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4.726 • 61 REVIEWS

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Mar 8, 2011,

I have attended Chris Lori's course last week and discovered a professional trader who teaches his craft with dedication, discipline and more importantly - provides a deep understanding to the markets at a "cellular" level (Thanks for the analogy Dottor Edison!).

If you are looking for a substance-filled, no-hype course in understanding the forex market and you want to learn how to trade professionally, I highly recommend Chris Lori's course.
Stroudsburg, Pa,
Mar 2, 2011,

My story is allot like many people's that start in the Forex market spend allot of money on different systems, training (you know the holy grail training everyone promises) and software to no avail. I came across Chris about 2 years ago and passed on it because it didn't have all the fancy indicators that I thought at the time you needed to become a success trader. Then last year I watched a couple of his webinars (that were free) and it was really clear to me what he was talking about so I attended his workshop and I have to say wow it just makes so much sense to me and my trading has changed 100% for the better. One of the great things that he teaches is to be an independent thinker, to make your trade style fit you not you fit someone else's trade style. I just wish I would have taken the workshop or studied Chris's material a couple years ago would have saved me allot of time and money.
West Palm Beach, FL,
Feb 25, 2011,

Well, I could write the usual great comments but that has been well covered by everyone else and is very true. Excellent course and material.

What I will write is the following;
I have be learning and trading forex for about 4 years now and by no means am I as succesful as I had planned. For 3 years I have been eyeballing Chris's course and workshop but always with a reason or a timing issue that I did not attend. That is my fault. I wish I had attended a long time ago. I felt going into the seminar I was well versed in Forex, and I am BUT what I learned was how much more there is too learn. There is almost and parrallel 3rd world type activity going on in the markets that I never knew about. There is so much more to just price going up, candles, time of day, interest rates, banks, liquidity, etc than I could imagine. I thought I had it well under control and within my knowledge. I was wrong. I learn a lot in the 3 days and now, I have a lot more to learn as I go forward.
The course is straight to the point material, not some magic method of trading. The method of trading is developed by you, not by a teacher. Chris provides the information with directness and honestly and you absorb it.
It is an excellent course and seminar and one that anyone who is dead serious about trading FX should take!!
Los Angeles, CA,
Feb 23, 2011,

Chris is the real deal!

I have listened to all his material and attended his workshop this past weekend, best money I have every spent. The 3 days I got to spend with Chris during his workshop has changed my life. Not only did I learn a mind boggling amount of information on Forex, but he also taught me about about dispcline, modesty, psychology, and self reflection. The world needs more people like Chris.

I am forever indebted to him!

If you are serious about FX, Chris is your guy!
New York,
Feb 22, 2011,

I was very hesitant on taking the Workshop in Fort Lauderdale. In Fact I only signed up 2 days before. I am so glad I did. Chris Lori is a master at explaining Price Action. I have been through the mill in the Forex world but this is exactly what I was Looking for. Chris gives a no nonsense approach and teaches you to trade. Besides the Workshop there is the ProTraders Club that reinforces what was taught at the Workshop. Chris is the Best Teacher/Mentor there is in the Business.
Michael Anthony
S.F. Bay Area,
Feb 21, 2011,

Save yourself a lot of time and money by ordering all of Chris's courses and study them until you internalize them. If you do, they will pay you handsomely...
Eastern Europe,
Feb 20, 2011,

So I never wrote a review nor do I believe that some people buy products just because guy x said: this product saved my life, my father stopped drinking, my fiancee found a job and life has never been the same again, all thanks to this new blue pen I bought for $99.99

To be fair, If you are reading this review, then there is a very high probability that you are already familiar with great teachings of Chris Lori and his insights.

In this case, just register to one of the Chris Lori workshops and prepare to be amazed.

I attended one of the workshops ~1 month ago and my mind was blown away. No, not with the material (which was fantastic), but with my new trader personality which revealed itself next day I was at my computer, staring at the charts.

I still don't know what happened back there, but all I ca tell you is this:

I get the market, don't know why but I do.
My confidence is beyond belief
And best of all (at least for me), my trading is so refined, that 80-90% of the time I pick the lowest lows or highest highs (max 1-2 pips difference). And that started happening right after the workshop...

On the side note: a couple of days ago I just sold at the exact high, pip by pip (5 numbers after comma) (amazing feeling, let me tell you)


If you have never heard about Chris, then he is a mentor to go with. I was fortunate enough to start my trading journey with his materials and never ever used other "mentors" (marketers) stuff.

And when I actually listened to one of those marketers webcasts, it was absolutely amazing (yes, amazing how people bought and believed in all this "you will be a millionaire in no time, jsut use this indicator and do this" garbage).

Anyway, this review is getting to long so here is my top tip:

If you are serious (and NOT naive) about this business, then just get one of the Chris Lori courses and see what all reviewers here mean.

You can thank me at one of the workshops later.
Feb 7, 2011,

Personally, I feel extremely lucky that my overall Forex experience begun through Chris Lori training program.

The online courses provided me a solid foundation to approach the FX market, but it's the Pro Traders club that actually placed me in it. Watching Pro Traders Club helped me understand how theory becomes action/trades in live market conditions. It really is invaluable to have a professional fund manager analysing the market, sharing his thoughts and constantly create new teaching points.

I recently attended my first workshop in London. The intensity and wealth of information acquired is simply beyond expectation! It has enormously boosted my confidence, helped me to refine weaknesses and broaden my knowledge.

Following Chris Lori's program, FX since day one has been a pleasant experience for me and I honestly believe it will only get better and better.
Jan 24, 2011,

Guys ! how long you all run for forex robots and get scamed? just take chris lori's will become a robot to trade forex...i have taken his Advanced Forex Course,High Probability reversal patterns and optimal entry courses,All are amazing.Now,i am trading in a cool manner and with all success.
Please don't get scamed by all other offers and this or that.Be honest to learn and succeed...

Why i am writing a review for a second time...what i get from chris? nothing.But i want to thank him by writing this review as i recieved market knowledge more than what i paid for...
stephen J Raja
Nov 3, 2010,

First of all i thank chris for his excellent course Advance Pro Traders Course.I purchased the DVD copies last week of June and went through it.It's amazing ! i would like to mention the same word which i mailed chris that is "it's opened a thin screen between my eyes and eyelids". His teachings and the technics are great and in friendly manner.I am on the third round of his course and still learning new things every time.

If you take his course i bet you will not love trading as you will love chris and his on the way to his next course High Reversal Patterns...

thanks FPA for this site to write such a reviews
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