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4.726 • 61 REVIEWS

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Pat CS
Gold Coast, Qld, Australia,
Feb 20, 2012,

My long and short story of Chris Lori, the Forex coach and mentor.

The short story is that my trading improved tremendously after attending Chris Lori's workshop in Singapore in March 2011 and under his mentorship through Pro Traders Club and his online course – all three as an overall package of the training course. I was a struggling trader with a technical analysis background for almost two years before I found Chris. At that time, my trading growth was stunted by the lack of what I needed to know and learn to become a profitable Forex trader. Going to Chris Lori made the difference – it's like going to finishing school to be polished.

The “difference” becomes the long story. Chris Lori has a niche in the global Forex education fraternity as an effective mentor for developing traders. Having been an institutional trader and a fund manager, Chris has the insider knowledge to impart to his trainees. He understands the market makers, but being the consummate professional, Chris details to us the reaction of price action, refraining from emotive descriptions to bash the Big Money.

During the workshop there will be several “light-bulb” or “uh-huh” moments which enable you to take trades more confidently which you would otherwise not do – this equates to more trading opportunities. With a technical analysis background, I thought I understood Support and Resistance levels, but not until Chris shows how to get these levels do I truly appreciate the importance of such key levels where entries and exits are determined.

There are several areas of importance in the workshop that Forex traders don't get from free webinars, such as Forex flow, inefficiencies, Asian zone, the various opens and closes of exchanges, fractals, Fibonacci, etc. You have to pay to learn these, which enable the trader to navigate the chart purposefully and be able to look for trades. We need a structure and a sort of “market profiling” to base our trades or we become aimless when looking at charts. Also included are tradeable set-ups, including Chris Lori's own trademark set-ups. In Forex trading, one cannot afford to disregard the importance of fundamentals. One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to understand this – but it is important to know the sentiment of the market - which Chris will help. When fundamentals sometimes don't make sense, I trade the moves technically.

“Wannabe” traders often think that a “strategy” or a particular “set-up” will make them money. This may happen some of the time, but it works better if you understand the Forex market in totality. To me, this is very important because I am able to incorporate my style of trading with the underlying knowledge of the Forex market. Chris encourages us to be independent thinkers. You are allowed to engage what you already know and enhance it further by the knowledge base he has given you. You are also encouraged to be creative and be flexible with the changes of market condition.

Once I have digested over a couple of months what Chris has taught, I began to improve in my trading. I am not rich (yet), but I am now making more profitable trades and less losing ones and learned how to bail. I am now into the greater part of my third year in full time trading.

Chris pointed out that he does not offer a get-rich-quick scheme. Success does not happen overnight. To become a successful trader, one must have lots of quality face time with charts – the more we study and look at charts, the better we become at analysing them. Slow progress is lasting progress.

Chris will be holding his next workshop in Singapore from 30th March to 1st April 2012. I will be attending this as a refresher and also to catch up with my mentor in person. I also look forward to meet and interact with newcomers. Please check website for more information.
, USA,
Dec 1, 2011,

I became a student of Chris Lori's near the end of 2006. Like many, I was consistently losing money and had no structure in my trading. I took the Pro Trader's Advanced Video Course that Chris offers. After reviewing the 20+ hours of in depth training in the course my understanding of how the markets work increased dramatically. I decided to attend one of the workshops that Chris conducted in Atlanta, GA and also attended several more over the next year. That workshop jump started my success in trading. Although it took me a while to overcome many bad habits I had developed in the early stage of my trading journey, the concepts of how the markets TRULY work, as taught by Mr. Lori, gave me the solid foundation I needed to see results and become a consistently profitable trader. Over the last three years I have seen my account grow steadily due to the implementation of the market approach Chris instilled in me. If you are searching for another gimmick, get rich scheme or another "guaranteed" system to make you rich overnight then Chris Lori's methods may not be for you. However, if you are searching for a mentor with true market knowledge, who lays out all the aspects of the markets from an institutional point of view, both technically and fundamentally, Chris Lori can do that for you. Chris is a registered CTA and fund manager who enjoys the interaction with developing traders and has produced several courses and conducts live workshops and online support designed to cover all the aspects of successful trading from a fund manager's perspective. I would recommend his materials to any aspiring or advanced trader alike.

I would like to personally thank Chris for the insight he gave during my development. His discipline and passion drove me to keep striving for success as a trader. My online membership to Pro Traders Club was a valuable asset to me as I engaged in the markets week after week searching for profitable trading opportunities. I can now stand on my own, independently making sound trading decisions and Chris Lori has been a big part of that.
I appreciate the education I received Chris and have sincere gratitude for how it contributed to my consistency.
Jane Doe
, USA,
Nov 21, 2011,

There is Superman. There is Batman. And there is Chris Lori. I am a beginning forex trader who studied books and webinars for a few years and thought I had a pretty good understanding of things. Then I met Chris Lori while attending his Florida workshop. I was WRONG, there was so much I didn’t know. This workshop was a game changer. When Chris says he will give you a “deeper understanding of price action” he MEANS you will have a deeper understanding of price action. Books and webinars are fairly helpful but I felt it was far better to have someone standing in front of me showing me how it’s done -- giving me the big picture as well as the small details. Chris did that. And he had other successful traders as guest speakers, including a former student [Maria rocks], so I was also able to see different approaches to trading.

They say if you want to trade like a professional, learn from a professional. Chris is an extremely proficient trader first, then a teacher. He’s an all around nice guy, he’s accessible, and I feel he truly wants his students to succeed. If you have started studying forex you know how hard it is to find somebody to teach you this complex subject. RUN do not walk to his next workshop.
Singapore, Singapore,
Nov 15, 2011,

Hi, it great! I just finish Mr. Chris’s Singapore workshop!

One year ago I started to trade full time on forex. I had once attended three of courses of how to make money on forex. However, those lessons never bring me success. I felt anxious because I did not want to fail on my selected way. I reviewed all my lessons and my trading journey, I found I need a real professional people to guide me. Just as people to learn GongFu, like Bruce Lee, he must find a right professional tutor first. Otherwise he was just wasting his time and life. With the faith, I luckily got to know Giant Chris Lori, a man who will surely change my life! On his three-days-course conducted in Singapore from 11 November to 13 November, I was brought into a brand new area, a totally different thinking from that of anyone I had ever met before! With his unique PI and reversal pattern reorganization, all the students of the class almost won 70 pips or more to sell EURUSD or GBPUSD on 14 November, the day just following his workshop. During the workshop, Chris used the live chart of EURUSD and GBPUSD, etc to explain his unique PI thinking and action level, and his teaching works very well.

Chris taught us to internalize his teaching into our own personality. He trains people to build the skill foundation and instinct gradually and systematically. The I met Chris is just as an amateur meeting up a professional, or like a traveling man seeing the Ursa Major haha. Now I have strong confidence to become a successful trader under his guideline!

Thank you Chris for your generous giving. YOU are a great giant, on whose shoulder I will rocket up!

Your life time student
Smith in Singapore
16 November 2011
Oct 5, 2011,

Thanks Chris for an amazing workshop in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. I had found that the world of trading forex was a mighty big ocean with A LOT of predators lurking to take you out. It was refreshing to see someone with Chris' knowledge and experience, be so honest and straight forward. He has a unique understanding of the market and is great at explaining it to his students. After taking the workshop I understand why Chris has such a loyal following. He teaches you to feel the flow of the market. To internalize and become a self thinker so you can change as the market changes. Unlike a "system" that is ridged and might not work later as the market evolves. He teaches you the importance of order flows, interest rates, market correlation, and fundamentals that might help give you an edge. This coupled with his unique knowledge of price action makes for a deadly weapon against the market.

I have been trading for about a year and a half and I had many questions that I could not get answered. I have definitely found a place that gives me my answers. I truly believe that Chris Lori and his pro traders club gives me my greatest chance to succeed as a full-time trader. After all that is ultimate goal. Right?

If you are looking for answers or have spent countless hours and money learning something that does not work. Check out Chris Lori and what he has to offer! You will not look for another resource for your trading! Period!
Thanks again Chris and the members of the PTC,
Rick Sayers
Vancouver Canada/Hawaii USA,
Oct 5, 2011,

Chris Lori AKA Master! This guy is one of the best instructor,trader,mentor,in the FX business hands down to date! U will never be more pleased by the way in which Chris conducts him self with teaching and training the FX markets! He has incredible detail and penetration into the price action and understanding of the FX markets! His ability to teach and communicate and exercise his insight into the market is just truly awesome! I have downloaded :) and studied his courses and taken his workshops and now I am a self reliant full time trader! Chris has shown me a new way to extract a income from the market that no other so called FX mentor/trainer could do! I have tried them all from A to Z nothing worked until I jumped on board with Chris Lori! Thanks Master!!!
Hollywood, FL,
Oct 4, 2011,

After four years of investing considerable money and my time, trying to learn the Forex market, through other people’s methods and gadgets, I regret not having found Chris Lori first.

Chris, teaches how to read "price action", without the clutter of indicators, how equities and news influence the Forex market, to be discipline and wait for trades that have the highest probabilities and become an "independent thinker". He covers the importance of controlling your emotions through leveraging and finding your niche in the market according to your personality.

Chris Lori will put you on the right path, so you can have your best shot at the market.
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Mark M
Orlando, Fl,
Oct 4, 2011,

WOW! Just came back from the Ft. Lauderdale workshop.

I have been trading full time for 3 years and have been through many courses but I have never encountered anyone who has so much passion for teaching. A true professional!

Chris Lori is an exceptional teacher with a great understanding of the currency markets. His online course is great for basic to intermediate level. If you want a solid foundation, it is a must. Where else can you find a Fund Manager to mentor you? I wish I had started from the beginning with Chris. I would have saved myself countless hours of frustrations and thousands dollars.

PS. If you have already bought his online course and not attended a workshop then "GO" and don't think twice. His workshop is not redundant of the online material. Chris will bring it all together at the workshop with so much more... I am forever grateful.
Oct 1, 2011,

Chris was amazing at the most recent seminar in Ft Lauderdale.

Perhaps the easiest way for someone new to ascertain a teachers competency is by observing the longtime students. It was a pleasure to get to know the community that has risen up around Chris. And for good reason, many of them have grown into independent thinking and self sustaining traders.

I have been stalking the market (my own psychology really,) for over five years now. In my studies I have encountered the rich landscape of risk/ reward, fear/greed, marketing hype/ and now finally, authentic education. I purchased Chris' online course earlier this year and eagerly awaited a chance to be part of an intensive training with him.

No, it's not for everyone. You must be absolutely diligent when learning from Chris. The reason that someone like me who's exposure to education is wide, can be 100% engaged by Chris' teachings has everything to do with the sincerity and honesty that Chris brings to his profession. I enjoyed watching how Chris seeks understanding from each student when their perspective begins to cause confusion. He stayed with them....he brought them back from the brink where many of us blow up accounts trying to validate/ nullify trading ideas. Brought me back to the central point: development of my disciplined trading strategies and habits.

I gained confidence that I could find a place in community with traders who see themselves as highly capable professionals at varying levels of confidence.

If you are on the fence with training, education, maybe even looking for a Forex Factory Guru to learn could be that you're ready for a more disciplined and professional approach of learning to navigate the deep water of FX.

In my case, I found that many of the theories that had been lingering in my head and affecting my views of the market melted away in favor of development of my niche as a trader.

Good luck in your endeavor...

Joao Paulo
Sep 6, 2011,

Chris Lori's teachings are real deal, as someone already said.
He shows us how the markets really works, the forces of supply and demand and how to find it in the charts. Also, he teaches price action as related to order flow from the "big money". As a result, you know what to look for and exactly when and where to put a trade.
And because you learn how to read the money flow, you are better positioned to make a good trade.
In short, after join Chris' PTC(pro traders club) and study many of his lessons, I finally found the path to be a successful trader.
If you want to learn how to trade the financial markets and forex in special, here it the only place you need to go. Really.
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