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NordFX is a forex broker. Nord FX offers the MT4 and MT5 trading currency platforms. offers over 30 currency pairs, bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.
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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 1000:1
Minimum to Open Live: $10
Established: 2008
Contact:, +86 108 4053677
Regional offices:
Regulators: CySEC #209/13, VFSC #15008
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (30+)
Cryptocurrencies: (15+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (10+) Gold, Silver, Stock Indexes
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Ngan Luong, PayToday, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, Yandex Money
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Ngan Luong, PayToday, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, Yandex Money

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3.423 · 164 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Mar 4, 2009,

I have been trading with them on a micro account for three weeks. So far no reqoutes or slippages at all. I am very much happy that I started to trade with them.

The only disadvantage is their registration on Mauritius.

I'd like to hear from somebody who trades with them also
Mar 22, 2009,

They claim to be registered and licensed Mauritius company:
Financial investment company "Nord Group Investments Inc" has a Category 1 Global Business License issued by the Financial Services Commission Republic of Mauritius.

Company No.: 082831 C1/GBL; Category 1 Global Business № C108006311 License
Could not find the company on Mauritius FCS registry site...
I suggest caution...
Though, I did not contact the company and ask...
Ibiyemi Joshua,
Aug 24, 2009,

Nord FX is verified Broker with FCS, i ask them to send me their certificate of registration with them, and i got it ASAP, you can't see their info on the FCS website, you can only see Company with National orientation their, I have 3 Accts with them, and they are okay, fair spreads, good customer care and fast withdrawal, they are OKAY

Anyone can go with them

Dec 2, 2009,

Im the IB of Nordfx. I have bad experienced dealing with Nordfx.
Please eplain to me, what had happened to my money in account 5X48.

1. Fisrtly I asked for withdrawal from the traders cabinet. However the system required a PIN CODE.
2. After that i requested a PIN CODE by submitting a proof of address.
3. Later, the support replied with a message, PIN CODE will be sent in 24hours.
4. After waiting for 24hours i still didnt receive any pin code. And later i checked my traders cabinet and found the fund had been withdrown via LR option.
5. To my surprised, the LR was not my account.
6. Here i demand an explanation and corrective action from nordfx.
My question is, why the amount withdrew to and LR account that was not mine and without a PIN CODE?

Caveat emptor
Gontarski Krzysztof,
Krakow, Poland,
Jan 5, 2010,

NordFX is a SCAM company! I have started with them two months ago with initial deposit of $1000 dollars. I have made with them a lot of a long trades completely closing a $17000 profit within one month. I requested withdrawal by bank wire and wait for a three days then call them to verify the withdrawal has been completed. Their support told me that transaction has been completed ad should arrive to my bank account within 3-5 days. I wait for a week and still not received a wire.

I call them again and ask about the payment. They told me - we can not pay you because of you are scam! You are cheater!

I asked why I'm scam and why I'm cheater. They told that it is practically impossible to make 1700 percent in one month - only cheaters can do so! BUT I DID MY PROFIT! I DID NOT USED ANY EXPERT ADVISERS! I JUST MADE A TRADES! They told - this is because of you have an inside information and we will file a police report against of you. Finally, they block my account, so now I do not have access to the account.

I have contacted my lawer to help me to take my money back from them. My lawyer tried to contact them and they replied that I have never been their client. So, we tried with my lawyer to contact their regulatory body to help us to resolve the situation. Finally we received an answer - this company has a GLOBAL BUSINESS LICENSE, so they are offshore company and commission has not access to their trading records because of they do not have a local phisical presence.

Finally I lost my money with them and I only have a one weapon against of them - to say all the community that NORFX IS A SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

They are SCAM! Avoid to trade with them! They are SCAM!
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Jan 9, 2010,

I open account in the middle of Dec 2009, till now it's ok. For Chinese customer could get some deposit bonus, like $100 deposit $25 bonus, and in proportion get more in next few levels.
No spread slippy, customer service effective operation in 10lot bonus each month. And Micro account spread fixed, mini and standard account spread flow, acturally higher than micro account.

As others mentioned regesited in Mauritius is a big problem. And only operating for 2-3 years, hope they won't bankrupt in my trading durations.

Bless all friends here.
Meyer Siegfried,
Jan 13, 2010,

I've meet exactly the same problem with them - they deleted my account once I have collected almost twenty thousand profit with them. Just deleted and told - we do not know you!

These guys are fraudsters and scam company. I would not recommend to trade with NordFx. Avoid them! SCAM
Jun 17, 2010,

I worked with this broker a month ago with an initial deposit of $4500 dollars when I needed a broker, accepting PayPal and doesn't interfere with earning, if any profit on the account.

At first I tried to trade mini futures (on the Net advised futures as reliable, independent tool from broker) on the platform Strategy Runner, but I didn't like it. I think the platform is one of the worst - malfunctions and difficult to understand. In the end, I was working on MT4.

Forex in NordFX comes out not expensive and much nicer. I'm satisfied the execution - within a 1 second. This is makes the work cheaper, not to mention fact that to enter and exit the market without the normal slippage is more than real. The stops go without slipping (except for reasonable gaps). It was, that GBP stop opened with slippage in "gap", caused by 5-7 minute lack of quotes, they apologised and compensated for 15 minutes!

But real, It's all small stuffs, as for me, the most important thing is that despite the stable profit, there has been no interference in trade. The withdrawal of a $2500 with pennies from profitable account took three hours, after that no changes in service.

I'm a scalper and I'm fully satisfied with Nord's work.
Ganiu Bello Olatilewa,
Jun 30, 2010,

whoever care to read this , you need to take caution , Nordfx is not treating me fine , you place trade manually they cancelled it on the ground of PRICE GAP, if you used EA , they ignored your trade , but when the trade is going against your order they accept it , you send them a complain they will not even reply you for one not to even think in the direction you getting solution to your complaint , am so ashamed of been a victim with them , just a warning to people watch out and be careful . l place a trade batch number 4911067 on 30th june 2010 at about 14.29hrs am quoting from their platform time , . am just very sure , something is real wrong about Nordfx. be careful if anyone from Nordfx feels what am writing is not right then let someone from there write me my account is 29373 name Bello Olatilewa my email

2010-05-21 1 Star Honesty speaking , l have heard so much about nordfx organization but l am about to TAKE a bold step to report your organization to the whole forex customers and F.P.A , HERE IS MY COMPLAINT BATCH NUMBER 3843035 of 2010 :05:21 14:30 l placed a trade on usd/cad my target profit was hit but your organization refused to credit my fund but debit me . I WANT TO SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH .THIS MUST STOP.YOU PEOPLE ARE FOND OF THIS HABIT . I placed a trade on the USD/JPY pair at 14:30 on 07 May, 2010. Order number 2370834. there is nothing like price gap so please do not give me that as an answer , l have the FPA AWARED OF THIS BECOMING ALTITUDE OF NORDFX This trade was very successful and my target was reached but your platform failed to take in my target profit, instead my trade was at lost while I was debited to the tune of $42.01. Kindly review that trade and refund my $42.01 plus my target profit. I no longer know what to think about you or your services. I only hope I have not fallen into an elaborately planned fraud/scam. It is imperative that someone revert to me today as I will make recourse to other means of getting your attention if you do not respond to me today.

2009-11-29 4 Stars l just want to say for the little way l have been trading with this platform they have been very just and honest in handling my trading , l hope l won;t regret using it.
Bello Olatilewa
Kingforex Ltd

2009-11-25 3 Stars l placed a trade for both pending order for buy and sell , l got the sell pending order right but my entry price for the buy pending order was at 1.6728 while stop loss was at 1.6713 , the candle stick before the news l traded went as high as 1.6723 while the spilage between the currency l traded was difference of 3 so the trade should not have taken me into the trade but the platform got me in , l traded gbp/usd , please l will be very happy if you can explain while the platform took me into the trade when the spilage has not yet hit my entry price for the buy pending order.if nothing is done l will withdraw my money and report this platform for dubious act. thank you waiting to read from you. l traded gbp/usd at 10.30am traded
10:30am GBP

Revised GDP q/q
Jul 16, 2010,

I'm the IB of nordfx, but now I'm NOT recommend nordfx again, because they don't want to pay my commissions (around $6000), because they said that my users are danger for their company... It is very strange... and never happen in other forex brokers

so I think nordfx is really a scam company, and also they give a fake statement that they are a partner of FXCM, this is not true

beware from this broker !
Ijeoma ifeoma,
Aug 8, 2010,

there is nothing like price gap on other broker;s platforms , this goes to prove that you people doing it .l have contacted F.P.A and l was advised on what to do legally , not only that l have been given scam alert site where l can posted my complaint and alert forex traders using Nordfx, indeed this scam and it also showed that you people are wicked and dubious , l should have known this for long, nevertheless l will make you people loss all your clients, l have started the proceeding already l check over 500 broker;s platform as directed by F.PA and l got to know that usd/jpy for non farm employment change news trade chart non of them Gap ..l know one thing you people are scam and you meet you Waterloo soon..

Despite my position and as a widow you still show no mercy on me .what a heartless people you are deducting my money illegally .

l am so ashamed l trade with your platform.

--- On Sun, 8/8/10, wrote:

To: "Ijeoma"
Date: Sunday, August 8, 2010, 4:46 PM


According our Clients Agfreement p. 8.5 C:

"Stop Loss" with the level within Price Gap are executed at the price first obtainable after
Gap Quote. Message in comments to such Order [sl/gap].

Your orders were executed strongly according this item of our Clients Agreement, and can't be reconsiderated.

Please and please , l am reading this for the first time , am just a young woman and a widow , for God sake all am begging for is close my lost at my specified stop lost , please help me and help me return the excess lost you taken, You are about sending me to my earlier grave . the money is a loan which am to pay back in next 10years , please help me , l have a son and am a widow.

--- On Sat, 8/7/10, Finance wrote:

From: Finance
To: "Ijeoma"
Date: Saturday, August 7, 2010, 11:35 AM
Hello, Ijeoma.

We are not dealing dept. your should apply to if you have some trading troubles.

07.08.2010 13:11:14, you wrote:

Please and please , l am reading this for the first time , am just a young woman and a widow , for God sake all am begging for is close my lost at my specified stop lost , please help me and help me return the excess lost you taken, You are about sending me to my earlier grave . the money is a loan which am to pay back in next 10years , please help me , l have a son and am a widow.

--- On Fri, 8/6/10, NordFX Payments wrote:

From: NordFX Payments
Date: Friday, August 6, 2010, 12:08 PM

-- do not edit --


Our customer support team personnel has replied to your support request #976516840

Your message forwarded to a support.

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email or login to your account for a complete archive of all your support request and responses.
Aug 13, 2010,

NordFX is only one company where you can trade on news without any conditions.Yours reviews look like a special from other brokers or maybe you a scammer :))))

Review Moderation Team Note: All reviews for all companies are screened before being posted. Some fake ones slip through. A few real ones get deleted. It's the best system we can devise, and we're sure that the FPA's reviews are the best on the web.
Aug 22, 2010,

did not want to offend FPA. I told about scammers who relinquish such ridiculous comments, obviously not understanding the trading system and blaming in all their troubles NordFX Company.

Review Moderation Team Note: You should see some of the other review pages. There's one with an equal number of 1 star and 5 star reviews. Both sides have had people accusing the FPA of only posting reviews for the other side. Both sides have called all the reviews from the other side fake. The truth is that the product works well for some traders and works poorly for others. Brokerages are usually large companies. Even a very good broker will occasionally make some customers very angry.

Oct 8, 2010,

Execution is swift, no complaints there. But the claimed "fixed spreads" on micro account are not fixed. They widen during some major news to 10~20. They sometimes widen more and stay artificially widened longer than on other brokers platforms (ECN brokers with variable spreads).
Oct 14, 2010,

I like this broker. Periodically, the network appear strange reviews, but as I have tried other companies, this is the best in my opinion. My friend advised me NordFX as training on the demo. At that time I just started trading. After education I began to try to trade on real accounts from other brokers but... returned to NordFX. Probably because already used the good service and trading conditions. As I know, Nord is very friendly broker.
Dec 21, 2010,

I have used Nordfx for 5 months, never met any problem,
really a honest forex broker, the online service is also very
Jan 14, 2011,

Opened an account with them and trading a week, execution is fast less than 1second and spread on micro is good. For now 4 stars for them, will post more when i have made my withdrawals.
Jan 15, 2011,

Mauritius is the formal busines place, but look out, it's Offshore business. The company adres is Netherlands is a simple groceryshop. (I was there live !) See Google maps to! When I called them, a badly dutch speeking woman asked me to email the support with questions. She only was there to answer the phone, and told me it's a PAPER business adres, Nord FX needed it in netherlands, so no action there!!. So tried Google maps: Indonesia ?!?! Latvia ?!?! strange adresses !
James Martin,
Jan 21, 2011,

Except the high swap interests and a little higher spread on some instruments. NordFX is a good broker. Many deposit & withdrawal options. Fast withdrawal.
Mar 29, 2011,

This broker genuinely have tighter spreads than others, and hedge all your trades in the interbank market. Also they use a quality bridge between your trading platform and their main server, meaning that your orders will be executed a lot faster and you won't get price re-quotes. Of course there's not one single factor that makes this company better than another,but it is best to consider all of these elements together prior to deciding.
Apr 5, 2011,

I had tried exness, hotforex, finfx, fxdd, and I would say that this broker along with finfx are the best, spread are excellente, almost no requotes and execution is fast. About withdrawals are made the same day!
Apr 26, 2011,

Not good now ,difficult to make money here,high commission
May 20, 2011,

It is going bad now, I keep getting requote when I trade during Asian session.The new trading condition which its servers go down everyday at 23:00 platform time for 1 minunte (standard and ECN) and 3 minutes (micro) is a very bad idea.Also the increment of spread is some kind of trick to its clients, tells that "I don't want to trade with you and let you earn money, just go away!". So I give NORDFX only ONE STAR.
Jul 28, 2011,

I started trading with this company after the initial training on demo account since April 2010. I always withdrawal large amounts and never had any problems.
I didn’t contact too much with customer service dept, because everything is clear in their platforms, without requotes in trading, therefore no claims and issues.
How it was written, they allow all types of scalping and news trading, that is really good for me.
They provide bonus-action at the moment: trading accounts “welcome” with 8$ amount for free. You may withdrawal this funds, but as for me, it’s better to try real market trading in this company.
Good luck.
Aug 5, 2011,

I found this broker 4 month ago when come back to forex after big loss. First of all i tried their demo account and found good conditions for me. I checked the reviews and decided to give them a chance to be my broker)
Now I am happy with them, everything is working like i want. I don't have a lot of time to work from my home and I am using their iphone platform, it is simple and working like computer's platform.
I hope everything will be fine nearest time, highly recommend, good work guys!
I will let you know the results...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NordFX regulated?

NordFX Group is regulated in 2 countries.

  • Cyprus: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission 209/13
  • Vanuatu: Vanuatu Financial Services Commission No.15008

How do I withdraw money from NordFX?

To withdraw funds from NordFX:

  • Log in to the Trader's Cabinet,
  • Go to the "Withdrawal" section,
  • Select the desired payment system and make a request.
Before requesting a withdrawal, you have to transfer funds from the terminal balance to the balance of the Trader's Cabinet following the link "Deposit / withdraw funds from the MT4 balance" in the upper right corner of the Cabinet.

What is the minimum deposit amount for NordFX?

The minimum deposit amount for NordFX depends on the account type. 

  • Fix account is $10
  • Pro account is $250
  • Zero account is 500

What is NordFX?

NordFX is an online forex broker founded in 2008.  NordFX offers access to trading in below assets on MetaTrader 4.

  • Forex
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Crypto
  • Stocks
  • Stock indexe