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Updated: Jul 3, 2018
1.435 · 5 REVIEWS
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Summer 2012:  Multiple fake positive reviews submitted for this service.

Same ownership as BuyForexSignals.com.


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1.435 · 5 REVIEWS
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Alfons Barata,
Dec 11, 2010,

Scam !! Scam !! Scam !! The owner this website is Mauro S, which also own buyforexsignal.com. Don't waste your time. Fake result, no response to email, a big liar, and professional thief.
Eric Man,
Southern Europe,
Dec 6, 2010,

Ii have been testing these guys for three weeks now.
Their results are really bad and as from today their web page is not working.
Ii have been asking for their results to compare with mine, but nothing!!!
With those results, they couldn't possibly keep any customers, so I suppoe they are history
Nov 9, 2010,

The reviews on this site are correct, the results that are posted on the site are not accurate. If you look back at the charts, you can see that he's posting a +90 pips on a long, when the range of the pair was only 50 pips during the trading hours.

Having said that, I'm giving a "3 Stars" on the review because I made about 500 pips the month I used his signals, maybe the site just got lucky that month, IDK. He posted on his track record that he made 1,900 pips for the same month, so don't believe the track record.

I'm going to trade the signals for another month and see how it goes. I'll repost and let you know how I did.
Oct 8, 2010,

I have tried this service and is very bad. their signals does not work at all. I write to them and got not answer. Do not loss your money!!!
flushing, ny,
Jan 10, 2010,

Thank you so much for your reviews! I almost signed up with this company. Another interesting thing, is that on their website they show performance back to 2003, and state that they have been in business for that long. This is in direct conflict with their assertion in 2009 that they had been in business for 2 years. They apparently cannot get their facts straight!
Eric F,
Nov 24, 2009,

I joined this service a few days ago and decieded to test some of thier daily trade results as they have posted on thier site. I just did a couple of days fo OCT 09 and some of thier results were more than the entire daily range BEWARE I sent them an email Questioning the results lets see if they will get back to me they haven't yet
Martin Stroffek,
Czech Republic,
Oct 8, 2009,

My experience is very bad. Their results are nonsenses. I have tried their signals and later compared my results with their results and have complete different numbers. So they lie they have more than 1000 pips / month. DO NOT PAY for his service. They have mone back quarantie on web page and when you cancel, nobody react, no refundation. These are lost money.
Aug 11, 2009,

Mauro Sciaccaluga is the owner of this site (forexsignalsprovider.com) as well as BuyForexSignals.com. See my post as well as others for BuyForexSignals.com. He is a scammer. His results are made up. His performance is all BS marketing in hopes to get one or two months out of you then on to the next victim. If you sign up for his longer term plan, you made a big mistake. Because if you are unsatisfied which you will be, you will never see your money back. His money back gaurantees are worthless because he will never respond to you. I wasted $99 on his untruthful service. Complain to Paypal if you used them as your form of payment. Scam Alert!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 15, 2009,

Well, their website claims over 1,000 pips a month average.

Of course they just show "monthly" totals, not a trade log.

When you contact them they say they have been in operation for over 2 years and have "hundreds" of customers. See below excerpt from their email:

"We have hundreds of happy customers using our service already. The date of our website is public you can see from any whois datacenter and it is 2 years old."

The big question is: how can a service which has averaged a phenomenal 1,000 pips a month for the last 2 years, have remained completely under the radar for so long?

I mean, there is not one single review on FPA as I write this, and also, FPA has their site flagged as "NEW".

Ok, so maybe it uncustomarily took 2 years for the existence of the site to come to FPA's attention.

Perhaps? though there is no feedback available on their website/service on ANY of the other forex feedback sites.

This is highly improbable.

So I suggested to them, given the absence of available feedback on their service, that to establish credibility they extend me a limit trial period.

I also said to them:

"I don't care what your service costs, I would happily pay $500 per month for a consistently profitable service."

In consideration of which you would've thought they would have reasoned:

"Wow! a customer offering to pay 5 times what we normally charge, and all we have to do is offer him a few days trades to establish credibility"

But it was not to be. They refused to offer a limited trial.

In my opinion any credible and genuine service would have jumped at such an offer, unless they had amples of feedback about their service on the net and felt I was just wasting their time, which this service doesn't.

Highly suspect in my opinion. There's just no way at least one of the alleged "hundreds of happy customers" would not have left some feedback about their service somewhere on the internet.

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