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Updated: Aug 10, 2016
4.588 · 17 REVIEWS
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4.588 · 17 REVIEWS
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London, United Kingdom,
Sep 27, 2013,

This method is now free, and not surprisingly so, thats because his l;evels are very similar to Sam Seidens supply and demand which you can get free info from fxstreet. However, Johns videos are very clear and concise and his method works. Its simplicity at its finest and is based on sound logic.

Ignore the previous post by giliam oberholzer, bloemfontein, South Africa below, I do not know why he has written about a method completely unrelated to John's course - a typical newbie mistake of trying to be clever and complicate things.

I have given John 5 stars for the quality of his videos and course book and the fact that it is now free. Why pay for forex courses when this is all you need. Now just work on your discipline and improve, buy trading in the zone by Mark Douglas. It's all you need.
giliam oberholzer,
bloemfontein, South Africa,
Aug 16, 2012,

The best ever to show support and resistance levels. Combine with other tactics, you can make money. Use 5 minute chart, metatrader4, use only pinbars, extra indicators: a simple moving average of 3 displaced by 2 or 3 and a RSI of 4. Just do it and watch your screen. The basis is trading in the buff, the rest will show you when to get in and out. After entering a trade watch progress on 1 minute chart, you should have two charts on same screen, 1 minute and 5 minute. Take action when price, ie, pinbars, go through moving average, only if confirmed by Johns strategy. Use his e- book with above indicators and watch your screen. You will have plenty of trades and some will become 15 and 30 minute trades while you move your stop loss. Change to 15 minue chart when that happens. When you really get lucky is when Johns method is used and you see the resistance and support lines on 1 hour, 15 minutes and 5 minutes are on the same level or line. That man is a genius. I trade the 5 minute chart, get in on the 1 minute and also have the 15 minute chart open. The best is to have all three timeframe charts on the screen, 1 and 5 and 15 minute charts. You will be amazed at what you see.
Texas , USA,
Jan 25, 2012,

Interesting approach, however the presentation is woefully inadequate & they do not respond to support emails.

They mention profit targets, but never mention anything regarding stop losses with regard to the breakout strategy, so you never know when the pattern has failed. I guessed the low of the first setup bar, but didn't know for sure. I emailed them the question & got no answer. That's really bad!
New Jersey, US,
May 17, 2011,

Trading in the Buff has definitely changed my whole perspective on how to trade. The concepts are extremely powerful and provide a lot of room to tweak and incorporate into an existing trading plan. This is a definite course for anyone serious about trading Forex. Recently I found another course by John, www.priceactiontrade.com, which contains a lot more tradable price action concepts as well as many live trade videos. Being able to see to see a professional trader like John talk about his thought process and how price action is applied in live trades is very beneficial. Definitely, another course to consider on top of this course.
Jim Reed,
Albuquerque, NM,
Mar 29, 2011,

TITB did not meet my expectations. However, I must say they have a very creative and interesting idea but I could not implement it. So, they gave me my money back! A class act. Recommended.
Scotland U.K.,
Jun 25, 2010,

This is the best forex purchase I have ever made. I'm not too in to reading but this ebook had me hooked all the way through. There is also a series of very good screen action videos as an example. I have previously purchased theses red blue systems, price alerts etc. but this strips out all the crap and delivers REAL results using only bar charts. I have honestly never had more consistent good results using any other system. By the way the comment by Chuck about you have to be around for the London open. I don't understand this as it can be used ANY time of the day on ANY currency pair once an opportunity arises. When you buy this read over it a few times to get it stuck in your head. Then stick by the system and you'll be fine. This might not be the Holy Grail but i'm sorry to say you ain't never going to find it. John is the real deal and I would advise anyone to purchase this.
south Africa,
Jun 16, 2010,

I have bought John Templeton"s course a couple of weeks ago and tried it out first on my demo account. Within a week I was trading his method on my live account. I trade the 5 minute chart only with EUR/USD and I make my target of 25 pips per day every day. You can use this method on any timeframe, like today with all the worldcup soccer games going on, I used the one hour timeframe chart and made a little bit more than 25 pips. His method is simple and straightforward. It works almost every time for me. I still can't believe that after watching my screen for many years, I could not see that this is happening all the time every day in the forex market. I am gratefull that this man is prepared to share this observation and knowledge with other traders.
Jun 10, 2010,

I agonized over buying this. I've bought so much "junk" and been scammed so many times, but in the end I'm still looking for something I don't have, so I did. I kept thinking that if I bought two pieces of junk and put them together, I'd have "Art". Well this time it seems to have worked. It's a little early but I wrote an indicator (in the broadest sense of the word) and back tested by hand and could not believe the results. This system actually works like the seller claims. Not a cure all, not the holy grail, but exactly as claimed. It DID improve my trading. Using the other pieces of my "art", I made 56 pips yesterday. John, if you read this, if it had been $97, I wouldn't have bought it. It wasn't the price that would have been the deterent, it's the group that you would have associated yourself with. All those $97 Ea's. I certainly believe it's worth what I paid. It's not a scalping style so if you like lots of fast action, this isn't it. However, I think I can make money with it. This is my first review, ever.
St Paul, MN,
May 17, 2010,

This is a rather ordinary breakout system. Having said that, I think the e-book is decently done and that one could make money using this system. There's only one catch: you have to get up just before the London open. For me that's 2am. No thanks. That just won't work with my daily life requirements.

A positive note: when I asked for a refund within the refund time period there was no argument or delay. They refunded promptly. a hat-tip to an honest seller.

In the meantime I'll try some other manual systems.
May 6, 2010,

I have buy this method but it's not for my trading style then i asked a refund. No discussion. Very quick refund.