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Updated: Aug 13, 2019
3.327 · 143 REVIEWS
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About Dukascopy.com

Dukascopy is an online forex broker. Dukascopy offers the MetaTrader 4,SWFX mobile, and JForex online currency trading top platforms. Dukascopy.com offers over 50 currency pairs, CFDs, and precious metals for your personal investment and trading options.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size:0.01
Maximum Leverage:100:1
Minimum to Open Live:$100
Address:Route de Pré-Bois 20 ICC, Entrance H 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland
Contact:+41 22 799 4888
Regional offices:
Regulators: FINMA #
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms:MT4, jForex
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
Cryptocurrencies:(2) Bitcoin, Ethereum
CFD:(605+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Bonds, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods:Bank Wire, VISA, Bank Gurantees, Maestro, Other Crypto Currencies
Withdrawal Methods:Bank Wire

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Dukascopy.com profile provided by Dukascopy Support, Jan 16, 2018

Dukascopy is an online forex broker based in Geneva, Switzerland. Dukascopy offers the MetaTrader 4, Jforex, Web, iOS and Android online currency trading top platforms. Dukascopy.com offers over 60 currency pairs, CFDs, binaries and precious metals for your personal investment and trading options. Dukascopy Bank is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA both as a bank and a securities dealer.


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3.327 · 143 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Aug 11, 2019,
Registered user

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Hello Kristina ,

may be you remember we made several webinars together , it was the good old time of dukascopy , when the company still showed respect to people and customers , and people they bring to the platform .
I m writing this review just because i hope i can have a reply over my disqualification on strategy contest ( 4the place ) on july 2019 .I did n t breach any rules of the contest , i qualified over all the criterias and had the surprise to see that i was disqualified , what s the reason ? I don t know , i can just tell that since 2 years it has happened more than once ( or a drop in the ranking after evaluation ) .I m actually first for august and i will probably be disqualified once again for no reason ....
I truly don t care about the money , but I don t participate in a contest to "have fun " for finally experience unfairness treatment and frustrations and overall a sentiment of injustice .
And its not normal that people in charge of this just choose to ignore emails , it is supposed to be a community , right ?
I just want an explanation about this , and well i reserve my LIVE account review for later , once you replied ,
have a nice day ,
Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Aug 13, 2019:
Dear Alex,

Strategy Contest has certain rules and their violation can lead to disqualification. The rules are equally applied to all Strategy Contest participants. To get an explanation of the reason for disqualification, please sent the request to contest@dukascopy.com, and our contest team will be happy to provide it to you, so that in the next months you can adjust the strategy to fit the rules of the contest.
hong kong, Hong Kong,
Jul 10, 2019,
Registered user

Service use: Live

i trade with dukascopy bank jforex and binary option i lose money not problem.
but customer support very poor.
i talk many times live chat about my binary option platform login error message. nothing response. even i send email 3 times support@dukascopy attached file no response. i do not know why ?
here is my binary option live account Login: CA_Krallis11 .
when i try to login always comes up error message. i talk many times about this problem. no body response even support dukascopy.
Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Jul 12, 2019:
Greetings, I have just forwarded you the instruction for binary options platform. Please check your 'spam' folder just in case you can't see the letter in your inbox. I will be glad to assist you further.
malaysia, Malaysia,
May 27, 2019,
Registered user

unprofessional staff MANLAN LI

I started to communicate with a female MANLAN LI since last weeks,just asking her a few simple question regarding funding n withdrawal,she is so rude for not giving her reply until now,how can i trust this company if the person who communicate with me is so unprofessional,pls decide yourself if u still want to deal with this kind of bank,this kind of people.
Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Jun 6, 2019:
Hello, Manlan is not at the office at the moment. Please forward your email to her once again. Her deputy will receive it and provide all the necessary information to you. You can also email us any time at cs@dukascopy.com, we will gladly assist you.
May 21, 2019,
Registered user

Dukascopy SCAM details

This is how the Dukascopy SCAM works:
1- Clients put money in their trading account at Dukascopy.
2- Clients open positions for long term strategies (several months).
3- Clients maintain their margin requirements, paying fees/commissions to Dukascopy.
4- One day, just because they want to ("we can end business relationships for any reason"), they tell you to close your positions within a week or so (their "prior notice") and withdraw your money >> the thing is, as a trader (especially a long term trader), you do not decide when the market will move, so if your positions are not profitable yet, the money you invested will be lost inevitably when Dukascopy closes your account. The bigger your positions are, the more money you lose when you are forced to close them in the red...
5- Last step, Dukascopy closes your account. Meanwhile, they got your money from the fees and commissions, and they also got money from your trading because they played against your positions (read their fine print).

That's all folks!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!

But there is still a chance: Dukascopy's clause stating ""we can end business relationships for any reason" is actually an abusive clause according to European consumers laws, especially in that context. You can bring your case to a civil/penal court.

May 7, 2019 - 1 Star I opened 2 accounts with Dukascopy last year (Dukascopy Europe and Dukascopy Bank). Now, for NO REASON AT ALL, they decided to close both accounts. Close to 25 000 euros of positions on both accounts!!! I told them to provide clear and valid explanations, but nothing! They just said they need to see why the account was closed and will reply then?!? Sure... Its been over a month now... HOW INCOMPETENT IS THAT??

Anyway, bringing these scammers to court, my lawyers will have a blast!! As well as the UE customers associations and the authorities in charge of the new GDPR law!!

Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted May 10, 2019 Dear Fabrice, we regret having to close your account. At the same time, according to our Terms and Conditions, either party (be it Dukascopy or a client) is entitled to

terminate its relationship with the other at any time, without reason, by giving prior written notice. Should you need any further assistance with closing your account or withdrawing funds, your account manager and support team remain at your disposal.
Cape Town, South Africa,
May 8, 2019,
Registered user

Urgent - Dukascopy is a scam and here's why

Dukascopy is a scam and here's why.

Please see my request for intervention on behalf of the community to bring out this broker for the lawless and irresponsible actions experienced by the forex community.

My account with Dukascopy is compromised by the numerous requests and unreasonable demands of the compliance and legal department which keep on asking questions regardless of whether they have been answered and have even frozen my funds.

To look at the sequence of events, having received numerous emails from the compliance department requesting information in duplicate and even demanding without reason the format in which the information must be submitted on self-certification documents which means them taking in active role in targeting clients based on their own interests even if the information was up to date and submitted in the correct format.

Here are the things that have been experienced thus far.

1) Dukascopy calls me at 11pm to ask me questions about my account
2) Dukascopy refuses to change my telephone number stating proof of address is requested for telephone number change.
3) Dukascopy takes an active role in investigating why my number is US even if it is said to be a voice, still it is not accepted and demands for information keep coming such as "What is your relationship with US"
4) Dukascopy bills me for account inactivity prior to this claim in a year or two before without notification for $100 USD 2 times.
5) Account manager becomes unavailable at will and at certain times does not respond to emails.
6) Requests for account modification or changes including but not limited to opening of trading accounts are ignored.
7) Withdrawal requests are met with more questions which pertain to account information even if the account information is up to date.
8) Dukascopy will not honor the agreement in terms of secrecy of information and exchange, first mentioning that they will, Report me to all countries that I MAY be a tax resident of, only to later change the tone to We will report you to Country X.
9) Dukascopy would like to close my account even though their claim is groundless and there is no information owed based on their self-certification claims for my lack of information.
10) The team at Dukascopy keeps asking questions that are beyond the scope of a bank as well as a broker. Questions like why do you need so many trading accounts and why do you have a US number.
11) The letter received from the bank which apparently comes from their legal department indicates they assumed information which is not my problem and their remedy is to ask me to correct this information. However the information is up to date and there is no information owed therefore they are blackmailing me.

My funds are frozen because Dukascopy refuses to honor their end of the agreement and chooses to ignore my request as well as submitted information.

Please assist in retrieving my funds.
Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted May 10, 2019:
Dear moss27, we regret having to close your account. Please note that, according to our Terms and Conditions, either party is entitled to terminate its relationship with the other at any time, without reason, by giving prior written notice.

Clients are free to withdraw their funds at any time by completing a withdrawal form in Trader's Reports. Don't hesitate to contact us at cs@dukascopy.com should you need assistance regarding this matter.
reddeer, Canada,
Apr 3, 2019,

weird dukascopy

i opened account 3 months ago, dukascopy keep asking me where the money comes from. the account manager never reply email in time, and never from what I promised to open more sub accounts for me. he / she / it has answered me to open by myself online, but the system has problems. I did not even try to withdraw, I did wire transfer from my own bank account with the same name as I did, why did I have to ask this question and did nothing fix the system problem. not recommend to use duckascopy. plan to withdraw to end business with it
Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Apr 10, 2019:
Dear Alfred, in order to find out why you may have been asked additional questions, you can email me your account number at cs@dukascopy.com and I will investigate the possible reason. I will also gladly assist you with any other issues you may have. Best regards, Kristina. Dukascopy support team.
Tokyo, Japan,
Feb 28, 2019,
Registered user

Waiting for MT4 in Japan to continue with this broker.

I'm using this broker in Japan for more than 2-3years but I was expecting more updates on their platform but they stopped.The support of Dukascopy Japan regarding the platform is so bad that they never reply..Even they replied after FEW MONTH they told me they will fix with next updates, which I waited never got updated.
At the time Dukas were serious about the platform was great but not anymore. JForex 3 has some bug that haven't fixed for few years.With their smart phone app. is just a all time joke, never got better.Finally they offered MT4 and that is right choice which they had to done few decades ago but Japan still doesn't offer!!

Aug 20, 2018 - 5 Stars JForex 3 is customizable and running very fast.It is just getting better and better.

Jan 30, 2018 - 4 Stars Getting better and better. Jforex has now improving alot.They are very very slow but they will keep their promises. Need more work on smart phone apps but they are doing well.

Sep 7, 2017 - 2 Stars Phone app got way better than before but still not enough function.No drawings,no indicator color choice(by the way names of indi. are in the way of candles..), no monthly time frame, no fibos, and no etc.
For JForex 3 can't even lock the chart and no short cut for cursor..... When you are moving time frame the chart go smewhere else..It just not user friendly.Very frustrated platform.

Please take a look at MT4...

Mar 7, 2017 - 3 Stars Ok so the new phone app,the new update,I see that the icon design has changed but nothing else changed, same as before.
Still very slow, not enough function, can not zoom well and not even showing the recent candle properly.

Jan 23, 2017 - 4 Stars With expectation I will change my rate to 4 stars since they are redesigning their platform for phones and adding the trade history to JForex3.
Dukascopy Japan is the only ecn service regulated here in Japan so I will keep my fingers crossed. Good luck.

Jan 12, 2017 - 2 Stars I never had any problem with Japanese Dukascopy. I got rejected from Dukascopy.com. Took them about a month to reply back after few of my easy mails.
Anyway the platform for ios is just ridiculous,can't even show price candles properly,most of the time the chart won't even load anyway...Too slow, too many bug and way not enough function.NO ONE can trade with their system!!
For the PC version, the newest build of JForex 3, got better but still there is lot of bugs and it is so hard to trade.Can't even show your trade history within the platform...
And yes I've sent what you have to do to make it better for both apps, but I guess it will take ages to line up with others..so please just offer Metatrader 4.

Dec 21, 2016 - 3 Stars Still little bit of bugs but once I asked them to fix, they updated fast and cleared lot of problems.But some times they forget to reply mails...
For ios version still not enough function.If there is MT4 version of their system it will be so great.

Nov 25, 2016 - 1 Star Their platform JForex.. super slow and poor function with lot of bugs... Even with the new one coming the JForex 3...
With ios version..ridiculous, out of question....
Come on Dukascopy!!! Offer pure MT4(not bridge)and cTrader!!

Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Nov 29, 2016 Dear, n. Please give us more information about your case or specify your trading account number and the exact problem you ran into using JForex by sending details to support@dukascopy.jp so we can investigate it and respond appropriately. This information will also help us improve the platform.

In Dukascopy we strive to maintain high quality of service and aim to improve the investment environment with our customers. So we always appreciate the clients voice and any feedback you offer. Please feel free to send your report about our services to info@dukascopy.jp and it will be examined quickly by relevant departments.

Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Dec 30, 2016 Dear n, we highly appreciate any feedback you offer. Feel free to send your comments and suggestions on our platform to info@dukascopy.jp and they will be examined quickly by relevant departments.

Also, please let us know via support@dukascopy.jp the time and date you contacted Dukascopy Japan and didn’t receive an answer. We will investigate this issue. As a matter of fact, emails may remain undelivered or unattended for various reasons.

Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Jan 20, 2017 Dear n,

We appreciate your feedback. However, due to regulatory requirements in Japan, Dukascopy.com can not communicate directly with Japanese customers and provide technical assistance. We kindly ask you to contact our Japanese customer support by sending an email to support@dukascopy.jp and indicating ‘Forex Peace Army’ in your letter. We regret to know that you were expecting to receive technical support from Dukascopy.com. Please kindly contact Dukascopy Japan because assistance from Dukascopy Bank is not possible.

We are serious about clients’ feedback and always take it into account when developing and maintaining our products. At the same time we understand that there is no universal solution to satisfy every person’s needs. We respect all the regulated parties of Forex market and believe that every trader can choose a platform that meets all their individual requirements and preferences. From our side, we do our best to make our platform as functional and simple as possible.

Regarding iOS platform. Currently we are working on platform redesign, stability improvements and new features to make the application even more simple and user-friendly. And while we admit that no technology is perfect and constantly work on improving the platform, we can’t agree with the statement that “no one can trade it” since we receive a lot of positive feedback from our clients, and the number of traders using it is constantly growing.

Regarding JForex 3. As you have mentioned, we have improved the platform and we will continue improving it in the future. The trade history can currently be accessed inside our Reports, but we have plans to add it to the platform soon. If you have any other suggestions or ideas to share with our developers, please write to support@dukascopy.jp and Dukascopy Japan will examine them thoroughly.
KOPER, Slovenia,
Feb 19, 2019,

Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Feb 21, 2019:
Dear Robert, thank you for your kind words. Should you need any assistance in future, we remain at your disposal.
vincent foo,
Feb 17, 2019,

poor experience coming from support

yes, i strongly believe they have very poor support.. i also believe not all regulated platform are good platform,they can be worst than those non-regulated that have first class support.

coming from this dukascopy, my first impression,the support is bad ,account manager dun seems to reply within a day.. u got to be patience with them i guess.

to me is, if support poor ,dun even touch them. just walk away.
Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Feb 21, 2019:
Dear Vincent, we would be grateful if you could provide us some details of your contacts with our support team to cs@dukascopy.com. We will study the answers provided by our colleagues and try to assist you the best way possible.
Brooks, AB, Canada,
Feb 8, 2019,

I will never recommend it

The worst I have ever tried, so disappointed, so regret to open my account with them.
though am not a new trader and been in fx long years ago,
Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Feb 13, 2019:
Dear Amer, I'm sorry to hear that. If there is anything I could help you with, please send me details of the issue to cs@dukascopy.com and I will do my best to assist you.