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NordFX is a forex broker. Nord FX offers the MT4 and MT5 trading currency platforms. offers over 30 currency pairs, bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.
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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 1000:1
Minimum to Open Live: $10
Established: 2008
Contact:, +86 108 4053677
Regional offices:
Regulators: CySEC #209/13, VFSC #15008
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (30+)
Cryptocurrencies: (15+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (10+) Gold, Silver, Stock Indexes
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Ngan Luong, PayToday, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, Yandex Money
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Ngan Luong, PayToday, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, Yandex Money

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3.476 · 163 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Saman Atulakumara,
Colombo, Sri Lanka,
Jun 27, 2019,

Good track record broker in Sri Lanka!

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

NordFx is a good track record broker so I am associated with NordFx since 2008. NordFx offers Skrill, Neteller at Exchange rate without any extra commission for Sri Lankan Forex Traders. Also NordFx give same day to instant withdrawal to Sri Lankan Forex Traders. And most important they offer support services in Sinhala Language
Bucharest, Romania,
Jun 11, 2019,
Registered user

I made an initial deposit of 250 USD to test the NordFX broker. After I lost 59,88 USD (trying my own method, and I assume this loss, so, I'm not bothered by the loss, but by what happened after I tried to withdraw my money left in my account) I tried to withdraw my money left in my account (190.12 USD).

The withdrawal was rejected because the minimum amount allowed for withdrawal via transfer wire is 200 USD. I made another deposit of 10 USD but since then (almost a week) they refuse to confirm that the money sent by me are in their bank account. Basically I didn't receive an answer from them at my last three emails in a week.

I tried to talk to live support where the only thing they repeated was to contact via email their financial department (the same department which ignore my emails for almost a week, even before I made my withdrawal, they answered to multiple emails in the same day) because the support team can't manage financial issues.

When I asked the support agent (James) to show me where it is written that the support team can't manage financial issues he admitted that there's no article in their Terms and Conditions where this thing is specified.

Now I found the local police website from Vanuatu and I'll talk to them, because there's no other option to get my own money, deposited by myself in their bank account. Here's the local police website from Vanuatu:

Best thing so far is to avoid this broker.
Reply by Stan NordFX submitted Jun 13, 2019:
Dear Client,
You sent us the $10 you mentioned by bank transfer. Such a payment method takes, as a rule, from 3 to 5 working days (as indicated on our website
(Please note that, unlike bank transfers, depositing to the account using VISA and MasterCard cards and electronic payment systems is instant).
We received the $10 mentioned by you on June 13, and today your application for withdrawal of funds was processed. In this case, the withdrawal of funds by bank transfer will also take from 3 to 6 business days.
You can see the terms of deposit/withdrawal of funds, as well as the amount of commission charged by banks and payment systems for these services, on our website at
Please note that the broker NordFX itself does not charge any fees for processing these transactions.
May 16, 2019,
Registered user

Fake investment packages results

Fake results of investment packages , i invest $1500 from November 2018 , now May 2019 my balance is $1490 , when check monthly results give monthly positive results
Reply by Stan NordFX submitted May 18, 2019:
Dear Client,
You have invested your money in the PRO-Industry fund, which includes shares of the giants of the global industry. Our experts select the shares of most reliable companies with the best growth prospects for this fund. But the stock market is still a market, and no one, unfortunately, is immune from surprises.

For example, catastrophes of two new Boeing aircraft crashed the shares of this company by almost 20%. And it was only thanks to the experience and due actions of NordFX experts, that this drop practically did not affect the total capitalization of the PRO-Industry fund. Your balance decreased by less than 1%.

If you have any doubt concerning the current results, you can contact our support service and you will be provided with a detailed report of the fund manager.

By the way, the profit of investors in our two other funds, PRO-Tech and PRO-Expert, is currently from 10% to 15%, which is many times higher than the yield on bank deposits.
ilorin ,kwara state, Nigeria,
Apr 28, 2019,
Registered user

unrefunded capital

my $500 capital is still with held, i don't deserve this treatment, if you are claimed my profits will my capital not be refunded back to me? am seriously regretting ever knowing Nordfx.
please refund back my capital


Mar 30, 2019 - No Rating Sorry Nordfx is the worst broker that can never be introduced to even my worst enemy, when you see their clients are saying the same thing please try to investigate closely what is really going on with the huge fraud that broker is causing, is not worth to be a license to operate in the first place.
they should not make a single mistake to come to bring their platform to my country otherwise i will visit all media houses to show them prove of the fraud they did to my accounts.

Nov 30, 2018 - 1 StarPlease, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Please, please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Please contact Stan Nordfx at the following address: PLEASE TRANSFER FUNDS TO ONE ACCOUNT AND SEND ALL FUNDS VIA BANK WIRE TRANSFER.AFTER THIS YOUR TRADING ACCOUNTS WILL BE CLOSED DUE TO BONUS ACTION TERM VIOLATION TO ACCOUNT 1198899 WHILE THEY DISABLE MY ACCOUNTS FOR NO REASONS
Immediately, I did comply with the directive and I consolidated all of my funds together and applied for the withdrawal, the next thing I was manipulated in my personal accounts and they liquidated all the funds from my pendant, withdrawal of $ 1,062 on 20/8 / 2018 to be processed and within specific days another $ 550 on 22/8/2018 was on the withdrawal process but $ 1,062 was delayed and I discovered in Nordfx History that BANK DECLINED but $ 550 which is the second withdrawal application was quickly processed and fund got initial deposit was not sent back to me up till now.

Nov 19, 2018 - 1 Star Reply by Stan NordFX submitted Nov 15, 2018:
Dear Client,
"You do not have enough funds on the account balance to make this operation." It was declined due to the fact that you returned the funds to the MT4 balance.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. FUNDS VIA BANK WIRE TRANSFER.AFTER THIS YOUR TRADING ACCOUNTS WILL BE CLOSED DUE TO BONUS ACTION TERM VIOLATION TO ACCOUNT 1198899
Immediately, I did that and all my funds were brought together and applied for, the next thing I saw were all the funds were moved away.
Stan Nordfx, I want you to visit from August mails exchanged with support and finance department.
I assumed to be paid my firest withdrawal application of $ 1,062

Nov 12, 2018 - 1 Star unpaid
It has become imperative that I have exhausted all means of communication with NORDFX who have denied me my right and hard earned money.
First I had my initial deposit of $ 500 on 25/5/2018 which I have been on for a period of 4 months, I had some profits and I applied for withdrawal of $ 1,062 on 20/8 / 2018 to be processed and within specific days another $ 550 on 22/8/2018 was on the withdrawal process but $ 1,062 was delayed and I discovered in Nordfx History that BANK DECLINED but $ 550 which is the second withdrawal application was quickly processed and fund got I'm
20/8/2018 with $ 1,062 came first while 22/8/2018 with $ 550 comes second, is it that Nordfx does not have the capacity to pay its client when they make profits. The lesser amount of $ 550 was paid while $ 1,062 was excuse of bank declined. I want Nordfx to revisit my record and the needful as this is just the summary of these as I do not want to prolong other issues on this review.
Please pay me my $ 1,062 dated 20/8/2018.

Reply by Stan NordFX submitted Nov 15, 2018 Dear Client,

Your request to withdraw this amount was indeed declined with the wording "You do not have enough funds on the account balance to make this operation." you returned the funds to the MT4 balance.

Reply by Stan NordFX submitted Apr 2, 2019Dear Customer,

Our Service has repeatedly explained to you that

1. some of your orders were filed at incorrect price on spike quotes. All affected positions were corrected and / or canceled according to paragraphs 1.12, 9.8.11 and 9.8.13 of the Trading Regulations for MetaTrader:

2. Your bonus was canceled as you made to request withdraw funds in accordance with par. 9 or the promotion rules:

This paragraph states clearly that "The 55% bonus will be deducted if the customer submits a withdrawal request, including an internal transfer between his accounts or a transfer to the Personal Office balance.

3. When some orders executed at incorrect price on spike quotes were canceled according to the Trading Regulations for MetaTrader, there appeared a negative balance. In this connection, your withdrawal request was not executed as the funds were transferred to the MT4 balance to compensate this negative balance.
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Maria Elena,
Garcia, Ecuador,
Apr 25, 2019,

I heard about NordFX long ago, about five years ago. But I didn't have time to try, I traded with other brokers. Then I gave up forex, began to trade crypto on an exchange. And last year I came across NordFX's advertisement that they could trade crypto on MT4 and decided to try. MT4 is a very good platform, everything is simple and clear. And NordFX has a bitcoin account. I trade there so far, there was no problem. Now I will open a PAMM account with them and recommend it to everyone.
William Guzman Jr.,
Apr 8, 2019,

Here they write that broker does not give money back. Yesterday I ordered a withdrawal of money to Skrill, I thought that they would deceive me and did not give me the money. But I received it very quickly. Probably those who did not receive the money, did something wrong.
Larnaca, Cyprus,
Feb 21, 2019,

Good broker

All bad reviews must go in the trash. We still have to figure out who is deceiving whom — the broker cheats the clients or the clients cheat the broker. The one who trades correctly is fine. You need to be honest and have your own good strategy. Then you will make a lot of money on Forex. I consider NordFX a good right broker.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Hanoi, Viet Nam,
Feb 8, 2019,
Registered user

Increase spread to hit your sl

Increase spread to hit your sl. F*** this broker. They do this many times in low time frame.
Reply by Stan NordFX submitted Feb 13, 2019:
Dear Client,
We recommend that you read carefully the Legal Information published in the company official website.

Thus, Attachment 03, Trading Regulations for MetaTrader ( says that:

1.6. Depending on Client’s trading account type Nord FX uses different types and sizes of spread.
1.6.1. Fixed spread is used on Fix accounts.
1.6.2. Fixed spread can be changed: b) without prior notice to the Client in market conditions different from the normal ones;
1.6.3. Variable spreads changing according to market situation are used for Pro and Zero accounts.

And Attachment 01, Terms and Definitions (
“Market conditions different from normal” see «thin market» or «fast market».
“Thin Market” is a state of the market when quotes are rarer than those in normal market conditions during a long time period.
“Fast market” is the condition of the market characterized by rapid trend changes at a small time interval.

For example, bank servers are undergoing maintenance and rebooting from 23:00 till 01:00 server time, there are fewer market participants at night time altogether (this is called thin market), this leads to increased volatility and spreads as each of market participants can influence market more.
Please take into consideration all the above when developing your trading strategies and when trading.
Russian Federation,
Dec 10, 2018,
Registered user

NordFX - a non-paying kitchen!

I opened an account, and started trading.
At first everything went well. Fast execution, minimum slippage.
I registered an partner link, began to advertise this broker.
By my partner link registered trader.
I received an partner commission and traded using commissions.
But at some moment they just closed the account without warning.
Then they sent a letter:
We inform you that for violation of the terms of the partnership agreement, which prohibits affiliates persons to participate in the affiliate program and receive a commission from trading, especially bonus funds, we are forced to cancel the affiliate commission and terminate the partnership agreement.
Deposit funds were returned back to your card. The repayment period is 3-7 business banking days.
To my requests to explain what was the matter that I violated - no answers from the broker.
As a result, I was not given all the profits I earned.
Help me please get my money back!
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Reply by Stan NordFX submitted Dec 20, 2018:
Dear Client,
The affiliate commission was canceled for breach of the Affiliate Agreement (see paragraph 4), respectively, the results of trading with funds credited erroneously/wrongfully were canceled as well. Moreover, we did you a favour and returned to you the deposit that you had lost as a result of unsuccessful trading before you became a “partner”
Russian Federation,
Nov 23, 2018,
Registered user

Nordfx makes another Scam manipulate spreads on a fixed account type increasing it several times to make you lose your Deposit.

Nov 12, 2018 - 5 Stars Thanks. I got all my money!nordfx reviewed my case and understood my problem and it solved it completely .

Oct 9, 2018 - 1 Star My account number 1245395 . NordFX did not pay me a profit of$ 5936 for three months of my trading. When I made my first withdrawal request They simply blocked my account and returned the initial Deposit. NordFX says I broke rule 13.6.3 ...but I didn't break anything ! My trade was legitimate, I was doing only manual ! I didn't trade using the news ! I just traded using limits orders ! This company is a fraud ! Don't trust them with your money ! I will demand that they pay my profit !!!

Reply by Stan NordFX submitted Oct 11, 2018 Anatoly,

Having opened an account with our company, you have agreed to fully and unconditionally comply with the terms of the Client Agreement, including those pertaining to permitted and prohibited trading methods.

The overwhelming majority of your transactions have been pipsing (scalping) and were carried out mainly on the pairs EURGBP, EURCHF in a clearly selected low-volatility period of 23:00 - 00:00, which is characterized by inaccuracies and delays in quotations due to extremely low market liquidity.

Clauses 3.4.6. and 9.4 of the Client Agreement clearly warn that in case of trading on such inaccuracies using vulnerabilities in the server part of the trading platform, NordFX may recognize such transactions as invalid.

And according to clause 13.6.3, in this case NordFX may unilaterally terminate this Client Agreement, block the profit, the method of obtaining of which has caused suspicion, close the Client's account/accounts and return to the Client the balance of funds not exceeding the amount of the initial deposit. This was done in your case.

The amount of the initial deposit has been returned to you in full.

Thus, all NordFX actions have been performed in strict accordance with the terms of the Client Agreement, which, we repeat, you have also committed to perform.

You may try to pressure us by spreading negative information about NordFX. However, there is no way that such actions can affect our decision.

At the same time, we are obliged to reject providing further services to you. We rely on your understanding and hope that you will be able to find another broker who will agree with such trading style as yours.

Yours faithfully,


More. Community discussion of this issue >>

Reply by Stan NordFX submitted Nov 29, 2018:
Dear Client,
Paragraph 1.6.2. b) in the "Trading Regulations for MetaTrader" which is Appendix 03 to the Client Agreement states that the fixed spread may be changed "without prior notice to the Client in market conditions other than normal".
Market conditions other than normal are the publishing of economic news, holidays, a thin market, etc. In your case, apparently, we are talking about a thin market at night. At 23:00 a restart of banking servers takes place and the liquidity available in the market decreases. As a result, due to a significant difference in the spreads on the Fix account and those of liquidity providers, the spread for some pairs can be expanded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NordFX regulated?

NordFX Group is regulated in 2 countries.

  • Cyprus: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission 209/13
  • Vanuatu: Vanuatu Financial Services Commission No.15008

How do I withdraw money from NordFX?

To withdraw funds from NordFX:

  • Log in to the Trader's Cabinet,
  • Go to the "Withdrawal" section,
  • Select the desired payment system and make a request.
Before requesting a withdrawal, you have to transfer funds from the terminal balance to the balance of the Trader's Cabinet following the link "Deposit / withdraw funds from the MT4 balance" in the upper right corner of the Cabinet.

What is the minimum deposit amount for NordFX?

The minimum deposit amount for NordFX depends on the account type. 

  • Fix account is $10
  • Pro account is $250
  • Zero account is 500

What is NordFX?

NordFX is an online forex broker founded in 2008.  NordFX offers access to trading in below assets on MetaTrader 4.

  • Forex
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Crypto
  • Stocks
  • Stock indexe