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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.538 · 4 REVIEWS
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2.538 · 4 REVIEWS
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Ross TeeJay,
Sep 7, 2010,

I was a member for over six months. A lot of very useful info on the site though, however I feel some of the aproaches are unrealistic in live acct situation.

You'll still find a lot of the systems workin if you'll adapt it to your money management rule and discipline.
May 6, 2009,

I give it 5 stars for promoting their product really well and 2 stars for what you get. Do not waste your money. Anyone can come up with systems like that. Place some moving averages, bollinger band, stochastic, macd, rsi. cci and you will create the same systems as they have.

Netherlands Antilles,
May 4, 2009,

I was a member for 1 month. Most information on this website are available on Google. If you look for information like I did, you find a lot for free. Also the Sure Fire Trading Challange: I don't believe that this trading systems are real incl the persons behind it. You should never let a trading system win which is using lotsize of 50 or a US 100,000 demo account or lotsize 1 for a US 1,000 demo account. Unrealistic!!! Some weeks I was able to make a lot of profits on demo with my strategy. Than life the market showed his other face and I lost a lot. Now imagine using a lotsieze 10 times higher! It' not worth it to become a member and make somebody else rich.
Apr 10, 2009,

I was a member on his site for 1 month. I was under the impression that the winners were using live trading accounts. I reviewed the methods used in the challange. Very inventive. Some of the systems were not detailed enough and the top one. my friends and I believe that something was missing in it to replicate. But the web site is full of useful info for anyone looking to learn methods, about indicators, lots of reference material. Good information, I was looking for new trading methods.