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Jun 11, 2021:
It’s sad to hear that you were not satisfied with your experience with FBS. Please, be informed that FBS is a regulated broker - there’s no place for any unethical practices from FBS side. All our servers have good decent speed and excellent performance. Many traders without any issues use their robots to trade with FBS. In case you have some problems with your EA, you should contact the provider of your robot.
Komas, Namibia,
May 14, 2021,
Registered user

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

On average good spreads, low slippage and many funding options. Good service overhaul has bonus options if interested. FBS are not the cheapest but acceptable rates are charged.
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Jun 11, 2021:
Thank you for your trust! We really appreciate that! Please don't hesitate to contact us in case you need any guidance or you want to share your ideas with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can FBS be trusted?

The the best way to answer if FBS can be trusted is to read the unbiased traders reviews on ForexPeaceArmy: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/5098/fbs-forex-brokers

Please come back often as broker services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Additionally, we recommend that you check recent FBS community discussions: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/tags/fbscom/

What is FBS investment?

FBS is an online Forex Broker.

The investment options from FBS include Forex currency pairs, precious metals, CFDs and stocks.

These assets can be traded on FBS Trader, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

What is the minimum deposit for FBS?

The minimum deposit for FBS accounts is generally $1 but depending on the type of accounts there is minimum deposit recommendation.

  • Cent Account, the minimum deposit is $1.
  • Micro Account is $5.
  • Standard Account is $100.
  • Zero Spread Account is $500.
  • ECN Account is $1000.

Can I withdraw FBS bonus?

The bonus program FBS offers currently is called $100 Bonus.

The $100 bonus itself can not be withdrawn but profits up to $100 made on the top of the $100 bonus is permitted to be withdrawn.

One thing please keep in mind that FBS changes the bonus program from time to time, please go to their website to check out the latest bonus offer.

How long does FBS withdrawal take?

The amount of time a withdrawal takes depends on what withdrawal methods you use. Here is the usual time consumption for a few common payment processors.

  • Electronic withdrawals (like Skrill, Perfect Money, etc.) usually are instant, sometimes may take up to 30 minutes.
  • Bank card on the average takes 3-4 business days.
  • Bank transfer withdrawals are usually processed within 7-10 business days.

How do I fund a FBS account?

  • Log in to your FBS "Personal Area" and select the "Deposit funds" option in the Finances menu.
  • Choose the suitable payment system and click on it.
  • Specify the trading account you want to deposit to.
  • Specify information about your e-wallet or payment system account if needed.
  • Type the amount of money you want to deposit.
  • Choose the currency.
  • Click on "Deposit" button.

How do I withdraw money from FBS?

You can withdraw money from your FBS account in your personal area.

  • Click on Finances in the menu on the left.
  • Choose Withdrawal.
  • Choose the suitable payment system and click on it.
  • Specify the trading account you want to withdraw from.
  • Specify information about your e-wallet or payment system account.
  • For withdrawal via card click on "+" sign to upload back and front sides of your card copy.
  • Type the amount of money you want to withdraw. 8, Click on "Confirm withdrawal" button.

General Information

FBS has been offering forex trading services to its client since 2009. FBS.com is headquartered at 2118, Guava Street, Belize Belama Phase 1 in Belize. This broker can be reached by phone at +35 7251 23212 and via email at support@fbs.com.

FBS also has regional offices in Cyprus and the Marshal Islands.


FBS is regulated in Australia by ASIC (#426359), in Belize by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC #IFSC/60/230/TS/18), in Cyprus by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC #331/17), and in South Africa by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA #50885).

Accepted and Excluded Countries

FBS does NOT accept clients from the USA. FBS does not accept clients from Brazil, Canada, Iran, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Platforms and Trading Styles.

FBS offers the MT4 and MT5 platforms. This includes mobile and web versions.  FBS also offers its own proprietary trading platform, FBS Trader.

Trading styles permitted by FBS.com include EA/Robots, Scalping, and News Spike Trading.

Account Information and Markets Offered

The minimum trade size offered by FBS is 0.01 lots. The maximum leverage on forex pairs is 3000:1. The minimum amount of deposit to open a live account is. Leverage frequently varies by item being traded and may also vary based on account type, what country you are based in, and other factors. Please consult the FBS.com website or contact the company’s support to be sure you understand all the details of any items you wish to trade.

FBS’s trading instruments include over 35 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, and other commodities.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Deposit and withdrawals choices for clients of FBS include VISA, Bitwallet, Local Exchangers, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Skrill, and SticPay.

Please be aware that deposit and withdrawal methods may vary over time. Not all methods may be available in all countries. Please check with FBS.com’s support or visit their website for the most current information on available deposit and withdrawal options.