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Updated: Feb 1, 2024

What is Max Trading System?

Max Trading System is a training company that offers trading courses, including MAX Standard Course, MAX SAM Course, ETF-Advanced Course.

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4.709 • 78 REVIEWS

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Melbourne, Australia,
Aug 14, 2022,
Registered user

The only training you'll ever need.

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I've been following the MAX system since 2013. What I have learned is Eusebio, Chris and Craig are priceless.

There are many detailed reviews. I will keep this simple.

If you know nothing about trading.
If you want a system:
- where every question you have is answered.
- where the trainers care about your understanding.
- where the head trainer, on a weekly basis, is available online in a group setting for a minimum of 3 hours to practice the techniques with you.
- where the courses evolve with the evolution of the market.
-where you are guided on a weekly basis to understand the global outlook, important daily news to take note of, and beware of, as well as, which pairs are likely to be the biggest movers, and also how to determine these things on your own.

If you want a system where the only possible weak point is yourself (and possibly broker risk, so choose a broker wisely), and your own control over your discipline, patience, ability to learn, follow the rules, and courage to follow through on your goals.

Then The MAX is an excellent place to be.

My favourite part of the MAX is I have no one to blame but myself for my results. Which has forced me to develop my own skills. I have no more questions of the MAX team anymore. My results are very nice indeed, but is has taken time, like getting a university degree or learning a trade takes time.

I once knew nothing about trading back in 2013. Know I know all I need to know to make very nice profits out of the market by taking advantage of trends when they present themselves. I know how to enter, I know how to add to a trade that is likely to trend and I know how to scale out and finally exit the trade. Importantly how to control risk is clearly explained, so I know that too. I know how to pick the likely pairs to trend. And I know who to thank for that.

Thanks to Chris, Eusebio and Craig for your commitment to The MAX.
Suffolk, United Kingdom,
Mar 20, 2022,
Registered user

Even if you suck at trading they will be there for you.

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I've done every course now, if you have enough dedication and can understand the substantial amount of information the courses give out, put simply you will be a profitable trader. Even if you are a really shoddy trader with the worst psychology to risk management they will help you through it and eventually you will get there. Other things to note:

Free weekly practice / webinars. (Bring a microphone to join in :)
Continually evolving system keeping up with market conditions.
Homework based training, retakes are hugely discounted then free after a while.
News watch, pair list and daily bias available.
Skype, email and google group support available constantly.

Thanks MTS I couldn't have asked for a better team to learn from.

Feb 21, 2021 - 5 Stars Frankly I have always been a bit wary of trading courses, having followed the max for some years without taking the plunge I finally took the primer. The amount of information even in the primer makes it insanely cheap considering the price tag. It does not take long to realise that there is so much more to the Max though.

Not long after the primer I took the Standard, on a no interest payment plan to make things easier. They are very flexible in terms of payment styles too so that should never be a worry. Holy cow though the Standard is crazy, it takes a long time to absorb the information that Eusebio can pump out in one session. Luckily there is lots of homework and the regular weekend scrolling parties (also free) are easily the best addition to the courses.

I have today just signed up to retake on the Standard course to re-establish my knowledge. Having wasted a lot of money on various trading attempts and / or EAs this is by far the closet I have come to being consistently profitable.
Den Haag, Netherlands,
Nov 27, 2021,
Registered user

They are still there!

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
After having my last course in 2011 with the Max Trading System, I decided to pick up forex trading again. My main concern was: are these guys still available and on the internet, because so many fx websites are gone in the past years?
Amazingly: yes they are still there! Still doing their job, helping people and trading the market. They have evolved the system and are still coaching people in their weekly "scrolling parties" who did their courses. They did offer me to help and start again. I am going to to refresh/update my skills and I'm sure these people are going to help me!

Jan 7, 2011 - 5 Stars It's the most profitable manual system I've ever learned. However, it is simple but not easy. You need to have patience and discipline. I can imagine why some reviewers do complain about this program. Unfortunately they try to find several reasons to entitle the Max courses as "not worth your money" or even scam. I consider them as people who don't want to work hard to be a successful trader. You need to practise (history/real time demo) before the MAX techniques are completely yours. I like to compare it with learning to play a music instrument. Practise a lot! I have followed the Lite course of November 2010. Although we have learned the system on a lower time frame, I am practising the Max on the 4H time frame. I can confirm that I am making excellent trades finally!
Brian Frey
Louisiana, USA,
Aug 3, 2021,
Registered user

Follow Up Review

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Since my first review, June 2020 – I’ve completed the MAX Standard and MAX SAM courses including many other educational events such as – workshops, weekend reviews (called scrolling parties), live trading demonstrations and MAX Mini-Courses (concentrated study on a single subject). I have NEVER attended an event where I did not learn something I could apply to my trading. Eusebio teaches so that CONTEXTUAL UNDERSTANDING can be obtained. This takes a great deal of effort and energy to convey – but, in my opinion, is necessary if a trader is to advance beyond the limited stage of pure mechanical trading. Craig, runs the show and Chris handles customer service – both are accomplished MAX traders. The MAX team is solid and extremely assessable and they trade what they teach.

Jun 1, 2020 - 5 Stars I'm currently taking MAX Trading Systems Primer Course. The INSTRUCTION, SUPPORT, MEANINGFUL HOMEWORK FEEDBACK, SCREENSHOTS and HARD-RIGHT EDGE FLASH CARDS - are all superb. There is a lot of direct and timely feedback to ensure the material is well understood. Access to personnel is outstanding. I'm looking forward to the Standard Course in a couple weeks.
Colorado, USA,
Jul 31, 2021,

This is the real deal

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
If you do a web search, there is a lot of noise and scams in trading systems. However, Max is the real deal. Real traders, teaching a system that really works.
I took my first class in 2013. By now, I've taken all the courses they have have offered. Best money ever spent. I have now been able to customize it to my style and available time, and I am consistently profitable.
One of the coolest things is that Max offers free continuing education, they call it "scrolling parties". They are fun and very educational.
I could write many pages on how grateful I am for the Max Trading System, but it would be repeating a lot of what other reviews have already pointed here. I second all those compliments.
Alberta Canada, Canada,
Nov 8, 2020,
Registered user

Been following the group since 2009. Recently completed ETF Standard Course

Service use: Other Length of use: over 1 Year
Present day, Nov 08, 2020. I am writing this review for anyone who is looking for a Forex trading group that would mentor and nurture you. I have been following this Max trading group since roughly 2009. There was a time the Max trading group transitioned their courses from the classical approach to now this ETF approach. I completed the classical Lite course twice they offered back in 2011 and 2015. I also completed the ETF Lite course in 2019. Recently I completed the ETF Standard course taught by Eusebio (5 sessions) and Chris (2 sessions). The amount of information, material, and knowledge are a lot to absorb in 7 weeks time. Each session homework will be given and will be graded with comments; this is to make sure the students absorb the concept correctly. I submit my homework for grading based on my availability, as far as I know, some are studying the course by videos. For me personally, I would like to take the course live as I can ask questions right on the spot. I must say the course training is intense, real intense, so be prepared but it is worth the money to take the course. One must do the homework to be successful. After the graduation, they offer ongoing support by having scrolling party almost every Saturday in which I can ask all the questions I have. Eusebio would run live trading demo to show what he is capable of (I have not watched much of the live trading as I am in the process of absorbing the ETF Standard course material). All the sessions (course, scrolling party, newswatch and live demo trading session) are always recorded so I still have a lot to go thru. All in all, I am satisfied with what I have learned. Once I go live trading for about half a year with the ETF Standard approach and the Max global context subscription, I will post an updated review again.
Essex, United Kingdom,
Apr 11, 2020,
Registered user

Highly recommended

Service use: Other Length of use: over 1 Year
I have been learning with Max Trading System on and off for a few years . They have been hugely flexible with me, allowing me to learn at my own pace and being there with on going tuition and assistance when needed. Eusebio the teacher is highly skilled with an easy to follow nature but extremely effective in his teachings.
In this day and age of looking for trustworthy companies I couldn't recommend them enough.
Lloyd Banks
Michigan, USA,
May 26, 2019,

The Best

I have never seen this much professionalism in my life these guys at Max Trading is the best and trust me I have been through many classes , I have learned more in 7 weeks than I have learn in a year with MTI , I don’t write reviews much but this case I had to because the world should the best is here at the Max!
Brisbane, Australia,
Apr 12, 2019,
Registered user

Extremely satisfied with both their MAX ETF Standard and ETF SAM Courses

I recently completed both their ETF Standard and ETF SAM courses and were extremely satisfied with the course content, delivery and after training support. The level of detail and information provided in their course sessions was outstanding and they were answered fully and completely with lots of useful tips based on their many years of combined trading experience. I particularly found the homework grading extremely valuable for reinforcing the learning and I benefited a lot from it. I'm sure it will be rare to find such a comprehensive and powerful trading and risk management system like the MAX, and even more so, one that comes with the training and support of authentic traders and trainers like Eusebio, Chris & Craig. Their synergy, passion and authenticity for what they are consistently evident throughout their training sessions. I feel privileged to be a part of the MAX community and knowing that it is backed by true professionals who walk the talk and committed to fine tuning the MAX system and training techniques just makes it that much more special for me.

Oct 22, 2018 - 5 Stars I completed their first course recently and was very impressed with the depth and breadth of the course and their on-going support. I could not be happier being a MAX member and feel privileged to be a part of their community. I'm starting another course with them in November and can not wait for it.
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Mar 5, 2019,
Registered user

Excellent system and teachers!

I took the MAX ETF Standard course via e-mail at the beginning of this year. I took a couple of courses along the 10 years I'm trying to get into Forex. MAX Trading System is far the most exceptional I ever tried. It's the only one that proved to be profitable (although just on demo trading-at this moment because this is how it's made). The teachers are the best! They have the answers to all of your questions and some time to the questions you still didn't ask :-). For sure you have to try it. At least you can start with their Primer.
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