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Updated: May 1, 2017
2.194 · 6 REVIEWS
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2.194 · 6 REVIEWS
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SYDNEY, Australia,
Apr 28, 2017,


I bought the eeenabler from Rgul gupta (forexprofitfarm,com)
but did not get the product . only i downloaded a empty file .
when I approached him to no answer no reply
after few day he come up with the reason that my email ID was black listed that why i was not able to down load.
if my email is black listed how come he was able to get the money.
it is been more than 2 weeks
no refund \
no product
no solution
singapore, Singapore,
Jul 9, 2013,


Forex profit system is just a pdf file with few candle stick chart.

when a candle move up more than 100 pips the previous day, today if it move more than 50 pips but enter at the 115 pips. stop lost 50 pips below entry. move stop lost to break even the next day.

something similar to Dad's legacy of wealth, BB band trading, just that this is 15pips the other is 1 pip.

better to unscribed his email to prevent further scam.

Apr 9, 2011,

Purchased the Candle Stick Magic Course .
Theres Hardly any magic Here, at all .

Overall Not worth the Money, as there are Many Sites
that Repeat what was said Here.
There are No Discussions of PitFalls using Candle Sticks,
as there are Many.
Rahul Never discussed using Candlesticks with indicators,
which are Critical to Success.

Most of the Charts are Curve Fitted to Illustrate his Point,
but in Reality , can be Quite the Other Extreme .
The Videos are pretty Much the Same, Curve Fitted Charts.
There was also No Discussion on Applying to a M1 TimeFrame
which a Trader may Desire to Trade. This TF I do Trade.

When Sent Question to Rahul, Never Heard from Him .
Overall rating therfore is a 2 , as if One wants to Help
Traders, the Least he can Do is Answer Questions and
take a Interest in Traders Performance.

My Impression of Rahul is a Scammer, as he only
cares about re-Selling more of the Same Thing, without
giving you something to BANK ON,
Ken Long,
Cambridge, MA,
Sep 20, 2009,

I agree with all of the reviewers.

This system is extremely simplistic. I went as far as writing to Rahul and telling him that this is trading 101, it is one of the basic system styles covered in most trading books, and is the kind of system that is given away for free on many blogs and web sites.

That said it is certainly capable of being very profitable. As is any short term moving average system. You just have to use it at the right time. And there lies the problem.

Moving average day trading systems require lots of time, waiting for set ups and monitoring on going trades. They also produce a lot of false signals during flat periods and any time there is a lot of chop in the market.

Rahul has done a good job of choosing qualifying indicators, and recomending further candlestick studies. His book on Forex candlesticks is also good and a great accompanyment to this system, and very inexpensive if you buy either of his systems. But this doesnt automaticaly filter out the problems. It takes a fair degree of discretion and some additional support resistance studies to avoid entering into low potential, low probability trades.

What I really disliked about this course was how many times he tried to impress upon me what I thought about his system. He was constantly trying to tell me what I now thought about his system. I found this very insulting.

Overall though, I have to say this is not a bad system. I have made decent profits with it, but I have combined it with other indicators and methods, such as a set of BBands, (which is simply how I always set it up before this course), and my own support resistance trend line studies.
Mar 20, 2009,

I don't know about you, but I really like this guy. He has been the most responsive person I have seen. If I send a question to him, he makes sure to reply to it in less than 2 days.

The system works amazingly well. In 2 weeks I have made almost 235 pips in profit. The best thing for me was the simple language rahul has used to describe the system and has given plenty of examples in manual and videos. It truely is one of the top notch forex systems out there. I can't wait to hear more from Rahul.

Mar 19, 2009,

I also agree with ur comments,Simon! The system is really so simple,so i can't understand why he sends out videos time to time.Maybe its a way to make customers stay with him in the hope that they r going to get something new.

One more thing,i would like u to check is,the no.of failures of this strategy on any chart..u just open any pair on any timeframe and then see how many times,all the conditions met but price went completely against us..I also sent few screenshots to the developer of the system but he didn't reply.That's why i asked refund.
Anyways,the summary is that we should never try such systems on our Live accounts..Do practise as much as as u can on a demo account.If few trades r winners then don't be hasty to go live.And If don't get success then go to Clickbank without any delay.
Mar 11, 2009,

I totally agree with what was said by Harshal in the last post. I have experienced problems using this system too. It is too vague and simple in the rules, it takes a lot of time online to monitor the progress of the pairs and to see how the trend goes to, then decide when to quit ... in a nutshell, simple system as claimed by the author, but not as effective as stated on the website. I asked for a refund because I lost more money than I spent on the purchase.
Mar 3, 2009,

Bought this system just after its release..Tried to get something out of this..When got tired then sent some screenshots with the exact vertical lines on the charts to ask the developer of this system-'why ur formulas are failed on so many places on these charts?'...Then i didn't get any reply from him.So i decided to ask refund and then he got time to send me email BUT even that time,he didn't tell anything about those screenshots..Infact he wrote that mail about my refund request and then i replied that i was not convinced with ur system,however its not my nature to use somebody's system and then ask for a refund...That's why,i waited and sent u mail with the proper proofs of ur system failure but u didn't get time and now,when i asked refund then u got time very quickly.How ridicules.

Infact the problem is that all the authors/makers/developers of new Forex products think that the person who is buying their systems,is completely unknown about Forex and he will believe those all the claims which are made in the videos and in the whole system itself.
They must think that to make a system doesn't prove that they r the successful traders and they have the ability to teach others.And same way,buying a system by somebody doesn't show that the buyer is reading about forex the very first time,so he can easily be made fool.
Anyways,i m not going to rate this system right now but i will not be surprised to see few couples of positive reviews after publishing my review here.

I advise all the members/visitors of FPA that to buy a product which is being sold through Clickbank,,should be considered for DEMO trading only,atleast in the starting..So if anybody wants to try this system then go ahead bcoz Clickbank will always be there to help u if something goes wrong.